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An Easy Guide To Understanding Why white Girls With Braids =/= Black Girls With Straight Hair or Weaves

1. Weaves aren’t exclusively a Black girl thing (white girls wear weaves, too- SHOCKER).

2. white girls do not have societal expectations to braid their hair. Black girls DO have societal expectations to straighten their hair.

3. white girls are not punished when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ hairstyles. Black girls ARE often punished (kicked out of school, fired and/or not even hired for certain jobs AT ALL, etc) when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ and/or natural hairstyles.

4. white girls are taught from an early age that they are inherently beautiful, that ‘it’s just hair,’ and that they can do whatever they want with it. Black girls are taught from an early age that their skin and natural hair texture makes them inherently ugly, that long, straight hair will improve their lot in life (from jobs to relationships- it’s certainly not ‘just hair’), and that they must adhere to Eurocentric beauty standards like long, straight hair to be seen as beautiful. When we attempt to ‘do whatever we want’ with it we are often met with insults and derision like, ‘When are you going to do something with that hair?’ (See: BLUE IVY CARTER) The closest white girls come to this are curly-haired girls being told to straighten their hair or control their ‘frizz;’ but even then, their white skin still grants them the privilege of meeting the standard of beauty.




Dove is trying it. I know that many races can have curly hair but these curls look fabricated as hell. These curls look straight off the curling wand. If I’m wrong and any of you all have a link or two for me to see some behind the scenes of how they achieved these “natural” please send my waaaaay because I’d love to see the process.

I will never ever understand the logic and mentality behind black folks that believe we owe everybody in the world everything we have and yet at the same time turn around and say that everyone else owes us nothing.
I mean honestly why are black people the main ones quick to try to include everyone that ain’t black??? It’s not about them; this is about US. We don’t owe non black folks a damn thing! We owe it to ourselves and each other to stand our fucking ground and demand we have ownership over what’s ours and ours only.
I swear sometimes folks blow me with this Kumbaya BS

Idk some of y'all wanna help me out on this? Feel free to add on

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Another thing I don’t understand about these big brand natural hair companies, like Carol’s Duaghter and Shae Moisture, is why their products are so expensive they are almost unaffordable? They are literally a luxury for certain people to get, especially black women who may not make enough money to afford $10 hair products. And you may think that ten dollars is not a  lot, but add that up and on top of that, add it up for people who don’t have a lot…that is ridiculous!

Going natural is supposed to be more efficient by both routine and cost. And I know natural hair companies and bloggers love to make natural hair look like this expensive, difficult process (and sometimes it can be tedious but this is said for all hair), but no…it shouldn’t be that way.

If you want so many people to go natural, then why not make natural hair affordable? Toward the beginning of a natural hair journey new naturals—especially 4c naturals—tend to waste their money on these big buck products that don’t even work like they’re supposed to in their hair and I just??

Natural hair should be efficient especially if you WANT people to go natural. So all these expensive brands baffle me.

And I understand there is marketing and what not, but I use cheap natural hair products and they work just fine.