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What can you do on the moon? You can't even breathe on the moon.

watch, i’ll destroy your problem in one fell swoop:

Ozzo - Grass Type Pokemon

Discovered deep within a lush rain forest, Ozzo have the uncanny ability to take in CO2, process it, and emit massive amounts of oxygen at rapid rates, much faster than anything man made. Having an Ozzo in your home is like a natural air freshener!

Ozzo, this pokemon i just made up, can keep oxygen in it’s body at a hyper dense rate and emit it at whatever pace it likes.

Imagine how much oxygen is in a space ship, right?

Multiply that by 10. That’s how much oxygen an Ozzo can keep in it’s body at any given point. That’d give anyone up in space plenty of time to start some sort of self-sustaining colony.

here’s a mockup of ozzo.

easy. done. never question me again.


Need a quick, natural air freshener? Stick some cloves in orange rinds! The scent is so fresh & invigorating; I think it works just as well in either autumn or spring! You can throw in some cinnamon or crushed cardamom, too!
You can also stick some cloves right into a full orange for a way stronger & juicier scent. If you want a nice, finished look, wrap it up in some net!🍊🍊🍊

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Hey I just bought an oil diffuser. What oils are safe to put in it/breathe in?

It depends, do you have any allergies (pollen, food, synthetic etc etc) or respiratory conditions like asthma? As a general rule of thumb if you have small children or people who suffer from breathing difficulties in your home, I always advise not diffusing anything from the menthol family in large quantities. Some mixed oil blends (especially “clear thinking” ones for anxiety) do contain menthol elements, but they are usually a lot smaller and a lot less irritating than someone just adding straight up mint or wintergreen oil into their atmosphere then wondering why their chest feels buzzy.

I also cannot believe I need to say this, but please don’t use them in your car. Apparently some people have been buying the little USB ones and plugging them into the phone charger in their cars instead of air fresheners. That’s not a good idea. You want diffusers to be set up in a place with a lot of ventilation. If you want a more natural alternative to air fresheners in your car, dried lavender in a cloth bag is a good start.

If you are meaning, which oil brands are not using synthetic scents? I like using Sun Leaf Naturals and Veriditas Botanicals at the moment. I don’t have reactions to doTerra either, but some people are telling me about their business ethics at the moment and I likely wont be buying from their brand again. Aura Cacia is a brand I also don’t have bad reactions to, but I’ll not be buying from them again as after I asked a few questions a while back about their production methods, they continued to dodge my questions and just restate what was already on their website and I wont buy again from a company that wont give full disclosure when it comes to something like this. 

Some oils to just, never diffuse include mandrake and horseradish. The horseradish one I’ve seen going round at the moment as a “cure” for the common cold, which is horrifyingly hilarious, cause horseradish is in the same family as the mustard family. Or to put it more succinctly: the same family of chemicals used to create biochemical warfare components. 

Edit: Also, don’t diffuse anything for more than an hour straight. You need to take breaks. And if you do choose to use menthol based oils, please use them responsibly and do so for no more than 20 minutes. High exposure to certain oils (especially if you use a LOT of oil, the most I ever put in my home diffusers is like 5-10 drops at a maximum) can cause gradual sensitivities over time which can results in full on allergic reactions. When it comes to essential oils? Less is more.

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Hey! I was wondering if you knew any good ways to rearrange/decorate the house to allow for all those amazing fall vibes to really flow? Like good crystal combinations or anything really! I'm due for a change so I hope it's not too much to ask🙃 I absolutely love your blog by the way, it's so peaceful

Awe thank you darling, here are a few decorating ideas you could use after a cleanse to bring in some cozy fall vibes 🙊
• you could collect acorns, pine cones, twigs, berries and other natural items in your area
• surround yourself in warm colours
• make a clove and orange ornament
• use simmer pots on the stove with cinnamon, star anise, cloves and other fall scented herbs or make a natural air freshener or sachet
• burn some incense or (scented) candles
• use faux leaves and seasonal decor as well as Halloween decorations and pumpkins etc
• pull out your favourite mugs, blankets, sweaters, teas and such
• keep crystals like citrine, jasper and carnelian around you

I hope this helps your creative juices flow and if you’d like you can always show me, just use the floralwaterwitch tag! 👻🦇🌻🍂🍁✨

why would people go backpacking at their own free will??? nature has no showers, nature has no internet, nature has no false sense of security, do you know what nature has??? unrealistic air freshener smells that are mixed with poop

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