natural predators


A European barn owl photographed near Parco Natura Viva, Bussolengo, Italy.
This owl was found and rehabilitated by the Italian association ‘Il Futuro della Biodiversita Locale’. She was close to death when found near Verona, possibly from eating poisoned prey. FBL cared for her with hourly medication and meals until she was able to feed alone and fly safely.
FBL has already collected and rehabilitated more than 300 animals and released 80 into their natural habitats since starting in late 2016. The association involves teenagers in the release of the recuperated animals to help them become aware of the importance of caring for the environment.


Slow motion hunting jaguar from Brazil - this video was shot using a high speed camera and the leap took under 5 seconds.

Shocked Shark by Will Clark / Underwater Photographer of the Year 2016

“This juvenile blue shark was the first to arrive at our boat after an hour of chumming. We were alerted to its presence by the bobbing of a small buoy which had fresh mackerel tied to it. I leaned over the side of the boat with my camera housing not quite fully submerged as the skipper tried to coax the shark nearer to the boat. He got the blue very close to me, and then just at the last moment he whipped the bait out of the water, which got this reaction from the shark.”


A Fellow Traveller by Phil Newton
Via Flickr:
Spotted Hyena. Taken on foot, Letaba, Kruger National Park, South Africa.