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"These two brothers under the age of 10 were being rowdy in the airport and their dad calmly said "stealth mode" and they both shut up" - Dana Gold on twitter -- Bruce probs does this with his boys

Oh my word. I can see Bruce doing this with all the Robins and tricking them by claiming it’s for “training.”

Dick is fidgeting and getting antsy at a Gala, sulking in the middle of a group of women who have just pinched his cheeks five-too many times. Bruce Wayne wanders over to him, leans down with his champagne glass and whispers: “stealth mode…” 

Immediately, Dick Grayson’s back straightens up and he is moving through the fringes of conversations, laughing naturally and blending in like a mini-socialite. 

He meets up with Bruce twenty minutes later by the chocolate fountain.

“Gordon was reassuring Tricia Waters that the GCPD are tightening security after that last Arkham breakout, B,” Dick divulges, trying to act natural as he dips a stick of strawberries, brownies and marshmallows into the stream of chocolate. “He might have been flirting with her as well… but not the point.

He continues, getting taking a bite of chocolatey mess and getting it all over his face and tux, even as Alfred frowns in disapproval at the two of them from across the room. 

“Also, the Tennysons were going on for aaaaaaages about recent jewelry thefts amongst Gotham’s higher society members. They’re pretty spooked and think they might be next… mentioned something about a rare diamond necklace and set of emerald earrings or somethin’. And I can think of at least one cat-burglar we know who might be interested in those.”

And Bruce listens throughout the entirety of his spiel, smiling amusedly before ruffling Dick’s hair. 

“Nice sleuthing, Robin,” he says proudly, his voice low. “Let’s go for another round and see what else we can find out.”

“You got it, B,” Dick says excitedly before diving into the fray again, leaving a trail of chocolate behind him. 


IMO, making next gen that has a good blend of Nature vs Nuture requires a lot of thought about their parenting styles.So this is my personal take. 

For instance, the nalu child would spend a lot of time with Natsu since Lucy would take a long time to write her book. This resulted in the child taking on a lot of Natsu’s personality and interests. 

Or how Jellal would try shield his kids from all the bad things in the world so the jerza kid has an idealistic view on justice. Their nuture shapes the way they see the world and their nature determines how they want to deal with it. 

Current Favorite Tools Available in the Clip Database

I’ve had people ask what tools I use in Clip Studio Paint, which is hard for me to answer because I use a lot of different brushes. (If you want to know what’s used on a specific image, please give me the post’s ID number and I’ll find it on my blog and tell you!)

Here are some of my current favorite tools and brushes. I will give you the name that they are listed under so that you can find them in the clip database as well. These are listed in no particular order, because they’re all great!

This is a collection of fantastic tools to create work that looks like it’s a traditional marker piece.

The collection contains several different tools including brushes with chisel or brush tips, blenders, and a texture you can overlay on your image to achieve the grain effect you see in traditional, scanned image. The texture is even pre-set to have the correct blending type and opacity!

For extra fun, I suggest using colour swatches from your favorite art markers in conjunction with these tools, for even more authenticity.

Overall this set is AMAZING and I love just playing with it.

I’ve been using these pen tools a lot lately for sketching and sketch style ‘inks’. I’m not sure if they’re intended to mimic any specific type of pen, but they’re fun to use and the line quality they produce is really nice. “エッジ鉛筆“ in particular is one of my current favorites!

Created by the same person who made the fantastic marker brush set, they’ve also created an amazing watercolour set! Like the marker set, it comes with several tools with different looks and effects and overlays you can put over your image (I use the ‘pigment pooling’ texture from this set a lot). There are also blenders in this as well.

My favorite feature of this set and what makes it rank higher than other, similar watercolour sets is the colour blending effect. These brushes can use a single colour, or it can use both your main and sub colour, showing one colour when you press lightly and another when you put more pressure. This allows for some great depth of colour and more natural flow to the blending. Fantastic!

There’s more, but these are the things I’ve been using the most lately. I highly recommend checking out the stuff in the Clip database, you might find something you love.

Easy Allies - Monster Hunter World Impressions

Some very interesting stuff Easy Allies reported back on from the private demo:

