natural hair envy


Yesterday we went to disneyland for the first time since the beginning of summer. We spent most of our time taking selfies, but hey who could blame us? We are a beautiful couple.

24hr Breakdown

• It’s been a matter of one day since I took my Twists out
• Subconsciously there must have been an underlying reason why I brought a Wig
• I wore the Wig all day today
• I came home, took it off and hung it up (I have yet to get a Polystyrene head)
• I caught sight of myself in the mirror and wasn’t impressed
• I moisturised, sealed and dealt with my edges before putting on my headscarf before Bed
• I still wasn’t impressed
• I scrolled through my Tumblr and my Instagram and my Pinterest, and Natural Hair Envy grabbed me by the throat
• Now I’m giving serious thought to shaving my head