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“Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote,
And bathed every veyne in swich licour
Of which vertu engendred is the flour;
Whan Zephirus eek with his sweete breeth
Inspired hath in every holt and heeth
The tendre croppes, and the yonge sonne
Hath in the Ram his halve cours yronne,
And smale fowles maken melodye,
That slepen al the nyght with open ye
(So priketh hem nature in hir corages),
Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages.”

- Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales


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Hannah, Cas, Humanity, and Chaos (10x01)

As you may know, I already have a post on Cas and his view on humans called, well, “Cas’ Views on Humans”. Cas’ views on humans have evolved dramatically since his first appearance on the show, and you know, we can see that clearly in Cas’ speech to Hannah.

Cas went from viewing humans as pieces of art to one of the good qualities of the chaos humans live in is the art they make. Cas lived in a world empty of all emotion and chaos before, and now that he has worked with humans, gotten to know humans, been a human and lived among them, he has begun to understand truly what good comes from them. Something he learnt from experience.

Hannah, on the other hand, does not understand because ze never tried to understand humans. All ze wanted to do was go back home and restore order - all ze can see is the bad that has come from the chaos around hir. Ze never tried to understand the humans, ze never tried to connect - Hannah was adamant on staying to hir nature, and with that, kept a closed mind and narrow view of the world around hir. Ze lists Metatron as one of the bads that came from chaos, yet ze chose Metatron’s side at the end…or perhaps…did ze not choose Metatron, but the side of the angels?

Metatron would bring her back to Heaven. Cas wanted to find another way and stood by the side of Humanity, of one man. Hannah thinks like an angel, ze is part of the hive mind collective. It’s not that ze wouldn’t understand humans, ze just doesn’t want to understand humans because ze doesn’t fully understand what being an angel is, only what ze can understand from the regime ze was under. Racism can become a norm, and the higher up angels before Heaven turned to crap were racist towards humans. So, it makes sense why ze wouldn’t want to learn from humans.

Because humans are chaos and heaven is order. Heaven needs order and ze doesn’t understand a concept of chaos that doesn’t lead to breaking. Yet Cas does. He’s seen in it. He was part of the Garrison, the angel he’s based off of observed the world in silence. Hannah? I bet ze was a pencil pusher who knew nothing of earth before ze fell. But is it all about understanding background, or is it so much more than that, or even little? Maybe it’s about Humanity.

Heaven had a plan. In order to enact its plan, they needed a Righteous Man. Dean became Heaven’s Righteous Man, and in doing so, needed someone to save him. Then, came Cas.

It’s like what Hester said all those years ago,

Dean’s relationship with Cas virtually ruined the chances of the apocalypse. I have a meta called “Let Me Put This into Perspective” that talks about how much Cas has done canonically for Dean. He turned his back on Heaven, stopped the apocalypse that Heaven wanted, turned into a god and purged Heaven of thousands of angels, virtually broke heaven and caused it to go into all out war on several occasions. All because he met a human and that human made him want to do things. Things that would help that human, even if it hurt others, hurt the people he knew for eons.

Now, while Metatron specified that it was Dean in the end that Cas did everything for, ze started off with a different phrase. Humanity. And Dean, through many metas I read before Metatron even said humanity, has been the representation of the average human throughout all of Supernatural, the human who had to deal with inhuman problems and fix them.

Hannah has even asked Cas to leave that human behind, and he couldn’t.

If Cas is left with Humanity, Heaven is vulnerable to Cas causing chaos once more. For the good of Humanity. So, I wonder why Hannah has such an aversion to Humanity and chaos.

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I can't tell if I identify as nonbinary because I don't want to identify as anything and I realize that's rather problematic, but sometimes I reach into the back of my head and use the word she instead and then i have to force myself to change it to hir and idk I'm very confused. I don't like identifying as female but using "she" sometimes feels more natural than Hir and i can't tell if that would be habit or what.

I struggle with this sometimes too. For a while I thought my identity was completely a reaction against internalized misogyny. In my early teen years I went through a hardcore “not like other girls” phase and it was years before I learned that there was nothing wrong with other girls and what I was reacting to was misogyny but I didn’t have the word to wrap around the experience.

Functionally, I don’t think it matters. I’m not much for the Born This Way theory of queerness. Human beings, as organisms, may be born with genetic predispositions for certain things but our socialization and life experiences fundamentally shape who we are. 

It boils down to this–you know what’s going on inside your head. Nonbinary is a word you may find it useful to wrap around that experience. It’s useful for explaining things to people, and for finding people with experiences similar to yours. If you feel the word nonbinary is more useful than the alternative, you can absolutely keep identifying as nonbinary. 

There is no magic gatekeeper to identity, there is no set of criteria you have to fulfill in order to be “really” nonbinary. You get to decide what your words are, always. Everything you feel is real or legitimate. Use the words you think are most accurate or most useful. 

"What Are You Fishing For?" (10x01)

Last episode, we were introduced to two angels - Daniel and Adina. These angels are angels who want to be like Cas in a way. They want to be free. They want to keep the freedom they’ve gained through understanding humans, they were Cas’ goal all those seasons ago when he tried to teach angels to understand what he understood of freewill, yet learned that trying to teach angels to love freewill was like trying to “teach fish poetry”. Funny how fish came into play, right?

Daniel is the first angel Cas meets of the two and the one who is most like Cas. All Daniel wants is to live a peaceful life on earth, fishing and free. Hir idea of freedom seems similar to Crazy!Cas’ view on freedom in a way. Daniel just wants to be left alone with the nature around hir. Ze does no harm unless attacked by someone else first.

The scene calls back to several different scenes from the past, like Dean’s dream in the Rapture. You know, the one where Dean dreams of peacefully fishing when Castiel appears to warn him of something malicious heaven may do, only to be stopped by heaven in the end later on in the episode? 

The scene can also reference the river scene in Purgatory, the one where Cas had been finally found by Dean, only to tell him that he doesn’t want to be saved, doesn’t want to be brought back to earth. While Cas doesn’t want to return to earth because he did not think he deserved to return, Daniel doesn’t want to return heaven because ze thinks ze deserves the right to free will. Daniel can also parallel Dean in that scene because ze wants to appeal to Cas. Ze wants Cas to understand, even while the people around hir may not.

Now, the fishing was obviously a metaphor. The fisherman - Heaven. The fishing pole - Hannah. The curlytail grub - Castiel. The trout - Daniel and Adina. The strongest of the trout - Adina. The fishing was foreshadowing of what was to come, was an explanation of what was going on and what would happen.

So, what was Daniel fishing for? Metaphors and freedom. I suppose some fish do understand poetry.