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People talk about talent as some innate thing. It isn’t, though.

What we call talent is the result of years of hard work and dedication mastering a craft.

When I say I don’t have talent for art, what I mean is that I haven’t put in the requisite ten thousand hours into training my eye to recognize aesthetics and proper anatomy, or my fingers to take what’s in my head and put it on paper. But when I say as much, it just sounds like I’m saying “I just wasn’t born with it.”

And I think that short-changes the people who did dedicate so much of their time and energy and passion to a thing.

You worked hard to do what you do. You deserve respect for what you’ve accomplished.

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yes please talk about the possibilities and scenarios of kuroo seeing how much of his blocking actually influences tsukki's


I went a little rogue with this…it turned into much more of a Battle of the Trash Heap “wishlist” post but I HOPE YOU STILL LIKE IT! 

A list of Kuroo & Tsukki Battle of the Trash Heap moments that I desperately want to see happen:

1.) The initial reunion.
Can you believe we have gone through 149 chapters since their last real interaction? Though, to them, it’s only been a few months, but still, this is EXTREMELY overdue.
I hope Furudate allows them a pre-game conversation to light the fire between them. Of course Kuroo is going to give some attention to his rivalry with Daichi, but let’s be honest here, he’s got some things to say to Tsukki. Kuroo HAD to have heard about Tsukki’s iconic block against Ushijima, right? There’s no way he’s going to just let that one pass without a mention, I mean, as his mentor and friend, could he be more proud? Though we all know he will most likely turn what could be a genuinely supportive compliment into a snide, provoking comment to motivate Tsukki even further, and I am ALL FOR EITHER TBH.

2.) Kuroo seeing Tsukki blocking up close
We all know that Tsukki’s blocking style has evolved GREATLY, and it is 100% due to Kuroo’s help. I mean, we even saw Tsukki recalling Kuroo’s pointers to him DURING THE SHIRATORIZAWA MATCH ITSELF. That being said, he has grown by leaps and bounds, and if Kuroo was distracted watching Tsukki’s progress at the training camps…(you’re IN THE MIDDLE OF A MATCH Kuroo what are you doing watching Tsukki?!)

…then can you imagine how shook he is going to be seeing our boy show off his skills right in front of his eyes? Bonus points if his first block is against Kuroo himself…which brings me to my next point!

I think, if this happens, I will collapse on the spot. Picture this. Kenma and Kuroo executing their signature one-person time difference attack, only to forget (or not realize) that Tsukki has grown accustomed to identifying time difference attacks and shutting them down on the spot. Tsukki sees his chance and takes it. Complete shut out. You don’t know how badly I need a side by side panel of Kuroo’s STUNNED expression as he realizes what just happened, along with Tsukki, smirking back at him like the smarmy little twit he is, because who was it that taught him how to read time difference attacks, hmm??
I’ll be preparing my funeral in advanced.

4.) Tense, across-the-net stare-downs

LAWD. hELP ME. They are both middle blockers, so chances are, they are going to end up face-to-face with just the net to separate them. Kuroo with his signature provocative smirk on his face, and Tsukki trying a bit too hard to seem totally cool. You’re not fooling anyone, Kei.

5.) Trying to out-snark each other
This could come in MANY different forms. Both Tsukki and Kuroo are known for their snide (and often unwarranted) remarks on and off the court, so I am SURE there will be some iconic back-and-forth moments between them. What I’d really love to see is for Tsukki to be the one to initiate a little argument and dish out a few quips at Kuroo’s expense.

6.) Tsukki spiking past one of Kuroo’s blocks
THIS would be interesting to see. If you remember back to the training camp Tsukki and Hinata attended, Tsukki had to grow accustomed to Koganegawa’s super-high sets. He was basically forced into reaching his full potential (literally) and Kageyama later caught wind of this new ability of his, too. In the attempts he has made with Kageyama so far, we have learned that it is extremely successful when it works, but also very taxing on his stamina. (last minute edit: SCREAMING OVER THE NEW CHAPTER AHHHHHHASLKDFJASDKFAAS.DFK)
I hope that they are able to whip out one of these above-the-block spikes during this match, taking Kuroo completely by surprise!!

