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Night Time Skin Care Routine🌚

Skin Care Night Time Routine

While you sleep, your skin cells are regenerating faster than throughout the day. It is important to have a skin care routine set for your sleep. This will help your skin appear brighter and healthier in the morning☀️

This should never be questioned. You must cleanse your skin before going to sleep in order to get rid of all those toxins, bacteria, and gunk your pores have built up from the day. I use the Burt’s Bees 🐝 Acne Solutions Gel Cleanser. This cleanser is great for those with oily and acne prone skin, it contains willow bark and salicylic acid to treat your breakouts and balance your sebum production.

After the cleanser, I use a daily exfoliator. Many people say you shouldn’t exfoliate every day. (I use to abide by this rule) but I recently found out the Koreans (which are widely known for their amazing skin care products and skin care obsession l) exfoliate their skin on a daily. This makes sense because the cleanser will leave dirt behind, which makes the exfoliator do its job by thoroughly dig into your pores. I use the Garnier Balancing Daily Exfoliator (grapefruit and pomegranate). This scrub is meant to be used on a daily basis, it is foamy and gentle on the skin which makes it ideal for evening/nighttime use✨
*make sure your scrub does not contain microbeads*

After this step, it is important to tone. Using a toner after cleansing will help your skin balance its PH levels (which are disturbed after cleanse) and prep your skin for moisture. This is a very essential step, no one should miss it. I use Witch Hazel as my toner, and also the L'BEL Mattifying Toner for oily skin. (Also contains salicylic acid)👌🏽


Your skin will need back the moisture you just stripped away. It is very important for you to know that moisturizing is key, it will keep your skin healthy and prevent wrinkles. Even if you are oily skin, you must moisturize! I use a hydrating face mist first, and then a water based moisturizer. (Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water, and Garnier Moisture Surge Gel Cream)💦


This is where the serum is put to use. Depending on your skin concerns, you should have a serum that will address these problems. In my case, I have an overproduction of oil, acne, and big pores. So, the serum I use is formulated for my concerns. If you have dry skin or dull skin, you should get a serum that is hydrating and brightening. (I use the L'BEL Perfecting Cream)💙

In addition to the serum, I also use an eye cream. I do not have dark circles or under eye bags so I’m not always loyal to this step. I do however, have dry eyelids from time to time. What I like to do is use the moisturizer as an eye cream, and added to that I use a natural oil (sometimes Argan, others Rosehip) and apply it for extra hydration. In the morning my flaky eyelids will be smooth as my butt👅

Because I have acne prone skin, I get blemishes. I took an aromatherapy class not so long ago and I learned to make my own formulas. Therefore, I created my own pimple potion. It is a mix of aloe vera juice, witch hazel, vitamin E, and essential oils that will help my pimples heal properly. I apply this directly to my blemishes❤️

Finally, I apply a small amount of Rosehip Oil🌹 all over my face. This oil has many skin care benefits that will help with acne scars, dry skin, blemishes, among other things🙆🏻 You do not have to use this oil specifically, but if you apply an oil, it must be at the end of your product application. Oil will penetrate all the previous products, but if applied beforehand, the products will not penetrate the oil. Keep this in mind!

Remember, your skin is your largest organ, take care of it!


This is my face mask collection😍(I need to make it bigger) There are different face masks with different purposes. I like to buy face masks that will help me with my oily/acne prone skin, pores, and dullness😋 

 *For Acne* The L'ORÉAL black charcoal mask and the Queen Helene mint julep mask are the ones I like to use when my skin is breaking out🍕. I had the GLAMGLOW Supermud clearing mask and I can firmly say that the L'ORÉAL one is an exact dupe. Once you have it on it starts to draw out dirt from your pores and that’s why the mask creates black dots where you most have open pores🍉. I don’t usually use the Julep mask for my entire face, instead I apply it directly onto blemishes. Using it as a spot treatment dries the pimple out since the mint in the mask is pretty intense. I also like to multi-mask with these two by applying Julep on my cheeks and forehead and the charcoal mask on my nose and chin (where I tend to get more blackheads. They both have amazing results.  

*For Pores* I’m a big fan on peel-off masks. Anything that will prevent me from standing up and washing off again😂 I use the cucumber peel-off mask as a nose strip…except for my entire face. This is a mask that is better to apply after you have washed off the “main mask”, since the peel-off will go deep into your pores and draw out anything left behind (just like a nose strip)🌚 The L'ORÉAL red algae mask claims to be for pores, but I honestly have not tried it enough to tell you if it works. Although I promise that for you guys I’ll make sure to use it more often to give you a more detailed review✨ 

 *For hydration💦* Even though my skin is oily, I sometimes experience some tightness after cleansing that a toner won’t fix. So I decided to buy a mask that will give my skin an extra hydration boost. Like I said before, the Oatmeal Avocado mask is new to my collection. Just by using it one time, I fell in love with it💖 Not only does it have an incredible smell, the mask served up to its purpose and gave me the subtle hydration I needed. 

 *For brightening☀️* I received the Cup O’ Coffee Lush mask as a birthday gift. My first impression was how delicious it smelled ☕️. This was my first Lush mask and I was so excited to try it. When I tried the mask it was like love at first try. It left my skin so very smooth (that’s why I use it before makeup 💄 application). But overtime, I noticed it did brighten my skin. I sometimes use it while I get ready for school, so that my skin looks luscious throughout the day. 

These are all my masks 🎭 but they definitely won’t be the only ones…


You have probably heard this a thousand times: never go to sleep with your makeup on. But it is so important to get that message through. Leaving your makeup on when you go to bed is unhygienic, gross, and very very VERY bad for your skin. It is your pores worse nightmare…pun intended.

Washing your face with your daily cleanser just won’t cut it. It will leave makeup behind that you don’t see. So, here I present to you the products I use to go naked.

The first product is the Burt’s Bees Makeup Wipes 🐝 The ones I use are specifically for oily skin, but they do have others for your skin type or concerns. These wipes will get your face makeup off.

After that I like to use the Burt’s Bees Cleansing oil and massage it into my skin and my eyelids. Then, I use the Garnier Micellar Water🌊 (that’s my second bottle) and with cotton pads I take away the remaining face makeup and my eye makeup.
I love to use this combination of micellar water and cleansing oil because it really does break down my eye makeup (I have very sensitive eyes) without irritation. 🙆🏻

After I take off my makeup I proceed with my cleansing routine💖