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Bantu Knot “Blow Out” • Natural Hair Tutorial 🍓

. So this is a another kind of heatless stretching technique you can use to manipulate your curl pattern. My hair is really thin & damaged still from the bleach so it didn’t take to it too nicely in my opinion (so much in fact I recorded another video of me cutting a bunch off)  but I thought it’d be cool to check out! 


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You have any tips on loc maintenance? Also any directories I can look into?(YouTube, Tumblr page, etc) long time follower btw. Plan to show MUCH more support.

Maintaining dreadlocks is very different from maintaining other natural hair styles.

Your maintenance routine will vary depending on the age of your dreads and the method you used to start them.

The two most popular methods for starting and maintaining dreadlocks in natural black hair are twisting/palmrolling and latching.

=> here there is a great article about the two methods



A locktician that can give you great advice and recommend healthy products. Make sure you feel comfortable with her or him and have a real conversation about your hair objectives and your desired look.


Locs thrive in a clean environment. When you are first starting locs, water actually helps to loc your hair faster. Once you are fully locked continue to wash your hair on a regular basis. Cleansing is a part of any healthy hair care routine.


It stimulates hair growth. You’d be surprised how the simple act of gently massaging your hair at night for about 5 minutes, will really help you achieve the beautiful locs you desire.


Give your locs the moisture it craves, starting from the scalp, down to the tip of the loc. Be careful to avoid products, such as creams and heavy waxes, that can cause build up in the loc. Use oils such as Olive oil to start with as you gain more knowledge about locs.


If done too often it can start to create breakage and thinning at the root. Your edges are especially sensitive and prone to breaking off, so just be careful, you don’t want your hairline to lean back.


Locs tend to shed a lot, and protecting your edges and your scalp is crucial. A silk night cap helps keep the moisture in your hair and scalp, as well as protect your hair from pillow friction.


Try different ways of cleaning, oiling and styling your hair. Everyone’s hair has different textures and no ONE technique will work for everyone


There are a lot of products out there that are made with just chemicals, and/or “natural” ingredients mixed with chemical ingredients that will strip your hair of its natural oils that is needed to hydrate, moisturize and grow. Natural ingredients, still give you the same benefit as any of the chemical based products but with no side effects


Locking your hair is a journey and it’s a little different for each person. Some people’s hair locs faster than others. Thicker hair tends to lock faster. But if
you take good care of your hair then the growth will come. So don’t get discouraged.


Don’t compare yourself with others that are in the in their loc journey. Locs is a process. Take your time and enjoy your hair.


1- Chescalocs : Franchesca has become one of the best known faces for locs on the internet. She gorgeous locs that she’s been growing for 9 years.

2- GrizzleRocsLocs : Tameika has been documenting her journey on YouTube for just a year but she already has a wealth of video tutorials on how to style your locs

3- Jungle Barbie : This trendy diva shows us how to achieve more edgier hairstyles with locs dispelling the myth that “Locs Can’t be Chic

4- Gypsy Emprez : This beauty from Trinidad and Tobago has great hair and make up tutorials.

5- Jasmine Rose : she is a gorgeous 20 something Haitian-American who shares her hair, beauty, and naturalness with her lovely subscribers. She’s funny, funky, and creates great tutorials on hair, makeup, and fashion.

6- Damian Walter : he does not have locs himself, but he’s an amazing loctician full of expert advice. He’s a master natural hair stylist that can create a loc quicker than you can blink.

7- BronzeGoddess01 : She’s a motivational speakers, life coach, makeup enthusiast, full-time mommy, and part-time diva! She has a video series called “Strawberry Letter” where people solicit advice for their life problems and she shares with her viewers, which is highly popular and quite interesting.

8- Ibyl : Love, Life, and Locs channel is about documenting her sisterloc journey, which starts from the very beginning. She shares her tips, updates, experiences, and concerns.

9- Locs Mermaidia : She discusses how to maintain and properly care for your locs. If you are all about needing loc inspiration, she’s the vlogger to follow.

10- Tbey82 : a channel full of locs, family, and healthy natural hair love. She loves vlogging and shows tutorials that are easy to follow and have clear directions.



Hope it will help you !


Curly bangs with perm rods & an easy twist out for curly hair!~ 💞

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How do you keep your natural hair moisturized?? I need some help sis!

I absolutely HATE products. Not because they aren’t good or anything but 

so I spend a lot of time finding ways to NOT have to buy a 21 dollar jar of some factory produced shea butter enriched with jojoba-coconut-glycerin oil from Jesus’s own personal garden. 

So I keep it simple. 

I wash my hair..roughly…once every two weeks. With sulfate free shampoo. I co-wash it when I feel like it. Once a month I do a a ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse just because I like the way it makes my hair feel all clean. I say that because when I moisturize, I always want my hair nice and clean. OKAY. Oil my scalp and it’s time to go to work.

I use the same damn deep conditioner each and every time.

  • 2 dallops (lord don’t ask me for measurements please…I couldn’t give you an answer …just dallops…) of organic honey. This can be expensive at first, but if you buy a jar, it’ll last you. Honey is an AWESOME humectant (some fancy word for keeping things moist). 
  • Buy some regular ole plain yogurt from the grocery store. Two big scoops. You can get some strawberry-banana greek concoction if you want but that’s more yummy than helpful. Plus sugar, so no.
  • An oil. I’ve gone from shea butter oil, to tree oil, to argan oil (my FAVORITE, it smells so damn good). I don’t have a preference, it’s what my budget will allow. Use liberally (shruglife)
  • Sometimes, because I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ll squeeze some Organix Moroccan oil conditioner in there. (at this point I’m just grabbing shit). If you don’t have any, try mayonnaise. That’s right. MAYO. (I used to do a mayo/egg conditioner, but eggs are delicious and I don’t want to waste them on my hair)

Mix that shit all up. Slather on freshly washed hair. Put a cap on it (those self heating caps are THE BOMB) Let it sit. (I’ve gone hours because I’m lazy and forgetful.) Wash it out.

Most important finishing step. SEAL THE MOISTURE. Take your oil and apply it to moisturized hair. Not so much that it stains your bonnet, but enough that…well enough. 

Take the leftovers, put it in a container of some sort, store it for the next use. 

I’m going to start a natural hair vlog that is called “I kinda don’t know what I’m doing but it works!”


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My 1 year natural hair journey!


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