7.) Genuine, shared admiration
I hate that this one might be the most far-fetched for actual canon story-line, given Tsukki’s natural distaste for expressing any sort of genuine, raw emotion, but MAN I need to see them admit the obvious respect they have for one another OUT LOUD. I think there is a good chance we could see this from Kuroo. He is so much more than just a provocation master. He genuinely cares for his friends and wants to see them do well. I really hope he expresses to Tsukki how proud he is of him. I know ALL of us are amazed by the growth he has experienced in these last few months…

*sniff* …so imagine how Kuroo will feel?? Kuroo, who basically took Tsukki under his wing, taught him everything he knows about the fundamentals of blocking, and watched on the sidelines as he began to transform into the blocker Kuroo KNEW he could be.
Then we have Tsukki, who knows damn well that everything he has learned, he learned from Kuroo. Of course he got plenty of over-all volleyball pointers from Akaashi and Bokuto, but the one he sought after for blocking tips was Kuroo. We saw him observe Kuroo from the sidelines, take in his style, his form, and listen to his teaching. He saw the blocker he wanted to be in Kuroo, and now he can stand confidently in his new abilities in front of the person that helped him get there. 

So, out of ALL of the things I mentioned in this very long, self-indulgent post, having Tsukki acknowledge Kuroo for the tremendous part he played in his development as a blocker would make me the absolute happiest.

I honestly, truly, cannot WAIT for this match. :’)

What Makes Each Type Angry

Hey guys! So a lot of you out there liked my post “The Worst Nightmare of Each Type,” ( so here’s one about what makes each type angry. Hope you like! If you like these posts, I really would love if you would follow me, I post quotes daily and often talk with my ~real life friends~ about MBTI all the time so I also post about that and how our cognitive functions/stacks manifest in real life in fun ways. 

INFJ - Injustice: when people are treated unfairly, this really angers and frustrates the INFJ. They dislike seeing people treated poorly, or like they are less worthy of fairness because they may be different. They believe respecting and being kind to others is just a general human courtesy that everyone should follow. They often become frustrated with society because they see so many cruelties that shake them to the core. They will feel strongly defensive of these people, and want to fight to right the wrong being done. Their anger is often a just anger (or they feel it is) and is in defense of people being stepped on.

ENFJ - Disrespect: mostly ENFJs become angry when their specific boundaries are crossed. They are very clear about where their lines are, and it takes a lot to push them over the edge. They make sure people understand that they will take a lot of crap, but they do reach a point where it is just unacceptable. They are hard to push over the edge, but once they reach that point it isn’t pretty. They have a powerful rage, but that is only because they feel they (or most likely someone that they love) is being completely disrespected.

INFP - Dishonesty: they don’t become outright angry easily, and tend to search for the best in people. An INFP is similar to the INFJ, in the sense that they become truly hurt at the sight of injustice. When they witness corruption or wrong doing, that they feel powerless to stop, they become very frustrated. When they see people being completely dishonest and hypocritical, they become angry and completely disappointed. They want people to respect one another, and treat each other with a certain level or dignity. That and traffic, they really just don’t like traffic.

ENFP - Small Talk: No. Just, no! An ENFP wants to talk about something real and meaningful. They dislike meaningless conversation about things that they can’t connect with at all. They want to talk about hopes and dream, and things that are exciting and entertaining. It doesn’t have to be their own interests, as long as it is intriguing and hearty. They also have a natural distaste for nasty or mean people, they don’t get the point of being so negative.

INTJ - Willful Ignorance: To begin, we should probably make it clear that most of the time the INTJ looks angry because they are thinking, not because they are actually angry. If they are angry the best move is to just give them space (lots of space). They do become frustrated with people who just will not listen, and exhibit stupid behavior willfully. They know these people are capable of paying attention and taking their solid advice, but they just float around like bimbos without brains.

ENTJ - Disloyalty: ENTJs strongly dislike people that they cannot rely on. When someone is untrustworthy they have little patience for it. They want people around them who are loyal to them and who they can trust completely. If people show that they do not respect them enough to be depended on, the ENTJ will no longer want those people in their circle.

