My hair is growing like a mofo

Basically what i do is (I’m the laziest natural ever)

Once a week or moreI wash my hair with herbal Essences shampoo  *the blue one i rinse and the apply vinegar the i rinse again.
 Then i apply a conditioner i’m not picky but i tried tresemme the one for the silky ends and i love it, i tried the hair mask too and its amazing! but you can use any. and i detangle  my hair  while i have the conditioner and i don’t use heat for drying it.

I use palmers coconut oil to style my hair, i style it with two stand twists and i don’t style it again until i wash it again

Then once every x days (when i feel motivated) i put a DIY hair masks made with the ingredients i can find on my kitchen that day… like Avocado, yogurt, any kind of oil (olive oil usually) honey, banana, eggs, just google homemade hair mask and use the one that works for you.

Its been less than two month since my big chop and i can tell my hair has grown a lot, i’m happy because i’m not used to short hair , i’m retaining length, my hair is healthy chemicals free and the best part of it i don’t have to   worry about style it everyday no mo! i’m lazy and i know it!

Pardon my grammar , i’m learning bitches