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The US National Science Foundation shared this vine showing how scientists actually sample active lava flows on Hawaii - they literally pull the lava away with a hammer then drop it in a bucket of water nearby.

Obey (Jimin/Reader)

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Prompt: OH GOD WEREWOLF JIMIN AU SMUTSMUTSMUT I’m trash for dominant werewolf Jimin + Can you please write a smut (werewolf! jimin and reader) where he goes into heat, and gets really horny/possessive with the reader? Thank you very much~

Genre: Smut - Werewolf!AU (In Heat)

Words: 2.1K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: Everyone has a bit of sadistic nature buried deep within the confines of their most intimate desires, a dark sensation that consumes the mind, body, and soul when the time is right. For Park Jimin, that animalistic desire was something that had cursed him since the day he first turned eighteen years old, a spark reigniting with each full moon. It devoured him whole, taking complete control of his body until he could quench the nearly insatiable thirst for dominance. 

Tags: Dom!Jimin, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Sub!Reader, Orgasm Denial, Dirty Talk, etc. 

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Sulfur coated fumarole, Iceland

Native Superheroes and Avoiding Stereotypical Roles

@wordsmithkg asked:

Sorry to bother you guys, this is a bit of a weird one, but if I’m writing something and part of it features a group of Native American (specifically Navajo) superheroes, are there powers I should avoid for cliché/stereotyping reasons, or that would feel disrespectful? For example, I can’t help but feel geokinesis would be too much of a literal manifestation of the “closer to earth” stereotype. I unfortunately don’t know any Navajo, but I did find an online community I plan to ask as well

Animal. Powers. If I see one more Native shapeshifter and/or animal speaker, I feel like I’m going to scream. Trackers, too. Plant manipulators. Spiritual mediums. Archers with superhuman aim.

Basically, look up Magical Native American and if it shows up on that list, avoid unless you manage to justify it in-universe with something other than “Natives have x”. 

Geokenisis sounds fun! The thing I like about it is it sounds modern. A lot of the icky part about Natives with powers is people assuming that the powers are “ancient” and therefore detached from modern society. They rely more than they would like to admit on Noble Savage, so if you break that with either modern sounding powers and/or non-nature based things, you’re good.

The main thing about Native powers I’ve found is they rely on sixth sense/otherworldly connection, instead of having anything that’s a pseudoscientific explanation. So if you had “felt the earth’s natural heat rising and falling”, that would be one thing, but if you had “telepathic abilities focusing on dense objects such as stone or metal”, that’s another. The former is flirting with Magical Native, the latter sounds like a superhero power.

Give it the same BS explanation that non-Native superheroes get. If you’re just going for “oh, they’re more ~*in tune*~” then I would have problems, but if you’re going with something that is at least trying to sound scientific, you’re much safer. Even something just like “genetic mutation allows for x” is cool.
The problems with tropes like Magical Native American or even Magical Nergo is the principle tends to stop at “because they are this ethnicity, they have these powers.” Meanwhile, if the reasoning is built into the character— ie- Black Panther has powers because he is king of Wakanda, and therefore has access to a plant that enhances ability to the point of a supersoldier— then you’re avoiding the heart of the trope which is that some skin colours just inherently have magic.

So, make it pseudoscientific, and try to avoid “spiritual” based stuff. Then, you’re good.

~ Mod Lesya


Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: It all starts as a way to piss off Dean…

warnings: Cas x Reader, unprotected sex, grace!kink, oral sex (male receiving)

word count: ~2500

The four of you had just finished a hunt and decided to celebrate by going out to the local bar, have a few beers, and play some pool.

That was all well and good, until your two on two (you and Sam vs Dean and Castiel) game of pool had been interrupted by some blonde skank catching Dean’s eye.  You were now perched at a high top table, nursing a beer and seething.

So what?  You didn’t necessarily like Dean that way, but it still pissed you off when he ditched you and the boys for no good reason.  The feeling of jealousy and anger came from the fact that at the end of the day, these boys were yours. Dean, Sam, Cas – they were all you had, and you never wanted anyone to take that away from you.

Yeah, you could be a selfish bitch, but whatever.