INTP - Misunderstandings: INTPs value precision and want to be able to get their point across to others. They do become frustrated if it seems like people are outright misunderstanding them. They want people to trust that their perception is well thought out, and often correct. They are okay with being challenged, as long as the person backs up their points with logic and understanding. When people continuously misunderstand them because they just aren’t trying hard enough, the INTP will become frustrated.

ENTP - Manipulation: When someone attempts to manipulate the ENTP they become very frustrated. They feel like this is an outright insult to their intelligence. They take pride in their ability to understand people, and are not easily manipulated by others. When someone is constantly attempting to manipulate them or deceive them, they become frustrated with this person. They also dislike people attempting to debate their logic with emotional ideals.

ISTJ - Being Discredited: ISTJs have a strong attachment to duty and work ethic. When someone tries to discredit their actions or their hard work they become extremely frustrated. They are dependable and pride themselves on being trustworthy, so someone saying that they aren’t working hard is infuriating. And then there are typos. They really aren’t fans of typos.

ESTJ - Incompetence: when someone just cannot seem to live up to the ESTJs high standards, they become very frustrated. They have high standards for themselves and others, and pride themselves on getting things done the right way. When someone is incompetent the ESTJ has little patience for them. They expect that the person should be just as capable of getting the job done, and probably attribute their failures to laziness.

ISFJ - Inconsiderate People: when someone is not aware of how their actions affect others, the ISFJ become upset. They are highly attuned to the effect their actions have on people, and they work hard not to hurt others. When they see someone constantly hurting others with their insensitivity, they become frustrated. They also dislike when they have continuously asked someone not to do something, and that person keeps up with that bad behavior. They feel like these people are just being inconsiderate, and it bothers them greatly.

ESFJ - Hurting their loved ones: ESFJs definitely try to keep the peace, but nothing angers them more than someone harming their loved ones. If you wish to evoke the wrath of the ESFJ, say something cruel about the people they hold dear. They can take a lot of negative attacks on their own character, without becoming too outright angry. They tend to be forgiving, but if you harm their loved ones you will probably face the pain of a thousand fiery deaths. They also aren’t the biggest fans of attention seekers.

ISTP - Constant Complainers: ISTPs are generally pretty laid back people, and don’t anger easily. When they become angry it often comes in quick but intense flashes, then dissipates soon after. They may hold grudges but those aren’t usually stemmed from anger, but rather that they feel someone is being disrespectful to them and needs to be avoided. ISTPs do dislike when people complain constantly, since they feel this isn’t going to make things any better. They will probably tell these obnoxious people to “shut up” and then avoid their petty existence.

ESTP - Misinformation: ESTPs become very frustrated with people who just cannot understand simple concepts. They put a lot of personal effort into understanding and learning, and become angry with people who don’t. They often will try to correct these misinformed people, since they believe everyone should have this common knowledge. If these people continue to ignore their facts and logic and decide to spread their misinformation, the ESTP will become angry.

ISFP - Liars: ISFPs often do not become angry, and tend to keep an even temper in even the harshest situations. When people are hurtful towards them, they often become upset rather than outright angry. ISFPs do dislike people who lie constantly and have zero respect for the truth. People who pretend to be something they are not, makes the ISFP unbelievably frustrated.

ESFP - Being Ignored: ESFPs enjoy being the center of attention, and dislike when others ignore them. They don’t always have to be center stage but when people purposefully neglect them and do not pay attention to them, the ESFP becomes angry. They feel like this means people do not like or care for them, and they often lash out because of it.

The Same

Childhood Bff!Verkwan

Word Count: 2494

Genre: Platonic Fluff, Angst

(A/N: Sorry about this, but the original request asked for the story to have something to do with living in Busan, but I didn’t really work that in as well as I probably should have…)


You clutched the small piece of paper tightly in your hands, the afternoon sun illuminating its dusty surface. Reading the words over a second time, you traced your finger tip across the graphite scribbles, smiling to yourself at the sentences they formed.

“(Y/N)! Meet us at the park after school on Friday! It’s the last time we’re all free to hang out before summer break! :)”

The handwriting was sloppy, thus not narrowing down the possible authors of the note. However, a tell-tale sign resided in the top corner of the piece of paper. A messy treble clef floating atop other, visibly erased treble clefs sat on the top of the page, meaning only one person could have written the note: Boo Seungkwan. That boy’s affinity for music could be seen from a mile away, and heard from at least three, since his prepubescent voice had a notable tendency to crack.

