natural hair wash day

How do the boyos react to helping you on hair wash day?

Today was wash day for me, and I was inspired!! I hope you enjoy 🤣🙌🏾.

Your favorite beautician is out of town on an Altissian cruise with her staff. Naturally that means the whole store closes up shop. With a big engagement coming up on Monday, you’ve decided to tackle hair wash day on your own, Friday after work!


“Can’t you go somewhere else?”, he sighs.
He really doesn’t understand. He has Ignis compile a list of the best beauticians in Eos for you as an alternative, but they don’t compare to your favorite spot, “Ifrits Hot Comb”.
He feels… pretty useless. He doesn’t like it. He resigns to making a sick playlist, full of:
-Bey (he loves the way you jump around to “Who Run The World”)
And some of your other joint faves.
-He’ll generally watch, and offer moral support and do small things like get you towels, food/drink, etc.
-He’s *actually* attentive, and interested.
-Mostly impatient because he wants your attention.
-Actually turns into a whiny 3 year old baby. It kills him when you’re so close to one another in his lush master bedroom, but you’re preoccupied in his bathroom.
-Proceeds to come in and huff at you. You just make a pouty face back at him and he trudges away.
-This happens every 30-35 minutes.

-Noctis makes sure your salon is always available when you need them from this day on.
-Conclusion: Noctis hates wash day.

Prompto- When you tell Prompto you’ll be doing your hair yourself since your beautician is gone, he’s excited because that means he can have you over all weekend!
You arrive at his place, and when Prompto opens the door to his apartment he’s standing there WITH A BLACK SILK BONNET ON HIS HEADDDDD.
“I’m all ready for you baby!!” he grabs you by the waist and pulls you in, as you laugh so hard you can’t breathe.
He walks you to the kitchen. This boy just about bought out the entire ethnic hair section, that’s now before you on his kitchen counter. Two different types of shampoo, 3 conditioners, one lock and twist gel, one edges gel, detangling spray, two packs of small rubber bands. One wide tooth comb, one rat tail comb. One pic even though you don’t wear an Afro.
“I uh..hope this will do the trick?”, he takes the silk bonnet off his head and sheepishly twists it between his fingers. He blushes pink and his big blue doe eyes blink at you slowly.
“Babe, you are so great” you say, wiping away a straggling tear of laughter from your eye.

Gladio already owns Mane and Tail because of course he does. You discovered this one night when he was fucking you in the shower and decided this was the man you were going to marry. He’s excited to have you stay the weekend.
You came prepared and brought whatever gels you needed. When you’re done washing, you move to the living room and sit on the floor between Gladio’s legs as he sits on the couch, so he can Bantu knot your hair for you.
“You alright babe? Need a pillow down there?”
“Eh, maybe in like 20 mins”
“Alright, then lets get to work” He cracks his knuckles, puts his hair up in a bun, and buckles down.
You bring the blanket into your lap, and begin munch on some popcorn to go with the movie you popped in.

You’d been telling Ignis how you’re less than excited about having to wash and style your hair.
“It always kills so much time, and my back and arms hurt. Gahh, I know I have to do it but ugh. Don’t mind me…”
“My love”, he reassures you, “that’s quite alright. I can only imagine. Do you have all that you need?”
“Yes”, you reply grumpily. At least you’d be able to spend the night at his place. His shower head is divine.
When he lets you in, you see fresh ingredients laid out on his kitchen island. There’s vanilla, jojoba oil, coconut oil, avocado, and a whole host of other natural ingredients
“What are you making babe?”
“Not what I’m making”, he says kissing your neck from behind, and wrapping his arms around you. “But what we’re making. While you were at work, I took it upon myself to find the recipe for natural hair conditioning masks that will leave your natural tresses more radiant than ever. I thought perhaps we could make it together, hm?”
This. Man. You totally hit the jack pot. Ignis always told you how much he loved your natural hair. The shine, the body, the smell. You spin in his arms to give him a lengthy kiss, deep enough to dislodge his glasses.
“Well then,” he says, clearing his throat, “should we get started?”


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My hair has been growing a lot and looking healthier lately, so I decided to pay a tribute to these lovely people for helping me achieve my goal. I change my hair routine all the time, but having been basing it off of theirs. 

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