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“Grantchester Meadows is a Roger Waters song, originally performed solo on the ‘Ummagumma’ album, that celebrates the English countryside, as in other compositions such as ‘Time’. This special group performance, taped for the BBC, with acoustic guitars and vocals from Roger Waters and David Gilmour, plus additional piano from Richard Wright and taped songbirds, successfully evokes a summer’s day in Grantchester, a small village close to Cambridge, England. Grantchester’s famous former residents include the Edwardian poet Rupert Brooke, who moved there and subsequently wrote a poem of homesickness entitled ‘The Old Vicarage, Grantchester’. Taken from ‘The Early Years 1965 – 1972’.”
Creative Director: Aubrey Powell, Hipgnosis. 2016 footage directed and edited by Nick Edwards. Performance footage director: John Coney for KQED, San Francisco 1970.
Audio recorded for BBC Radio, 12 May 1969.

Littlefinger fabulousness headcanons

His wardrobe is organised by colour 

Whenever he travels he has fancy trunks which are super strong to protect their contents

He folds his clothes a fancy way so they don’t get creased

As well as stockpiling food for winter, he has also stockpiled mint and herbs so he can smell lush all winter and also herbs to keep moths away from his clothes (assuming the cold doesn’t kill the moths)

His most wholesome investment is in the King Landing’s Opera House (or equivalent…do they have one? whatever they do now) He has his own personal box w/ the best view and acoustics, naturally. 

Every morning before breakfast, he does whatever the Planetosi equivalent of yoga/Pilates is to stay graceful and limber and to energise him for the day. He doesn’t like exercise that makes him sticky and smelly

If Qyburn worked for him, he would request him to create blueprints for new weapons and poisons and nefarious devices etc but also recipes for wrinkle cream and better hand lotion and better hair conditioner. 

He has the Westerosi equivalent of Pinterest to record all his favourite new aesthetics. 

He wishes he could experiment more w/ his interior design but he has to keep track of where everything he owns is so he can check it hasn’t been moved/disturbed by intruders

He had to fight the urge to put “xxx” at the end of his “come to the godswood tonight if you want to go home” note to sansa

If he ever became king he’d have at least four different crowns so his crown wouldn’t clash with his outfit. You can’t wear a silver crown when you’re wearing cloth of gold and vice versa.

Even his dinner party seating plans are strategic

His copies of history, genealogy and strategy books are tagged w/ the westerosi equivalent of post-its

If he suspects someone will find his books he mixes up these bookmarks to trick the intruder into thinking he’s paying attention to a different fact/tactic/family tree to throw them off the scent

You know that subversive puppet show in AFFC? He sponsored it in order to cause more chaos and probably wrote the script too


- A Charlatan/Reyes Vidal Fanmix-

A fanmix put together for what I personally feel represents the man known as both the Charlatan and Reyes Vidal.
The ‘Reyes Vidal’ Section is mostly based on me and @stellarisjay​ ‘s many conversations on our own headcanons regarding Reyes’ past in the Milky Way. Also for the impromptu and unofficial ARTISTS ANONYMOUS FANMIX WEEK <3 

Listen here on [Spotify!]  |  Cover Art by [me] | Tracklist & lyrics under cut:
Disclaimer: Songs picked are simply my own opinion and certainly do not speak for the fandom at all.

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