As you continued mindlessly skimming over the note, you noticed a small speck of red smeared under the message. You inferred this to be the blood of another prepubescent friend of yours; one who possessed the habit of biting his fingernails until the bled. It must’ve been Seungkwan who wrote the note and Hansol who stuck it in your locker.

They were such an unlikely duo and had such an odd dynamic, but however messy they were, they were your messes; your best friends.

You stashed the note in your locker again, flattening it under one of your many textbooks. As your incentives to get through the day multiplied, you scurried off to your next class with a newfound smile.

The school day ended quickly after that, and you found yourself searching for your usual walking buddy once more. From your position in front of the school, you heard the creak of the main doors being opened. You turned to see the person opening the doors, just in time to face Hansol and his friend Chan leisurely coming down the steps.

He acknowledged your presence with a nod, asking, “Hey, (Y/N), are you ready to go?”

“I’m ready whenever you’re done with your little date.” You replied with a jokingly snarky grin.

Chan let out a short chuckle as Hansol merely responded with the roll of his eyes. The two boys parted with some kind of special handshake at the foot of the stairs. Both you and Hansol bid goodbye to Chan with a wave afterwards, and the two of you watched him disappear into the summer haze.

Turning to Hansol, you noticed the abnormally wide smile on his face. You asked, “What’s with that grin?”

He seemed to snap out of his gaze, finally processing what you had said to him. It looked as if he was going to say something, but he cut himself off before doing so.

You teasingly added on, “Am I being replaced with him?”

Hansol laughed a sarcastic cackle in response, “Replace you? My bestest friend in the whole wide world?”

He squished his cheeks in his hands, batting his eyelashes in an attempt to be cute. This time, you were the one laughing, but genuinely, at your friend’s incredible ability to make himself look stupid.

The walk home was full of giggles as well, just as it usually was. Hansol and yourself had made it a habit of walking to and from school every day. It gave the both of you time to hang out and destress yourselves from the school day, in addition to just being convenient since you lived next door to each other.

It was true, ever since the last day of last year’s summer vacation, your life had never been the same. And it was all thanks to Choi Hansol. You would have never guessed that something as simple as living next door to someone could have impacted your life in such a drastic way.

He was like a one-man support group for you; helping you in school, listening to your problems, and always willing to chill if you needed a friend. You ended up spending so much time with him over the course of the school year that you became like another family member to him.

And of course, once you’ve known someone so intimately and for so long, it’s only natural to feel an icy shock when you find out that they have another best friend. But Hansol’s friend was so warm when you finally met him, that he singlehandedly managed to thaw you out from your state of shock. He embraced you like the sun’s rays to a lone icicle; the ice melting slowly until its cold is utterly replaced by warmth and light.

Hansol’s friend was none other than Boo Seungkwan.

Seungkwan was like the sun to Hansol’s moon. Indeed, they did seem like inverses of each other at first. But in reality, they were more like yin and yang: complete opposites of one another, but, each possessing a small bit of the other.

Seungkwan had a sunny disposition, and he had it all the time. However, both you and Hansol learned quickly, if one ever got too comfortable around him, they would be practically asking for a friendly jeer.

Hansol liked to make people think he was cold. He was shy anyway, so he simply played off his natural distaste for social interaction to make himself appear completely unapproachable. But, once he opened himself up to someone, he’d allow himself to be completely vulnerable, finally letting the sun within to shine through.

Seungkwan was a master at cracking Hansol’s locks. That was why you bonded so quickly with him, and it’s one of the reasons why your friendship lasted.

Now, it was almost the end of the school year. It was the second school year you’d spent in Hansol and Seungkwan’s school, and you prayed to every deity imaginable that it wouldn’t be the last. But, like a tree falling in an empty forest, some sounds can go unheard. Some prayers can go unanswered.

