natural care

The Todorokis at the mall
  • Shouto:Excuse me? I lost my father. Can I please make an announcement?
  • store clerk:Of course.
  • Shouto:*leans into the mic* GOODBYE YOU PIECE OF SHIT

“Science can make us smarter, but we believe native intelligence can make science smarter also,” explains Hanohano Na’ehu. 

Hanohano and Keawanui Fishpond in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary are using science to confirm the stories that native Hawaiians have used for generations to guide how they care for nature and interact with the environment – watch our video to learn how.


Snaps from Sunday’s adventures ✌🏼️
the kind lady at the market always remembers us and gifted me two bits of peacock ore 🙈