natural look

The issue I have with the ‘typical guy is chosen because he has a pure heart’ trope is just that. That narrative suggests that this random dude, who usually starts as a major asshole is the only guy in the world who has the potential to be a kind and decent human being. Like all issues surrounding diversity aside, that’s a pretty fucked up message to be sending, that there’s only a single human who’s not so filled with hate or greed or a desire to screw his fellow people over that this somewhat decent guy becomes the savior of the entire world. Like, there are people who are nice just because that’s a good thing to be? I’m not going to go so far as to say it’s everyone, but there are plenty of people who, with a little exposure to family or healthy relationships or friendship or whatever could potentially be chosen ones. 

im pretty sure the only make up guys recognize is lipstick and eyeshadow. so when they say they want the “natural look” what they really mean is to continue wearing the foundation, concealer, eyeliner, bronzer, mascara,and blush as well as tweeze the upper lip, eyebrows, and any other “unsightly” facial hair. yep, that sounds pretty damn natural to me.