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Black Bear Cubs - The Calm Before the Storm by David & Shiela Glatz
Via Flickr:
These three spring Black Bear (Ursus americanus) cubs spent over an hour cuddled high up in the crook of the tree (about 80 feet above ground!), napping. They all woke up a few minutes before this image was taken. Seems chill and calm, right? Well it was, for about three minutes. Then all hell broke loose when the brown colored cub on the lower right decided that it wanted to be on top. Much pushing, shoving and biting followed. Even the cub on the far left couldn’t stay out of it. That cub got bit on the butt and the feet by both of the others but it didn’t budge. Amazing that no one fell out of the tree. Northern Minnesota.


anyway, consider, witch mccree au


I’ve been natural for three years now and I wanted to do a collage of some of my favorite hairstyles over time.
After I big chopped in 2013, my hair grew like crazy. It’s possible.
I’m thinking of cutting it again actually.
Anyway l, hope you guys enjoy and even are inspired to transition to natural… embrace ya natural and love what grows from YOUR scalp.
It’s amazing.
If you need any help with your hair, hit me up.
I’m not a guru, but, I know some shit.

Love yourz.


Lazy days are not laundry days, I’ve recently learnt. Living in a dorm and having to do most things, I relied on my mother to do, has taught me that. Cooking and cleaning is not as easy as 50s housewives and home makers (as my English Language students like to call their mothers) make it seem, definitely got a new found respect for them.During my first month here I became a regular at the local konbini (convenient store) and Kura Sushi (100yen per plate, sushi restaurant/dinner-placey). I soon learnt that being lazy is expensive when my bank account had just enough money to stay open, but not enough for me to draw any. The number on the screen taunted me as my mother’s words ran through my head, “remember to budget, don’t spend it all on snacks and clothing.” Well, I’ve learnt my lesson and am proud to say it’s just over my second month here and I have not starved to death yet and my bank statements are at a healthy number. I’ve learnt how to NOT burn onions while frying them and that you have to let an egg that has been in the fridge get to about room temperature before frying it. It is now safe-ish to be around me in the kitchen. Wowuuuu! for a post that has the word “laundry” in it’s title, I haven’t talked much about my laundry skills…which are Ace if i do say so myself, I haven’t changed the colours of any of my clothes or shrunk anything yet. So I’m pretty sure I can get my adult badge around about now.
With love, M