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Tips on maintaining natural hair and increasing growth

Hi guys I’m back with some tips on how to maintain you hair, and make it grow to its full length sooner than you think!

TIP 1: NEVER COMB YOUR HAIR DRY!!!!! Ladies i dont know how much a can stress this, NEVER COMB YOUR HAIR DRY!!!!!. Before combing your hair you should make it abit moist (don’t soak it) using some oil (olive oil or jojoba oil, or any other good natural oils) and water mixed together. Go to your local hair shop and buy yourself one of those spray bottles, it comes in handy with this tip. 

TIP 2: The way you comb your hair is essential to its growth. The best way to comb your hair with minimal breakage and hair left in the comb, is to start from the ENDS of your hair gently combing down, eventually working your way up to the scalp.

TIP 3: Invest in a SILK or SATIN hair cap for wearing to bed. This is essential because is prevents breakage and it keeps the hair moisturised its also protects the side hairs on your head, whereas as the stockings etc, dries out your hair, and when you tie it at night, breaks the side hairs on your head because you tie it tight to make sure it stays.

TIP 4: WASH YOUR HAIR OFTEN. I know you may think washing your hair often damages the hair and what not, however washing your hair often doesn’t just make your hair grow it make your feel better. Washing your hair everytwo/three weeks is needed it makes the hair more healthier increasing hair growth.

TIP 5: NEVER BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR. I’m hoping none of you blow dry your hair, i mean the name says it all ITS JUST DRIES OUT YOUR HAIR!

TIP 6: Spend at least 2 HOURS minimum on your hair, your normally supposed to spend a day on your hair, but not everyone has that kind of time.

TIP 7: Get your hair trimmed about twice a year as the ends can get straggy and rough, trimming the ends will increase hair growth.

TIP 8: Work on those ENDS every time you style/wash/comb your hair. 

I hope these tips are useful to you, if you want some personal advice on how look after my hair that havent been included in here, just let me know.

Keep up the good work,


Authentic Hair x


Because I had success, i’ll share my process of how I got it.

Sooo yesterday I colored my hair using Dark and Lovely Sunkissed Brown. In the dye kit came a moisturizing conditioner, that made my hair EXTREMELY soft. Then I applied my Shea Moisture Deep Masque Treatment, detangled in sections and twisting sections when I was done. Then I Put a cap on and went and got food so I had it in my hair for almost 2 hours. Rinsed that out then in each section of hair (even after rinsing out i retwisted it, makes it easier for me to manage) I applied Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner, Organics Olive Oil, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and Fantasia IC Gel. Just enough to coat the hair and make it soft.

The next morning as I took the twit out. Usually I use oil to take them out, but I used so much product the night before I didnt bother. So I took the out split each twist into fours and BAM, one fye twistout! Lol.

It really happened by accident I wasn’t expected it too come out wonderful. But it was and I’m happy. I can honestly say I think it was because of the products  I used. I have never loved my hair more then when it has had Shea Moisture in it. I suggest everyone try it.

Good luck with your hair ladies!!