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eee-murr  asked:

What's the best kind of alcoholic drink to show how #done with the world you are???

I’m good at these! 

The Poverty spritzer: 

2 parts Fortified Wine (I prefer MD 20/20, Wild Irish Rose, or Cisco. However, Cisco has been reported to induce hallucination. Not kidding) with 1 part store brand seltzer water. Or just chug malt liquor out of a brown paper bag. 

The “I’m about to get my wages garnished” craft beer tasting. 

1-2 40s or tall boys of Mickeys, King Cobra, Ice House, etc. Not good if you plan on kissing someone. They’ll tell you you smell like pee. Not that I know that from experience or anything. 

The “despite the fact that can’t spell or do math, I promise I went to college” 

1-2 40s or tall boys of Natty Ice, Natty Light, or a 30 rack of Hamms that you hand out like candy to trick or treaters at a party. 

The disgruntled quarterlife health crisis (AKA i saw on my chart what my BMI was/ my doctor told me if I didn’t slow my roll I’d have to go on BP medication)

2 parts vodka to 1 part seltzer water. That’s it. 

The “box wine confession doesn’t want wine,” 

2 parts whiskey (wild turkey 101 preferred) to one part seltzer water or Perrier. Bar tenders fucking love it when your drunk ass is trying to order a Perrier btw. 

The “Jesus Christ, we’re almost thirty” 

You and your friend openly argue over what kind of franzia to buy at cvs. He wins the argument but buys you a cliff bar so it’s okay. He ditches the box and proceeds to make you “slap the bag” until you’re in the fetal position on his living room floor eating wheat thins, and maybe crying.  

The “I’m ignoring  multiple life issues rn” 

Shots of Castillo Gold rum (bonus points if you fucking hate rum) chased with Hamms.

Happy drinking <3

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Name: Natalia
Nickname: Natalie. Nat. Natty. Natbrat. Natty Light. Natasha. Nattles.
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Height: 5'7″ -ish. Ish due to spinal compression
Orientation: ace
Nationality: American.
Favorite fruit: Anything but cherries
Favorite season: fall
Favorie book: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Favorite flower: glitter poms are cool, because they dye the water and their pollen is literally glittery looking. But like most flowers, I’m allergic, so like, pretty ones… from a distance… while I’m near an air purifier.
Favorite scent: Lavender. Or campfires.
Favorite color: blues and greens to wear, purple in general
Favorite animal: fuzzy ones
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea
Average hours of sleep: 4-6
Cat or dog: Both
Favorite fictional character: Lucy/Alex/Maggie atm.
Number of blankets you sleep with: There’s like three on my bed at any given moment and my house is littered with them, but I usually kick off anything more than one.
Dream trip: I wouldn’t mind going back to Scotland for giggles. Or Ireland. All the people asking me for directions make me think I’ll blend in there.
Number of followers: 377, most of whom are new and I’m pretty sure y’all are even human

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