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What time is it? JOOHONEY TIME YOOOON!!!!

So much to say about Joohoney…words feel useless right now. It’s like trying to describe why something is beautiful. It’s beautiful because it’s beautiful!!! But I’ll try to make this fast and powerful like his rap!

Jooheon is one of those rare, special occurances in life that we always try to force or desperatey obtain. But we don’t realize that those moments come naturally and unintentionally.

He’s a natural flow–a battery of energy and pureness.

Despite being so insanely gifted and talented in rapping, composing music, dancing, singing, writing lyrics, performing, acting and so on–he stays true to himself as a loving, adorable, and warm person that others are naturally drawn to. Someone real, honest, and down to earth.

When he opened up his heart to Changkyun on No Mercy…I was so grateful to him. I loved that he was so mature about it and so real, too. Like he couldn’t work with Changkyun unless he said it aloud and got it out of the way because if they continued to pretend that nothing was wrong, their collaboration, the work they turned out, their relationship would be fake. And doing this really helped Changkyunnie find his footing, too. Now their friendship is so strong and beautiful and I’m so happy!

His only intention is to be on that stage–doing what he loves to do and touching people with his music. Pure.

I remember when Wonho said he works the hardest and has the busiest schedule but he still manages to energize Monsta X and give everything his 100%. 

I always sense his commitment on all their stages–how he intensely attacks and stays in his intense persona from start to finish.

He’s only a year or so older than me yet strongly holds a stage solo. I can barely hold a cup of juice. So confident, cool, and badass. He always makes me so proud.

Ok but at the Chicago concert!!!! Mirror had me screaming so hard my lungs popped out. His rap…couldn’t be described with mere words…

Speaking of the concert…I just really appreciate how much Jooheon engages with the audience. There’s the difference between performing live and performing for video. It’s like he grabs the aura and energy in the room and shakes it up. The intensity is real!

But he doesn’t just do “intense.” His “White” series!? Honestly…perfection. I’m always in the mood to listen to those songs…really touches my heart and let us see such a beautiful, soft side to our boys. His verse in “White Love” is so lovely and precious. Please, have my two rappers sing more! (And have Wonho rap)

Of course, I have to talk about his adorable sides too!! Not just his aegyo (that he always does so people wouldn’t be put off by his scary stage persona–what a sweetheart) but his stunned and confused look!??

Then when he nags like a grandpa keeeee~ It’s hilarious!

Then when he does this face and he’s all mischievous and sarcastic. (Don’t encourage Wonho, please)

And then of course when the other members scare him and he’s so so shook!!!

Please protect poor Jooheony’s heart! *Hug, hug*

So much more to say but I promised to be short…I lied.

Thanks so much, Lee Jooheon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY HONEY BEE!!!

(Jooheon and Minhyuk are sooooo cute!)

I’m scared too - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 2,2k

Rating/Warnings: General Audiences, no warnings.

Summary: You want to tell something to Luke but you’re scared of his reaction.

A/N: Please leave some constructive feedback to improve my writing! Also, don’t forget to request new stuff!!

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Energy harvested from evaporation could power much of US

In the first evaluation of evaporation as a renewable energy source, researchers at Columbia University find that U.S. lakes and reservoirs could generate 325 gigawatts of power, nearly 70 percent of what the United States currently produces.

Though still limited to experiments in the lab, evaporation-harvested power could in principle be made on demand, day or night, overcoming the intermittency problems plaguing solar and wind energy. The researchers’ calculations are outlined in the Sept. issue of Nature Communications.

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Mini Convertible John Cooker Works Package, April 1, 2017. The MINI Convertible can be optioned with the new John Cooker Works package and turned into a mobile street vendor. The MINI Convertible receives a solid-oak food sales and preparation surface. This features an induction cooker with integrated fume hood. The vehicle’s generously proportioned 160 - 215 litre luggage compartment of the MINI Convertible stores the required cooling technology, whilst a high-voltage Natural Food Nanotechnology® battery ensures power supply and is charged by the standard brake energy regeneration system while driving. Food waste is further utilised by the NFN® battery system to sustainably power the unique vehicle

Conifer Cones in Druidic Magic

I frequently converse with the spirits of druids and sometimes I learn little things which can be used for awesome magical purposes. So here is what I learned about conifer cones.

The cones from evergreens are of immense value to druids and practitioners of green magic for several reasons but here is the big one. They can be used as magical batteries. Place the cone in contact with earth and leave it there for a while. It will begin drawing energy inside and charging up. The size of the cone will dictate the amount of energy they contain but in most cases it will be more most practitioners can. Once fully charged it can be used for the following:

To provide power for magical rituals and spells

As a reserve power source in case your personal wells run dry

As something known as a specter-bomb. In this case the cone is enchanted to release all stored energy when it makes a considerable impact like a grenade. Primarily used against certain beings which attack in swarms or to disperse large scale malevolent hauntings.