After you and Hansol went your separate ways in the hallway of the apartment building, you walked through the front door of your family’s apartment. You weren’t anticipating anything out of the ordinary to happen, which is why you were caught so off guard when your mother appeared in the living room, and the first thing she said to you was,

“Honey, we’re moving to London over the summer.”

Your expression immediately dropped, along with your backpack from your shoulder. The loud thump of your school supplies hitting the floor pulled you out of the dark spiral of dread that was starting to engulf you.

“We’re… Moving?” You repeated, hoping that your mother was just playing some kind of joke on you.

Instead of giving you the answer you wanted, she simply nodded, her expression just as melancholy as yours. Without saying another word, she walked out of the room, leaving you to contemplate the situation alone.

But on the contrary, not much contemplation ended up happening. You simply decided to go about the rest of the week like you normally would, hoping that somehow your mother would change her mind, or possibly that you were just dreaming.

However, you woke up the next day knowing that it wasn’t a dream. This was real, and there was only one day left before the school year came to an end. One day left before your friendship with Seungkwan and Hansol came to an end. But, you decided not to think see it through such bleak lenses. You decided to pretend everything was okay and wait until the very last second, until Friday at the park, to tell your best friends.

The rhythmic drumming of Hansol’s hand on the front door signaled that it was time to leave for school. You rushed to greet him, opening the door before he was finished knocking his pattern, thus causing his knuckles to nearly hit you in the face.

“Woah,” He began, “You almost let me punch you in the face. What’s the rush, (Y/N)? Are you suddenly excited to go to school?”

You laughed at his witty commentary, more than you would have if you hadn’t found out that you’d probably never see him again within two weeks.

“Are you okay?” He asked as you closed the door and started forward on the route to school.

“I’m fine,” You replied, your expression still worrisome to Hansol as it was particularly happy, “I’m just looking forward to tomorrow.”

“Oh, you mean our date with Seungkwan at the park?”

You chuckled at the fact that he used the term “date” so loosely. Hansol of all people. The kid who simply runs away whenever someone tries to confess to him.

“Yeah,” You answered, “I’m really excited to just take it easy and have fun this summer.”

“But consider this: are things ever relaxed with Boo Seungkwan? We’re talking about the kid who will literally sing back any relatively pitched sound.”

“I guess you have a point there. But he’s funny too.”

“Yeah. Funny looking.”

Once you arrived at school, you and Hansol split off to go to your respective classes. You weren’t in his class, but you were in Seungkwan’s, who always managed to brighten up any dull day.

There were a few minutes to spare before class started, so you plopped down in your seat and made yourself comfortable. Seungkwan strolled in after you, taking the seat next to yours.

“So, how is my bestest friend doing today?” He asked casually, but placing a cute emphasis on the word “bestest”.

“A lot worse as of now since you called me that.” You responded, playing angry by folding your arms and frowning.

“What? Can’t I make up a nickname for you?”

“Not when Hansol literally called me the same thing yesterday.”

“Hah! Oh, great minds think alike, you know.”

Unfortunately, your intellectual conversation with Seungkwan was cut short by the school bell. The teacher stood up for her desk and started teaching, and the rest of the day flew by like any other.

Finally, the big day came. It was Friday. The school day seemed to sprint out of your grasp, and as you wondered where it all went, your thought process was interrupted by something else that had you even more confused.

You came through the front door of your apartment, ready to throw down your backpack and rush to the park to meet Hansol and Seungkwan, but the couch that you would have thrown it onto was gone. The living room was completely empty.

Noting a faint sound in the corner of the room, you turned to find your mother stuffing something into a cardboard box.

“Mom?” You called out.

She stopped what she was doing to answer you, “Oh, (Y/N), you’re home.”

“Where’s all our furniture? All our stuff?”

“The movers took it all away. Honey, we have to go today. The flight would’ve been too expensive if we booked it for next month. I know it’s sudden, but we have to go.”

“We’re leaving right now?”

“I’m afraid so. The movers already packed up everything in your room, so let me just finish packing this box, then we’ll go.”

Your shoulders sunk and your face was sullen; an accurate representation of how you felt on the inside too. For the last time, you walked out the door of the apartment, leaving it, Seungkwan, and Hansol behind.

End Flashback

“(Y/N)!” You heard.