  • Scout flies - An item that levels up as you find tracks. Signs of the monster, tracks and other things are specific to the monster.
  • Tracking - A much heavier emphasis on tracking your prey overall.
  • Zones - Now gone, each map is it’s own open area, no loading times
  • Food Chain - Other monsters are a constant threat and looking for food, monsters will have territories and attack anything that comes into their area, there is also a hierarchy, monsters that know they don’t stand a chance against larger enemies will scatter and hide.
  • Gathering - Gathering is instant, no animation plays, you can literally run through and grab items as you like instantly.
  • Healing and Items - Animation still plays but now you don’t stop in place to let it play out, Dark Souls style you can heal and buff while moving. Reasoning is that there is a LOT more going on in these areas now, plus given the fact you can’t run out of a zone to go heal, you are much more vulnerable than before.
  • Environmental Destruction - As before, monsters can destroy the environment, this can be used to your advantage (such as dropping things on it or them getting tangled in vines) and it is also to your detriment, monsters can flatten ledges and other things that give you a leg up. They can also open up secret areas and uncover rare gathering points. Much bigger emphasis on the environment this time.
  • Hit Points - Yes there are damage numbers that appear now, however they have confirmed it can be turned off. Monster still has signs it’s hurt etc.
  • Slinger - The grappling hook item does not take over the game, you can only grapple on very specific points, it is there to give you another way of getting you to an advantage, you can still be attacked while waiting for your grapple to connect.
  • Mounting - Dragons Dogma style you can climb over the monster, you brace when the monster starts to rampage as before.
  • Selecting items - Items are now on a radial menu, makes things much faster in selecting items.
  • Animations - Monster and hunter animations are very natural and blend together well, monsters fighting act out as you would expect two huge animals clashing would.
  • Palicoes - They are back and they will come on hunts with you, no prowler mode this time around however.
  • Equipment - At any point in the field you can fast travel to the camp and change your loadout, this means for you and your palico. When you change your palico’s gear, you see it change in real time, he will be sitting on a log and the model is very detailed.
  • Story - Again the story is light, there’s a overall narrative, you are a hunter exploring and reporting back on new worlds but the game is not story driven.
  • Specific Body Damage - Lopping off tails and breaking parts is back, works the same as before.

You find the video here, well worth a watch!

Hellnar, Iceland

Submitted by Lise Colette / @lisecolette

That was the announcement of twilight and the countdown to my first night sleeping in a rented car, since I decided to venture myself in a nine-days journey through stunning Iceland. I wasn’t aware of what that scenery would bring me: the coldest and also the most powerful nature’s masterpiece of my entire life. I had just arrived at the destination, hours away from my last hot coffee, right in time to watch the sky paint itself in dramatic colours. All I had in hands so far was the incredible sky, a pen drive full of music, a winter sleeping-bag, a bunch of snacks, chocolate bars and water. Suddenly I passed by this magnificent house, silent witness of so many climatic metamorphoses. And just to distract myself from the cruel wind, I started to mentally recreate the tough path of every single bolt of that shelter, from civilization to this immensity of beauty. Magically, from my car window and without ever having entered through that door, I felt just like an invisible guest of the architecture of hidden places. Thereafter, I ended my long day parking the car a few meters away, giving myself time to appreciate a blend of nature with someone else’s art, a royal instant of pleasure.

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➵ characters: g-dragon x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 5140
➵ summary: jiyong shows up with a new hair colour and you’re happy. really happy.
➵ author’s note:this came purely from the weakness i felt when jiyong coloured his hair black after the fxxk it promotions. something about it every time he does has me putty. and this is my first post after at least four months. wow i’m really terrible, if you guys hate me now i don’t blame. but i hope this makes you hate me less. enjoy!

JiJi: You’re not at the studio anymore. Where did you go?

You: YG called me in to his office.

JiJi: Is everything okay?

You: Yeah, everything’s fine. Give me a couple more minutes.

From behind you, the door to Hyunsuk’s office creaked open as he entered the room once more after having taken an important call. You scurried to return your phone in your bag just beneath you, watching the man go around his large desk and settle in his seat.

“Sorry about that. So,” he sighed. “Will you be able to just keep Chaerin company on her US tour? You know, just so that she has someone there with her that she trusts.”

“Of course. She’ll be safe with me,” you smiled enthusiastically.

“Great. We’re still deciding on dates, but it’ll be within the next two or three months. We’ll keep you posted.”

You smiled again, nodding respectfully. As Hyunsuk rose from his seat, you quickly followed suit. You said your farewell, ensuring him once more that Chaerin is in secure hands.

“Oh, by any chance, are you going to see Jiyong?”

“Um,” you chuckled nervously, “yes, I believe so.”

“Do tell him he still owes me a dinner for losing that bet… he’ll know what I’m talking about.”

“Yes… sir, I will.”

With one last polite goodbye, you left Hyunsuk be in his office and back to his work. The journey from the grand office back to the floor where most studios were did not take that long, taking just a minute or two to arrive at your destination. You had expected Jiyong to already be there, either waiting for you or deep into his work, but the studio was just as you had left it, empty.

You plonked your bag on the spacious leather in the corner of the room, sitting beside it, allowing one leg to cross over the other. A long sigh was exuded before you let your head fall back onto the sofa’s top, closing your eyes, relishing in the silence. However, it was short lived, as you heard the glass door you had closed reopen, hearing a familiar voice.

“Hmph, that didn’t take long,” Jiyong commented.

“It wasn’t supposed to,” your eyes remained closed. “And YG said something about a bet?” Your head was lifted so you sat up straight, and even though your eyes were now open they still faced downwards to your lap. “That you still owe him dinner?”

“Ha, he’s still going on about that?” he chuckled. “Soon.”

“He called me to ask to go on tour with Chaerin,” your head snapped up. “You know, just to— “

Your facial expression which was once aloof and calm was now very much alert, with surprise becoming the new emotion, and it rendered you speechless.

Jiyong waited for you to complete your sentence, but when you didn’t he scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. “Just to what?”

