natural hair maintenance

Hai mai pianificato la tua morte ?

This is a new YouTube channel dedicated to Natural Hair maintenance (& some make up tutorials). I’ve been following her, (Jade is her name, she’s so sweet) Instagram for a long while (curlybrown93) and she finally made her first YouTube video. It’ll be updated weekly. She does guys hair too btw. If you like what you see, Subscribe.


will be trying these products out next ^-^

Do you guys blunt your dread ends?

I have type 4B-4C coily hair but I do have a couple of patches of wavy hair that even after 2+ years the ends of the locs won’t seal like the rest. A half an inch of stubborn, bitch-ass hair just sits on the ends of a few locs - mocking me and making me paranoid about my dread unraveling. It makes me mad!

Even worst, when I’ve asked a few locticians about it they’re all like, “huh? you want to latch hook it?”, “Put beeswax on it”, “Cut it off”. NO!

I know how to blunt my ends ‘cause I’ve experimented with it, but it seems almost weird or uncommon to do that with my type of hair. Or maybe that’s just my perception.