natural distaster

“You know that’s not how this works – I don’t intervene with your job, and you don’t question mine.“

You know , at first this line didn’t make sense to me. DEO is the one with capacity to intervene on NCPD work aka “Your jurisdiction ends where I say it does” and DEO’s unorthodox methods and natural distaste for aliens is something that canonically get on Maggie’s nerves. So , shouldn’t it be ‘I don’t question your job , and you don’t intervene with mine’ ? Yeah, unless they already discussed this , discussed their boundaries about their work lives, discussed what they can discuss and what is on the table to banter about.

My headcanon now is that Alex told Maggie this same line and this is Maggie way to remind her of all that. Because  she can’t go in her work, in front of Winn, and tell ‘Honey, we’ve discussed this’ so she uses the same phrase Alex told her once. Just like , ‘we’ve been through this already, right?’ . And Alex doesn’t respond because , yeah they did.

In resume, Sanvers is the best healthiest ship I’ve ever seen and the fact that they respect each other so much to have this kind of talk, specially in their respective fields and when they started with opposite views about what they’re working for,  makes my eyes water and is really setting the bar high in my life.

blastfarmer  asked:

What makes gin tasty? What other sorts of things do you drink/ (I usually go for ciders or dark-rum-based things.)

I’ve learned that most people don’t like gin – it’s too flavorful; it’s too minty; it’s too much for them; it reminds them of Christmas Trees, as it reminded the dearly departed severnayazemlya of Christmas Trees – but I like it because it’s a dry, white drink with just a little bit of flavor to it

I also drink white wine and have an occasional beer; I think I’m one of those genetically-inferior folks that has a natural distaste for tannins