You came out of your trance to find your friend standing before you, waving her hands in front of your face.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I’m fine.” You replied.

“Good, because we’re next.”

You looked around at your surroundings, it was indeed the same hall she’d taken you to earlier in the day, and you were indeed still there. You remembered the small piece of paper in your hand. Holding it up to your eyes, you peered at the face in the photo again.

How could one face have brought back so many memories?

“Hey,” You began, nudging your friend’s shoulder, “What was this guy’s name again?”

Your friend couldn’t make time to answer. Instead, she was cut off by a shrill voice that shouted, “Next fan!”

Your friend grabbed you lightly by the elbow, allowing you to follow her to the long table, at which thirteen boys sat. Each of them were busy either talking to a fan, talking to staff, or signing something for a fan. Each of them except the one sitting on the end. He was sat patiently awaiting you and your friend to approach him.

“Hello!” Your friend greeted, cheerfully.

“Hi there!” The boy responded, in perfect English.

You said nothing and simply bowed to him as a gesture of respect. You expected a bow back, or at least a wave, but the boy did neither. He just stared at you, studying your face. After a while, he seemed to snap himself out of it and hurriedly scribbled something on your friend’s CD. She had also given him an index card with a multiple choice question on it, something she heard was quite common for fans to give to idols at fansigns. He hastily wrote something on that too, and handed it back to her with a smile.

As you and your friend were pushed along the line of good-looking boys, none of them really caught your attention like the first one, with the exception of the very last boy. He sat on the opposite end of the table as the boy who stared at you. Though, he ended up staring at you too.

He quickly finished signing your friend’s CD and answering her multiple choice question, and still had time to spare to chat with her for a moment. Although, as her conversed with her, his gaze never seemed to leave you. For a while, it looked as if he wanted to say something to you too, but you and your friend were forced off the line before he could.

When the fansign was over, you and your friend left the venue together, peaking at the questions that the boys answered. As the both of you flipped through them, everything looked normal, but the first index card had an extra little note on it.

“(Y/N)! Is that really you? Let’s finally have that date with Seungkwan, okay? We’ll be here all day, so wait for us in the venue at 9! :)”

“What is this, (Y/N)? Do you know Vernon?”

You found yourself ignoring your friend’s question, as you had your own question which desperately needed to be answered. Nearly tearing the pile of index cards out of her hand, you looked through them all, in search of the index card from the last boy.

Sure enough, it had the same treble clef drawn in the corner. And sure enough, you still had the same best friends from childhood.

-Written by Admin Cali

A Man of Good Fortune

Chapter One

Words: 1129

Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. You are certain, however, that Mr. Miranda has no such intentions.


You had the great displeasure of meeting one Lin-Manuel Miranda at a party, of all places.

It wasn’t love at first sight. It was hardly even love at all. He was cold, biting, and you disliked him instantly, despite the warnings of your dear sister about character, about the way a man grows cold from loneliness. Mr. Miranda felt no contempt at his pride, and he made you all too eager to revel in your prejudice. Judgement is an easy thing to pass, after all, and theres something to said about the assuredness of a hatred well founded.

You might, had you known of all that would transpire, had stayed home that night, read a book by the fire in the dying light, made an attempt to deny the inevitable misfortune that was becoming an acquaintance of Mr. Miranda. Luck, however, was not your lady. Prejudice was your downfall, but fate was a twisted mistress, and so you went. Secure in the notion of a night of fun, of bright lights and a little bit of laughter.

It began with a dance.

Or, perhaps, the lack of one.


“Have you heard?”

“I’m sorry?” you spoke, words muffled from behind the pages of your novel, “Have I heard what?”

“Someone has bought Netherfield!”

You looked up at that, peering up at your sister from between the pages of your book, curious.

“Are you certain?”

“Oh, yes,” Lydia said, giggling behind her hand, “Mother is all in a tizzy about it. Says he’s well endowed!”

“In what way?” Mary mocked, voice low and teasing.

“Mary!” Kitty spoke, scandalized.

The continued this way for a while, bickering good-naturedly as the sky grew dark, twilight settling easily upon Hertfordshire.

With the house returned to its usual chaos, you buried yourself again in your book, lost between the pages of Jane Eyre as your sisters squabbled.