To heal beings or places which have been blighted or injured

As a beacon to attract allied land spirits when you are in danger

To amplify and enhance druidic workings

To create a magic circle (if needed)

To create location anchors (a sympathetic connection to the tree and surrounding area on which it resides) allowing you to cast from a distance, use druidic scrying (also known as Green Eyes), draw power from other locations, etc.

To create and maintain a Druid Grove ( an area where trees and other large vegetation is enchanted to store spells which are triggered under specific conditions) which can be used to ward a woodland area, create a purification effect over a large area, curse would-be lumberjacks, etc.

There are of course many more uses which these natural objects can be used for, this merely being a sample. Anyways as you can see conifer cones should a standard tool in the arsenal of any practitioner of green magic. Thanks for reading!

4 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

SummaryPhil thinks it’s time for them to move out of their apartment and into a house of their own and what better way to surprise his boyfriend than to look at some property websites to try and narrow down their options for potential houses. If only Dan didn’t stumble on one of these websites on Phil’s laptop and come to a completely different conclusion.

Phil was tired of him and wants to move out. It was now up to Dan to get back Phil’s interest in him and what better way to do that than to look on the internet for ways to spice up a relationship? Follow Dan’s adventures as he follows the steps on a love article to try and spice up his and Phil’s sex life. Nothing can go wrong….

Words: 7.2k

A/N: It took me two days to get this done. Two days in which i should have been studying for my upcoming exams but instead was writing a oneshot of more than 7k words. I should not be feeling as proud as I am right now. I hope you like it!

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They were ready for the next step in their relationship. Dan and Phil had been dating for about eight years and living in their London apartment for four. It was about time that they started looking for houses that they could move in to. Maybe then they would finally be able to adopt the dog they had been talking about for ages.

The only thing left to do was to actually talk to Dan about it. He had no doubts that his boyfriend would be more than happy to finally start a search for their perfect house and Phil couldn’t wait to actually tell him. That is, before he came up with an even better idea.

How ecstatic would Dan be if Phil found some houses for sale that were perfect for them and they could go look at them straight away? It would spare Dan the trouble of having to narrow down the list of potential houses into a smaller one.

Phil was going to have to look through some property websites to try and narrow down their options of potential houses. All that would be left for him to do once that was done was to surprise Dan with his results and then they would be able to go look at them so they could choose the perfect house for them together.

It was a foolproof plan.


Phil was tired of him and wanted to break up with him. Who cares if Phil hadn’t actually said anything like that to him and had done nothing to make Dan think that?

The advertisements Dan had noticed on Phil’s laptop were more than enough proof. It’s not as if he had been looking through Phil’s laptop because he didn’t trust him. He just so happened to need to search for something and his laptop had just run out of battery so, naturally, he decided to use Phil’s.

What he hadn’t expected was about three separate tabs open on different websites that had one thing in common. They were all property websites.

At first, Dan didn’t want to believe it. Things had been going so well for them lately. They were being more open with their viewers, showing their subscribers their domestic side of life, and the idea of actually coming out had never seemed as tangible as it did right now. How could Phil want to throw all that away?

The more he looked through the property websites, the clearer it became for Dan. Phil was tired of him and wanted to break up. He was looking through houses that he could buy so that he would have somewhere to go once he moved out of their apartment.

How could he have been so stupid as to think they were ready to adopt a dog when his boyfriend was so clearly losing interest in him? Dan was at a complete loss. He couldn’t lose Phil. They had been together for eight years, been through thick and thin, and he refused to give up now that they were so close to finally getting to the point where they could be completely open with everyone.

But how could he actually stop his boyfriend from leaving him if that’s what he really wanted to do? As much as he loved Phil, he would never actually force him to stick around if that wasn’t what he really wanted to do.

There was just one thing left to do. It was clear that, after eight long years together, their relationship was not as it used to be. They had grown up since the first time they met and things had obviously changed. Dan had always thought that the changes and been for the better and thought Phil agreed with him. If that wasn’t the case then he needed to spice up their relationship if he wanted to have any hope of getting back Phil’s interest in him.

Now all Dan had to do was figure out how in the world he was actually going to do that.


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Blowing Up Batteries To Make Them Safer

This is what it looks like the moment a lithium-ion battery explodes after overheating. Fortunately, these catastrophic failures are exceedingly rare and result from an event called a thermal runaway. 

This phenomenon happens when a battery undergoes mechanical or electrical trauma, or when it is exposed to an external heat source. In the worst-case scenario, this abuse starts the battery on the path of failure, when the reactions occurring inside start an energy-releasing breakdown and heat generation exceeds the battery’s ability to harmlessly dissipate it. 

