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Paris Rose “LeSweetpea” 10 questions about LeSweetpea

Article for UCLA’s GH Spotlight February 12th, 2017

How has it been adjusting to UCLA/campus so far?

As a transfer, I thought it would a lot more difficult adjusting to UCLA, but it hasn’t been! I have been able to make lots of friends since coming to UCLA which really gives me a sense of community. The only thing that is a bit difficult is adjusting to is the quarter system, it’s so fast! Midterms and finals come before you know it!

What has been the most challenging and most rewarding experiences you’ve acquired thus far?
The most challenging thing has been trying to balance my social life, schoolwork load and YouTube channel. Since I’m in a sorority, during the first quarter we had tons of events to go to, so I felt like I didn’t have time for anything else. I did manage to keep my GPA high, but I wasn’t able to post any YouTube videos during the entire first quarter. This quarter I’ve learned to balance a lot more. I just got back from New York City last week for the brand Devacurl, and wrote a 4 page essay the very next day I got back.

What inspired you to start making videos?

Back in 2011, I really liked watching videos by YouTubers such as Meredith Foster and SunKissAlba. I always loved watching, but never thought about making videos myself. Around the same time, I had gained a considerable amount of followers on my Tumblr blog, and almost every day I was posed with the question, “How do you style your bangs?”. At the time, I straightened my hair every day and had really side swept bangs. Soon after, a few people suggested to me that I should make a video about it on YouTube and a few weeks later I did. A few videos later, I realized that I had a passion for it and continued making videos!

How long have you been on youtube?
I’ve been on YouTube since March 2011, so it will be 6 years next month!

Do people from school find your channel?

Yes! Some of my friends have me on Instagram and Snapchat so they see my posts, but the ones who don’t, I’m not sure how they find it.

What does your username mean?

So back in the Myspace days (long ago), I used to go by “Pea” as in the first letter of my name, Paris. Shortly after I started going by Sweet Pea! It was my favorite scent at Bath & Body Works and one of my friends had recently commented on a photo of me saying, “You look cute, Sweet Pea!”. After that, when I began creating other forms of social media I wanted my username to be “@sweetpea” but it was taken. I then tried to make it “thesweetpea” and that was also taken. I was taking French classes as the time and “the” is “le” in French, so I tried “lesweetpea” and it wasn’t taken! :)

Who are your favorite YouTubers/friends on YouTube?
A few of my favorite YouTubers are Meredith Foster and MyLifeAsEva. A few of my friends that have YouTube channels are Camille Johnson, Luhhsetty, Infinitely Cindy and Roxette Arisa.

What inspired you to go natural or wear your hair curly?

I used to constantly straighten my hair every week, and eventually I realized it was so damaging that I had to cut off 2 inches every 3-4 months. I really wanted long hair like when I was younger and I knew that would only happen if I stopped straightening it all the time.

If you could have only one product for a year, which product would you chose?
Devacurl’s Super Cream Coconut Styler!

*Bonus question: What’s the craziest thing you’ve tried on your “natural hair journey”?

One time, I made a concoction of mayonnaise, eggs, and olive oil. I left on my hair for 30 minutes and it smelled so gross!

Do you have any advice for girls that want to embrace their natural curly hair?

Curly hair is awesome! Being apart of the Curly Hair community is amazing, I’m so happy to be apart of it and you should be too!

Devacurl’s Buildup Buster Product Launch, Chelsea, New York. Feb 1, 2017


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