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Decided to be daring today and do a photo shoot completely raw. No makeup, no product in my hair, natural light. If you follow my blog, you probably know that I’ve had some insecurities in my past about my looks, so this felt a bit weird. Turns out, I don’t mid the way I look completely raw :) diverseiridescentbeings


Hair update!!

So the pic on the left was taken last night (sorry for weird dorm lighting) but clearly there’s a difference! I got a texlax (or texturizer whatever you want to call it) last Friday and the right was my texlax in May. So about 5 ish months. I usually push for 6 but the way my schedule is I needed to go.

I really think those Mielle Organics pills made this happen because the way I do my hair really hasn’t changed that much. I am detangling differently but the products and method are still the same. Either way I’m super happy about it and hope for more growth!

For those who don’t know from my last hair update my hair is texlaxed but the ends are still relaxed very straight. You can tell because it’s pretty thin at the bottom. I feel like my hair is a lot more shiny and thick with texlaxed hair.

If you have any questions about what I do or use let me know!


There is this misconception that Madame C.J. Walker was the lady who “invented perms.” I know I thought that too for a long time. That’s not necessarily true at all. She patented hair care products and cosmetics specifically for black women that included natural hair care as well as products that helped thick and coarse hair become straighter. The hot comb was one of her inventions but she wasn’t some woman who was like, “I’m going to invent these products so black women can have straight hair and not that nappy shit.” She had a lot of products for our hair, not just straightening ones. She simply was the first black woman to create hair care specifically for our hair since there weren’t many if any products for our hair health. She was a scientist and entrepreneur. She also did a lot for African American rights, so just saying, “She created the first perm/relaxer for black women,” is a gross oversimplification of her legacy and work.

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Again this style is the base for almost everything I do with my hair. You can do a lot with stretched hair! It’s also good for a few days. Usually day 2 is the best, lots of puffiness and volume and the curls are cuter. I don’t wrap it, i either pineapple or I usually just go to sleep on my satin pillowcase.

-ORS Olive Oil Spray
-Argan oil by Proclaim

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