Because modern societies are becoming increasingly electricity hungry, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are finding use in more and more applications, from automobiles to airplanes and personal electronics. That’s why researchers around the world are studying the basics of what goes on in the power sources and how to make them safer. Learn more and see a video below.

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lionheartlance  asked:

Can I hear the story about the possessed elmo please?

Okayyyy so I had this Tickle Me Elmo as a kid that says “ha ha ha! That tickles!” when you squeeze him and the more you squeeze him the more he laughs until he just gets hysterical. And I fucking loved that creepy ass Elmo and hugged him all the time and laughed when he laughed and it was generally a great time. So naturally, eventually, the batteries died. And I begged and begged for new ones, but my parents always forgot to buy them, or maybe just pretended to because batteries are fucking expensive and really who wants to spend the money on a creepy Elmo toy that they’re sick of hearing through the house anyway.

SO. Elmo sits on my shelf gathering dust with my other toys for a couple of months and I mostly forget about him. Until one night, I’m sitting in bed and reading like the nerd I was and suddenly I hear “ha ha ha! That tickles!” coming from my shelves of soft toys. I look over at where Elmo is sitting, playing the innocent act, registering somewhere in my tiny brain that my dead Elmo just laughed without provocation and slowly turn back to my book to continue reading. Don’t ask me why nothing about this bothered me, because I have no fucking clue.

It happened a couple of weeks later when I was sleeping in my brother’s room and took my Elmo with me. There I was, sitting in my sleeping bag, still reading like a nerd, and off he goes; “ha ha ha! That tickles!” Again, I look at my clearly possessed Elmo in silence, then go back to reading because apparently talking soft toys just isn’t a big deal when I’m reading a good book.

It never occurred to me that something was kinda odd about this until a few years later when I casually bring it up at school and all the other kids start losing their goddamn minds. By the afternoon the whole school knows about it and kids I’ve never talked to before are coming up to me and asking about my possessed Elmo. Of course the legend spread and I’m pretty sure by the end of the day there were rumours about its glowing red eyes and deep, demonic voice floating around the school.

Anonymous asked: I’m stuck at home with bronchitis and in a lot of pain :( Could I request something cute and fluffy?

Author’s note: I got this one just now, and I hope you’ll feel better soon. <3

Also, you weren’t very specific so I wrote you something including the whole ‘angels can sense when a human is longing for them’ development, with a happy ending. :)

“Son of a bitch!” Dean cursed, his frustration causing him to forcefully slam his hand against the steering wheel.

Just his luck. His precious car hardly ever let him down, but of course the one time it did happen, it had to be in the middle of freaking nowhere. It was dark outside, and rain was violently pounding against the Impala’s windshield. In the distance, Dean could hear the thunder roll by. He shivered involuntarily; it was starting to get colder, and his damp clothes weren’t helping the situation. Good thing that he at least wasn’t easily spooked.

After the engine had spontaneously turned off, Dean had taken a brief look under the hood, but without the necessary tools and proper lighting, there was no way that he could fix this on the spot. His plan B had been calling Sammy to pick him up; surely at least one of the many vehicles in the bunker’s garage had to be working. But bad luck usually came in threes, so naturally, the battery of Dean’s phone had died ages ago.

He rested his forehead against the steering wheel as he tried to come up with a Plan C. It was still a two hour drive back to the bunker, at the very least, so walking was a big no. Of course there was always another solution…

No. Dean wasn’t going to do it, not this time. He refused to pray to Cas. He wasn’t going to bother his best friend with his insignificant human problems yet again. Dean already felt guilty for calling on Castiel whenever something was wrong, and he had promised himself that he would work on that.

Besides, he was tired of making the angel feel like he only had a right to come around whenever Dean needed him to fix a mess. The next time he prayed to Castiel, he wanted it to be for a fun reason, as lame as that sounded. A reason such as catching up over a couple of beers, or going out to eat burgers together. To talk, preferably about something not work related. Something simple. Like friends did.

In the darkness of his car, the rain hiding him from the rest of the world, Dean allowed himself to snort as he thought the word ‘friends’. Dean wanted Cas to be a bit more than just his friend, he’d figured that out a while ago.

He suddenly found himself wishing that Cas was with him. Not even to fix his car, but because he hadn’t seen the angel in three weeks and was missing him. He wouldn’t even mind sitting here all night and waiting for the sun to rise and the rain to stop, if Cas were here with him to keep him company.

But Dean kept his promise to himself, he was not going to pray. A loud crash of thunder startled him, and he shifted in his seat. He sighed as he stared out the window, into the nothing.


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