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The SistenSims team cannot believe how far our cc has come within such a short time! To thank everyone, we have created a gift for all of you! Today we slaved away to bring out some toddler enhancement custom content. ENJOY :)


Some colors clearly look better on darker and lighter skin tones,

These don’t suit light skin tones very much, unless you want a very intense saturated looking child.

Compatible with children and toddlers, but that’s it. 


These are only for toddlers :)

All colors from your generic rainbow, and variations of natural colors

Not meant to be converted for other ages, it will probably just look silly.


10-15 New colors for each EA toddler hair :)

Most do not have custom thumbnails

Pastel shades, if you don’t want pastel colorful children, then this hair retexture isn’t for you.


Some colors are meant for lighter skin tones <3

For toddlers only.

I didn’t like the basic natural toned one color lips texture for toddlers, which is why I made this. you may find this completely pointless if you don’t mind the original texture, but this is just for a splash of color and texture for your toddlers.

Cute leggings :)


10 colors

The swatches have 3 colors, which should help differ from the patterns, or help decide a color scheme.



anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you knew about certain shades of certain products? Specifically foundation/base products and lip products? This might be dumb but sometimes I really like how their entire colour scheme works and would love to know specifics. Also for colour matching in certain brands. If you don't know then that's fine but if you know what shades they wear that'd be great. Thanks!!! I love your blog!!!

Hi ^^ this is a quite hard question because i rarely do the decorative part of makeup myself, thus im afraid i cant explain how specific color scheme ‘works’. but lets see what can i do… 

Most of products mentioned here can also be found under the makeup tag.


Basically, skin tone and undertone are important to determine which colors that can look flattering on your skin (if that makes sense). 

Bangtan themselves used MAC foundations in the past (Pro Longwear and Studio Fix Fluid). But i have no idea about their skin tone because most of their pics are whitewashed since i never see them in person.

I’ve spotted a concealer palette from MAC (as seen on Kayonenka dvd). The palette has 4 shades: NC 30, NC 35, NW 25, and NW 35. One of those shades has to be Taehyung’s skin tone since the MUA applied the concealer on him. It was probably used on Hoseok and Namjoon as well since both of them also have medium skin tone (i could be very wrong though so please take this info with consideration).

I also want to point out that their MUA mixed 2 shades of foundation to match Jimin’s skin tone (this was back in 2015). 

I think you might want to consult @sunnyoongi regarding this matter (Bangtan’s skin tone and undertone) as they’re running a restoration blog and have met Bangtan irl. 

And you can use this website if you want to know the equivalents of MAC foundation shades from other brands.

(eye, cheek, and lip products are under the cut. image heavy)

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Nathaniel Braxton

-Sim made by me-

 So these are just basic face items (from what I use)  that I love using when creating male sims. Additional things like dimples (optional), nose masks, and SKINS are a MUST when creating realistic looking males. 

Pralinesims has AMAZING skins and S-Club is where I get my male makeup. Just find the shortest lashes available as well as natural lip colors. 


Hair: Nightcrawler download

Eyes: Screaming Mustard download

Nose Piercing: Pralinesims download 

Earring: Severinka_ download

Eyebrows: S-Club download

All CC available on Sims Resource ^^

For more CC downloads click HERE

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Also, coming from the fandom, apparently WIT Studio gave Mikasa the wrong body, and that now she has balloons as tits, her body is skinnier and her lips are "too big" It's funny, bc they try to draw her more gorgeous but they still complain.

I don’t agree but I’m more tolerant of different opinions here because how people appreciate the anime style can be subjective, but people mostly have very little knowledge about how different drawing styles affect character designs

personally the one time where I thought her boobs were exaggerated was the 2nd opening only, I wasn’t a fan of that, other than that I think her boobs are well proportioned to her body in the actual episodes, keeping in mind the style differences of the manga and anime.

the reason they might looks bigger to some people, is the fact that in the anime style, almost everyone is too slender, especially the waist/torso and the limbs (and sometimes even the head looks too big in some official posters compared to the body) so the boobs/waist balance looks a bit off at times, but in themselves they’re not really bigger than they really are
you just can’t say it’s only Mikasa, everyone, males and females are too slender for their actual size, have you seen Levi in some scenes??
I remember there was a very popular post talking about Levi’s body anime vs manga, I might try to find the link, but levi also looked like a twig in some scenes

and here where I start to get annoyed, because people decided to turn a blind eye to all of this general style, and pretend it only affects Mikasa, trying to make it seem like it’s pushing an agenda specific of her, this is where the reaching starts

add to that
Isayama did say in one of his monthly Q & A, &that he meant for Mikasa to be thin/slim! I think a reader asked that actually and Isayama said it was to portray there was a hidden power in her, now we know he’s talking about the Ackerman power
but Mikasa being thin and not super buff like people claim is actually intended!
she has defined muscles, not huge mass

Edit: I found it thank god

Q: Why do Mikasa and Levi look slim despite their weight?
A: Because there is unseen power embodied within them.

Mikasa *is* indeed slim!

and oh don’t get me started on Mikasa’s “heteronormative waifu” lips! lmao
why is a lip color even sexualized!
Ymir has the same design of lips too, and she has nothing in common with Mikasa character-wise beside having someone important to them that they want to protect, and in regards to that she’s a lesbian who’s presented as less feminine and whose sexuality was respected in the anime, where’s the pushed trope here?

I mean, at least I assume people are aware that that’s not lip gloss right? it’s a stylistic choice or natural lip color that was meant to probably make the characters look more aesthetically pleasing as designs but this is not a strategy only followed with female characters only

I need to refresh people’s memory of something that happened just at the start of this season, people went NUTS -positively- because the anime design of Levi was even more gorgeous this season than it was last season!
everybody was swooning and dying, and I mean let’s admit, everyone in the anime looks like models, and Levi isn’t even a character that was meant to look “handsome” in the manga and yet..

but ofc, a male character made more aesthetically appealing is something to praise, a female character made more aesthetically appealing as a design? off with that! ha!