All was well.


“You look beautiful,” Jasmine spoke, eyes brimming as she pinned your hair.

“Not as beautiful as you.”

The words were quiet, hushed in the confines of your bedroom, and you embraced her, holding her close, illuminated by the steady flicker of candlelight.

“You’ll have everyone begging for a dance, my dear sister, just you wait.”

“I think you are confusing the two of us again,” you giggled, brushing your hands down your skirt, smoothing imaginary wrinkles as Jasmine pinned the last strand of hair in place.

The house was perfectly still, silent for just a moment, and you reveled in it, the steady warmth brimming in your chest at the night, still young, and so full of possibility. Your sister stood beside you, humming as she laced your dress, and you suppose you could feel it there, the steady thrum just under your skin, heart knocking against your ribcage, the knowledge that perhaps something was changing.

“Girls! We must hurry! All the men will have found wives by the time we arrive!”

You rolled your eyes. At least some things will always stay the same.


Parties were a grand occasion in a town as small as Hertfordshire, and well regarded, for the prospect of meeting someone important was almost certain, though you do suppose you had met very little people in your life who you would consider to be truly important. Parties were simply an opportunity, a moment of fun in a too small town, and you held them with high esteem.

“Come dance with me,” Renee spoke loudly, shouting to be heard over the chatter of the ballroom.

“That would be improper, Ms. Goldsberry,” you teased, finger waggling.

She moved to speak, but before she could, the doors were thrown open, and in their place stood three people, gentlemen and woman of high stature. They held an air of confidence about them, one of young men and women most assured in their standing, and there was no need to speculate as to whom the new arrivals may be.

“The one in the middle is Mr. Ramos. He’s the one who’s bought the estate. The woman on his left, Caroline, is his sister.”

“And the man on his right?” you said, bodies pressed close as you spoke, voices hushed in the newfound silence of the ballroom.

“Mr. Miranda. A friend of his, I’ve heard.”

And so it began.


“Would you care to dance, Mr. Miranda?”

Your eyes glanced out into the ballroom, and you caught a glimpse of your sister, dress whirling about her ankles as she danced, hand in hand with Mr. Ramos.

“Not particularly.”

The quick nature of which your distaste settled over you was shocking, and you bit your tongue, too proud in your good standing to be crass.

“Do have a pleasant evening then, Mr. Miranda.”

You did not stop to ponder whether or not such a statement could be possible, alone in the corner, at a ball in which he chose not to dance. Instead, you merely slipped away, back to the ballroom, too eager to partake in the excitement. And so you danced, and you laughed, and you danced some more, remarking on what a what a wonderful thing it is, to have nothing to do, and everyone to share it with. Mr. Miranda, looming in the corner, should never know the delight in such a fine pursuit as happiness for the sake of happiness.

The saddest part is, perhaps you were right.


“I’ve never seen so many pretty girls in my life!”

“You’re dancing with the only tolerable girl in the room,” Mr. Miranda spoke evenly, eager to dismiss the matter.

“I must profess, the eldest Ms. Bennet is the most beautiful creature my eyes have ever beheld,” Mr. Ramos spoke, looking besotted, “But her sister is very agreeable, no?”

“She alright, I suppose. Not handsome enough to tempt me.”

Oh, Lin. Rumors only grow.


Weaver of Dreams

Weaver of Dreams

Choices: Endless Summer Book Two

Pairing: MCxJake

This is set between the arrival on Sharktooth Isle and the appearance of Yvonne. Just an FYI- it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and actually written anything, so I’m pretty rusty and have no doubt this piece will show that. But I’ll give it the ole college try anyway. My MC’s name is Taylor.

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anonymous asked:

Doubt Anon: That's why I love Wally and Dick's friendship in Rebirth right now (similar to how I like Damian and Jon's). They're a duo (what I wouldn't give for a Brave and Bold miniseries for them) who are complete equals that are totally open and trusting with each other. I hc Damian has a natural distaste for Wally out of jealously because Dick treats the speedster like a equal and shows him sides he won't to Damian. On the flip side Dick adores Jon and Damian is secretly happy about it.