“You coloured your hair?”

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Apartment With An Excellent Blend Of Nature And City | Stockholm, Sweden



Wild Strawberries (M)

Character / Genre: Min Yoongi x oc (Yoongi’s POV) | Lucid Dream!au, fluff, smut

a/n: This is my first time writing a scenario and it kinda went a different direction from how I first imagined it. Forgive me for any mistakes (I’ll try to edit this later), but I do hope everyone likes it.

Originally posted by hugtae

You whispered into his ears. With your sweet voice and your slow movements next to him, he is finally starting to open his eyes. It takes him awhile to adjust to the bright sunlight entering the room, before he looks into your eyes with his deep stare.

“Good morning, baby… ”
You whispered to him, smiling and moving closer into his body.

He sighs, placing one of his arms under his pillow. He raises the other arm and caresses your chin, while rubbing his thumb softly to your lips. “hmmmm….morning,” said Yoongi with his dry sleepy voice.

He leans down closer to kiss your top lips. You start kissing him back with a smile on your face, both palms onto his chest.
As the kisses gets deeper he swiftly moves his body so he is on top of you and between both your thighs.

He starts kissing down your cheek, to your chin and trails down kisses to your neck. “Yoongi…” You breathed his name over and over as you feel your body heat rising and every inch of you shudders beneath him. He closes his eyes as your fingers start ruffling his messy hair.

And by the time Yoongi opens his eyes, he is awaken on his bed. Alone. Wondering who you are and why you keep coming back into his dreams.

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INFJs and the enneagram (seriously)

Tell me if you think this is inaccurate and I will change it.

1: This INFJ is like your stereotype in most ways. Idealistic, perfectionistic, and has strong morals and puts them into action. They will probably use their Fe to fuel their actions and get stuff done. The last thing they would want is to be told that they are horribly misguided and what they think is corrupt and incorrect. This type may be more SJW than other INFJs. They are also very hard on themselves and strive for personal perfection at all costs.

Most used function: Fe, shadow Fi

2: This INFJ is a bit more your typical Fe stereotype. They try their best to be compassionate and loving. They have strong morals and goals. But they may not act on it as much as a 1 would. They might talk about ideas they feel strongly about and maybe not act on it as readily. They act more on their feelings and tend to be more sensitive. They strongly believe that acts of kindness should be reciprocated and that it is important to hold that value.

Most used function: Fe

3: This INFJ has a unwavering determination to reach their goals. They keep at things no matter what and strive to do their best on things. For them, not showing their ability and accomplishments is a weakness. You can’t hurt someone who is constantly improving themselves and reaching their goals. They use their Fe for self improvement and self promotion. And they use their Ti to make sense of their goals and strategically achieve them.

Most used functions: Fe, Ti

4: This INFJ is your romantic individualist. They are very sensitive and emotional INFJs who pride themselves in being different and sticking out from the crowd. Despite the nature of Fe to “blend in” these INFJs rely more on their Ni to help them stick out from others. They use their intuitions to make them unique and they typically have a more INFP type vibe and have a strong possibility to mistype as INFP.

Most used functions: Ni and shadow Fi

5: This INFJ is going to come across as an INTJ or INTP. They tend to be logical, detached individuals that use their Ni and Fe for analytical purposes mainly. This INFJ is also fairly sensitive but tries to hide any vulnerabilities that makes them appear helpless or weak. They strive for logical strength of mind and tend to be confident strong minded individuals when healthy.

Most used functions: Ni, Ti, Ni-Ti loops common.

6: This INFJ is typically more logical as well. Although they are not as emotionally detached they tend to be more emotional than a 5. This INFJ strives for security and stays away from ambiguity. They typically have someone who is their main person they put their trust in. They also question things readily and tend to not take things at face value. INFJ 6s also tend to have a way of explaining that is detailed yet not detailed. They are full of contradictions and varying emotional responses that can confuse others.

Most used functions: Ni, some Fe

7: This INFJ isn’t as common. They tend to be a very odd combination. While they may naturally be comforting this INFJ doesn’t handle their own feelings quite well and tends to avoid them. They feel as if they constantly have a mask on and despite their Ni nature may be afraid to delve into their feelings and hurts. They also will come across as more extroverted than other INFJs and probably have mistyped as ENFP before.

Most used functions: Fe, inferior Se, frequent Se grips

8: if this INFJ type exists I haven’t seen any. This INFJ would be dominating and intimidating. They would use their Fe to make sure they are in control of a situation and would probably come across as a more extroverted INTJ. They would be intense and forceful trying to stay at the top of things constantly. They would still have INFJ qualities, but may appear more agitated at times. Using their Fe for control. Not having quite as many typical INFJ characteristics.

Most used functions: Fe, some Ti and Se, frequent Se grips

9: This type is also very common for INFJs. A more passive aggressive yet caring and compassionate type. They most likely are secretly very mean to people in their heads but would never say it to their face. Even though they think these things they would never say it because they fear being separated from others. So they don’t say anything in fear it will push the other person away. This type of INFJ will fear things like that but they try their best to be kind and empathic.

Most used functions: Fe