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Please tell me how Job 41 is lgbt affirming. (also please keep saying things about sin and love and self hate, Easter dinner wasn't a fun time for me and my ~~internalized lesbophobia)

Sorry internet, anon and other people who asked me this. I got tired and distracted and was trying to find the book I read that was really into this particular interpretation of Job that I really liked (I still haven’t found it, so let’s go with just acknowledging that it exists)

So, when God appears to Job out of the storm and begins by saying to him “where were you when I made the world?”,  his rebuke to Job is that Job, or any person, cannot possible comprehend the vastness of God’s power and love for creation.  God’s long list of animals and natural phenomenom includes almost nothing that is useful to humans.   It’s like God is saying “It’s not about you.  I don’t base my joy in my creation on how much it benefits you or in what you think is good.”  

It’s not just, in verse 41, that God is talking about the Leviathan but God reciting a love poem to the Leviathan, its beautiful scales and its fearsome teeth. God took as much care in the making of the big ass alligator as in the creation of human beings.  There’s nothing in all of creation, from you and I to wild donkeys to ostriches to big ass alligators that isn’t beautiful and pleasing to God. And people who would say that there is something inate in you that God did not delight in creating or that God is not full of love and pride and wonder at you exactly as you are, those people are as wrong and limited in their view of God as Job’s friends were. God looks at you and me and our capacity to love peope of the same gender with the same kind of extravagent, motherly affection that God has for the scaly belly of the Leviathan