natural deoderant


DIY Natural Deoderant That Doesn’t Stink!

Like most people, I used store-bought antiperspirant for most of my young-adult life.  In my mid-twenties, however, I started to get these stabby, sharp pains under my arms. Scared of what these antiperspirants were doing to my body I decided it was time for a change.

I tried several different natural deodorants; the Burt’s Bees one, the rock salt one, the Tom’s of Maine one, as well as trying recipes I found online. I wasn’t fully satisfied with any of them so I made my own.

The resulting recipe is easy to make, it saves waste from ending up in a landfill, and most importantly I don’t get those pains under my arms anymore.

DIY Natural Deoderant

3 heaping tbsp beeswax pellets 

1 tbsp Shea Butter

4 tbsp coconut oil

¼ cup cornstarch

¼ cup baking soda

20 drops tea tree oil

20 drops of essential oil of your choice (I use lemongrass)

2 - 3 empty deodorant/antiperspirant containers, cleaned and twisted all the way down

1. Using a double boiler (or a small pot inside a larger pot of water), melt the beeswax.

2. Add the coconut oil and Shea butter and stir occaisionally until melted.

3. Remove from heat add the cornstarch and baking soda, then mix until smooth and all lumps are gone.

4. Add the essential oils and stir

5. Pour into empty deodorant containers and let sit for several hours to set. (if the mixture starts to solidify before you get it all poured out you can return the small pot to the large pot and heat it just enough to melt it so you can pour out the rest).

That’s it.

Simple, natural, and safe.