~Sweet nymphet makeup~

~start of with a fresh base, take care of ya skin ,maybe make a skin care routine

~ conceal any dark circles to appear bright eyed and dust face lightly with a powder

~Add a slight touch of blush OrR pinch your cheeks  ^-^

~you could even dust a tiny bit’a highlighter over the tip of your nose and cupids  bow

~kinda thick brows will sell a youth full look so fill in any sparse areas with a brow powder. Don’t forget to comb them through with a brow gel clear or coloured to roughly match your hair colour

~load up on a black or brown mascara-you wanna flutter your lashes after all

~ put a spot of pink/red lippy on the centre of your lips and dab (HEH) to blend out, now a coat of your fave lipgloss and your all ready to pout