Aw, you’re speaking to my heart. Their friendship is so pure that it clears my skin, waters my crops and does all the other beautiful things of that meme that I don’t remember.

And yeah, I’m pretty sure Damian is basically Wally’s nemesis when it comes to Dick, he’s so jealous and poor Wally probably gets at least a few threats per day. Dick probably finds it cute. 

Dream log

Last night my dream was that I was home but my house magically had an attic that had all this really old beautiful fabric and my mom said I could keep it all and I was going to make so many cute clothes :P but then it shifted and someone kept killing off my friends and we were trying to hide but this man kept finding us and finally I was the only one left. I was terrified and I resorted to a pipe to defend myself and I was following him but when I turned the corner, josh was standing there. And right before I woke up I had this gut wrenching realization that my husband was a murderer and was going to kill me.

Always a fun time. I go through phases of dreams where ill have lots of dreams about natural distasters, especially tornados and they are following me/no one will listen to take cover. Also lots of dreams about being murdered by criminals/snipers/friends. And lots of dreams about accidentally driving off a cliff and everytime my last thought before we crash is “this is my fault we are about to die, I killed my family”.

New Verse: Supernatural!Hunter

Catch-all verse for Supernatural/ Urban Fantasy AU settings. Including– but not limited to– SPN, Grimm, TW, TSW ect. Details and plot points will and can be altered to suit each universe.

Born into a lucrative family business in illegal werewolf pelt trading, Gaston grew up with the clear and certain understanding of the supernatural as prey. Rare commodities. Nothing more than a profit to be made and a trophy to be proudly displayed. This view has never changed, and Gaston lacks the basic self awareness to question it now. 

Add to that the deaths of Gaston’s two Uncles at the hands of an especially well-coordinated pack–compounding natural distaste with righteous childhood anger– and it’s almost easy to see how Gaston became to man he is today. The grinning ego, however, is all his own. 

Still very much a werewolf hunter by trade, an adult Gaston has expanded his personal business to include any number of supernatural beings (the sheer gall of ‘human’ looking monsters causes him particular ire). He hunts for the fun of it, for the sheer joy of the chase and his skill in chasing it, and keeps only a cursory eye on the secretive nature of his world. Although he keeps mostly to the American and Canadian wilds, he has been known to take hunting trips across the globe, if only for the new game it affords him. 

He always takes a trophy. 

Imagine attempting to cook Legolas elvish food to try to make him feel more at home. Naturally, it’s a huge distaster because you can’t cook to save your life, but you can tell that he was touched by the kindness of the gesture.

Legolas: *sniffs air* can I smell burning?

You: *eyes widen* shit shit shit *run towards kitchen*

Legolas: Is that…?

You: Yes. It is.

Legolas: How did you manage to burn a salad?

You: *deep sigh*

Hi! I love your blog! I am writing a story that it set within a natural distaster, with building being damaged, cars crashing etc have you any tips on how to describe these sort of events to surprise the audience without repeating myself? Thank you =)

With any natural disaster, you have to research the specifics of the disaster itself. There’s a lot of things that don’t make it to action movies (particularly when it comes to senses - smells and tastes) because they’re not action dramatic, but they have just as much of an impact.
  • Look for accounts of the disaster you want. The difference between a tsunami and an earthquake may look the same in a movie, but they have hugely different impacts and consequences. You need to get the details of what sort of natural disaster you’re going for.
  • Don’t neglect all the senses. Things rot. Trash gets left out. Mold grows. Smell, taste, and touch are all going to be super important to convey. When you do your research, note down how these things are described.
  • Don’t forget ‘other’ disasters. Wildfires, droughts, landslides - fast or slow, these disasters have just as much of an impact as an earthquake or a tsunami. There’s also the fact that one problem is usually followed by another - a tsunami wipes out all the clean water, a landslide buries towns and destroys all roads in and out. You will have more to show your readers because there will be more to happen after the initial event.
Ineluctabilis: A Carmilla fic

Pairing: Carmilla x Laura
Summary: Laura is an old soul, one that Carmilla has known (or known of) for over two hundred years. (As if episode 20 and beyond doesn’t exist)
Rating: PG 13 I guess maybe?
Length: 3,877 words

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