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Yellowstone’s Mammoth Hot Springs is a neat site. Most of the geothermal/hydrothermal features in Yellowstone travel through silicic rocks - the volcanic rocks created during the eruptions - and since most volcanoes erupt siliceous rocks many hot springs create siliceous features like the park’s geysers. Mammoth Hot Springs is outside the area blasted apart in the last caldera forming eruption, so its waters instead travel through limestones of the surrounding mountains. The hot water dissolves the limestone and precipitates carbonate minerals like travertine, creating these terraces.

Broke University Hoe Skin Care *revised*

I posted a weekly skin care routine but as I am about to return to university and be broke again, I wanted to create this same routine for a broke university student with no bath tub and no $$.

- Get a decently sized bucket and fill it with warm-hot water.

- Mix some coconut oil and white/ brown sugar into a bowl while you’re waiting for the bucket to fill up. Put some coconut oil on the tips of your hair and put your hair up. (A tub of Omega Nutrition virgin Coconut Oil is less than $10 at grocery stores. Look in the organic foods section or the cooking oil section).

- Place your feet in the bucket and use your coconut oil + sugar mixture to exfoliate your legs/ anywhere else you think needs exfoliating (i.e elbows, stomach area, face etc.) If you have a vagina please DO NOT put this mixture anywhere in, on, or near it. If you’re using brown sugar don’t use it on our face because it’s too coarse. Again, if you have crusty ass feet, you’ll need to give some extra love when exfoliating and maybe use a foot file on your heels. Once you’re feeling smooth, get a wash cloth and wipe off your legs.

- Now they should feel very smooth and oily because of the mixture, so you won’t need to put anything extra on them when you go to shave. Using a “men’s” razor works 100x better than “women’s” razors and helps you get a closer shave. Coconut oil builds up in and dulls razors so you will only get about 1-2 good uses per razor. With that in mind, use cheap disposable razors! They literally work the exact same, if not better, than those expensive ass Venus Breeze pieces of crap. Just because they aren’t featured in a commercial with a woman dancing around a beach in a curtain, doesn’t mean they don’t do the exact same damn job. I really recommend waxing pubic areas because the hair grows back so slowly, but waxing can be fairly expensive so if you’re shaving just make sure that you use plain coconut oil and shave DOWN to prevent ingrowns. ALSO if you plan on having sex then you need to THOROUGHLY wash your business after you shave because OILS OF ANY KIND DETERIORATE CONDOMS AND CAN LEAD TO BREAKS OR TEARS. Please be safe.

- Dump out the bucket of water and rinse it. Get in the shower and shampoo your hair root to tip to get the excess coconut oil out and massage your scalp well to get the circulation going (promotes hair growth). Put conditioner on your tips and leave it for about 2+ minutes. While the conditioner is in put some body wash on a wash cloth and wash off all the oil and dirt from your body. If you have a vagina, wait until all the soap is rinsed off of you and then thoroughly (BUT GENTLY) wash your vulva either with your fingers or another wash cloth that has no soap on it. If you still feel like you need to use soap just make sure it’s as natural as possible and UNSCENTED.

- Dry off and lotion your body, I use cocoa butter because it makes me smell like an island goddess but whatever lotion you like to use works. Queen Helene Cocoa Butter is like less than $5 so it’s definitely affordable and you can get it at Walmart.

- Keep an old tooth brush handy and put some of your left over coconut oil + sugar mixture on it and scrub your lips to get all the dead and dry skin off. The only thing worse than scaly lips while getting freaky is bad breath so brush your teeth as well if you haven’t already lmao. Massage aloe vera into your scalp and apply A SMALL AMOUNT of argon oil to your tips. Aloe Vera has actually made my hair grow so fast it’s unbelievable and one of my followers said that argon oil is a natural heat protectant so I’m about to stock up. Banana Boat Aloe Vera after sun gel is around $5 and you can get Live Clean Argon Oil at Walmart for roughly $11. Argon Oil also brightens your skin so you can apply a small amount to your face as well.

This was probably the greatest I’ve ever felt after taking care of my skin and hair! My original post was almost identical and just as inexpensive but I just wanted my fellow university people out there to know that you can treat yourself even while you’re on a budget. Regardless of the products you’re using, following the pattern of soaking, exfoliating, *shaving- optional*, washing, and lotioning will leave you feeling great!