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ID #75080

Name: Stacy
Age: 22
Country: Canada

hi :) i love science, psychology, space, occult, and nature. i watch a lot of educational or science-y television shows, as well as stuff like futurama, bobs burgers, food network shows (love food). i try to keep positive as much as i can :)

Preferences: i am a medicinal marijuana patient, i deal with mental illness, and i am pansexual. if any of that bothers you, i am sorry but we may not be the best of friends. i would prefer someone who’s around my age (18+) gender/skin tone/religion doesn’t matter. thanks for reading my thingy :)

Sorry to put you through the hoop
I was having soup
And you brought quiche
I shouldn’t have let you off the leash
And there is too much salad
That Spirallised veg is just a fad
And there’s Too much decision making going on over there
I wanted breakfast tea with hot water to spare
Why are we rushing
This important Discussion.
Yes the Weather is disappointing
And I’ll need to find where the toilet signs are pointing.
With Too much choice we don’t know what to do
We’ll settle for a pie of the day for two


My boyfriend is actually the sweetest 😭💗 and I had to share because he bought me VEGAN cupcakes!! I had no idea there was a vegan bakery where we lived and he surprised me this morning with half a dozen cupcakes and flowers ☺ this boy means the world to me! I would’ve gotten a better photo of the cupcakes however between him and I they’re nearly gone lol! But they where AMAZING!!