In the Woods by Jerdess

just wanted to wish you guys a merry christmas :)

this year has been quite a battle, yet the new year is just around the corner so we should try our best to make the next year a better one where we fight for what is right and spread love as much as we can.

we live in a world that is full of beauty and we should protect its beauty no matter what. may the next year bring us closer together, instead of apart because people can do the most magnificent things when working as a community.
build bridges instead of walls. help those in need. spread love instead of pain and be kind to every living being.

the other day I found mimosa pudica seeds and on the package it said “harvested spring 2006” which makes them 11 years old. there were over 50 seeds and I thought “fuq it, let’s give it a try”.   only three germinated, but those three seem pretty happy to be alive.