natural beauty exhibition

OF course in the beginning Lotor wants Allura. Comments about her beauty quickly find their way to Lotor’s ears and he is more than eager to get his hands on the princess. However in a twist of fate; he stumbles upon Lance first. Both of them crash into another during a mission and Lotor is immediately entranced by the paladin’s nature.

However he doesn’t realize his desires have changed until he meets the princess. Her response to the same statement he made to Lance irks him. It’s the same drivel he’s heard from every rebel and it’s..boring. Lance’s response however was fresh, challenging, and amusing all at once, and Lotor desires that more than any natural beauty that Allura exhibits.


My puddles project - titled “Scintilla”, is finished (for now), and today I took all of my images into university to show. Between my tutors, peers and myself we chose these four images as my finals. Now I need to retouch the set so the colour treatmenr matches closer, and get them printed ready for my graduate exhibition.. I’m thinking huge matte prints, maybe 5ft tall. Can’t wait to see the finished display on the opening night.