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Have you ever been accused of Lying about your real Hair ?

Gurl Please, I Grow This.

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Time for another long overdue update!

So the yarn twists have finally been taken down after a 5 week run and since then, I’ve went out and stocked up on my Master Shea mix supply. 

The trip was a bittersweet one. Bitter because I left Whole Foods almost 40 bucks poorer after only purchasing those two things up there but sweet because I now have a fresh batch that will last for months.

Two things; I’ve thought about switching shea butters for a while but Whole Foods didn’t have much of a selection to choose from. Nothing’s wrong with the brand I have now, it’s actually the best I’ve had thus far, but $20 for one tub is a bit steep. I will say that the fact it’s organic, unrefined, smooth and Fair Trade makes me feel a little bit better about purchasing, though. So, unless I come across a cheaper brand of equal quality, I think I’ll begrudgingly stick with it for a bit.

And then secondly, I know in a previous post I said that I wouldn’t purchase the Alaffia brand shampoo again, but alas, it was on sale. I really need to get back with the mudwash, my hair is missing it.

Anywhoo, hair has been washed, deeply conditioned with my mastermix and twisted up! I did these twists about twice as big as I usually do my mini twists because it’s starting to take forever and a day to twist my hair since it’s gotten longer. 

I’ve actually been considering doing a pretty substantial trim within the next few weeks, maybe a few inches or so, to keep my hair at a fixed length to make maintenance easier. I also miss how layered my twists were when they were shorter but I’m pretty conflicted. I really want to see how long my hair can get but I know it’ll be more of a hassle each time I detangle. But I dunnoooo.

Sounds like I have a couple decisions to be made, my dears.

As always, I’ll try my hardest to keep up with this thing.

Stay beautiful :)