DRESS: Emily & Fin
BAG: Vintage

Hey everyone! Wow, haven’t been feeling myself much lately these days. Pretty weird if you ask me. I’m 900% sure it’s the dark tan and light hair. Check out my past video below where I go into a little detail! I kind of obliterated it, I’m not sure what to do but I’m fully committed to treating my hair with much better care! Hopefully I can get it dark again :(

Anyways, on to the dress of the moment! Emily & Fin is an adorable company based in the UK that specializes in extremely well-made clothing. The fabrics are soft and comfy and the fits are sturdy and classic. I was honored to don the Holly dress in this pale seafoam color! I went on a little cruise near West Point and wore it and had nonstop compliments! Since my hair has been very difficult lately I tried twisting it up for a simply updo. The whole ensemble is looking very 40s which is funny since I haven’t exactly set out to go in that direction! But hey, a lot of my life right now is very experimental, why not? I recommend sizing down for the brand, I took an XS myself from my usual S! 



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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3xAOYhTP3I)