natty child

Missing child- Braun Strowman, prompt #13

Braun Strowman

Prompt: #13 " I lost our baby"

Warnings: none

Requested by: @houseofzombiesideshows

A/N: This prompt could be taken in a sad way, I don’t wanna write a sad one so I tried to make it was fun as possible. Hope you like it!


“You can not possibly be taking our baby to the arena” Braun said as you strapped your 7 month old child (Y/B/N/) into his car seat.  “well uh yeah.. all the girls wanna see him” you answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Braun sighed as you both  got into the car, trying to reason with you the whole way there. Finally you had shut him up with a kiss and walked off to find the girls who you called your best friends.

“Oh my god, he is just the cutest” Nikki squealed as you laughed, “I mean look at your figure, how the hell do you look this good after having a child?” Nattie marvelled, putting a hand to your already toned tummy.  You watched with a fond smile as the divas went in and out, each one becoming fixated on the small child.

The door opened once more, nobody taking much notice until the familiar voice of Stephanie rang through the room, behind the curtain Steph was the sweetest person ever so it was a joy to see her interacting with (Y/B/N). “Oh wait till Hunter sees you, he’ll love you” your boss said in a baby voice, putting the child down and turning to face you, “hey (Y/N), good to see you again” she smiled, “ how would you feel coming on commentary for a match tonight?” A grin made its way to your face, “ I’d love that! thank you!” you said and turned to Brie, “hey can you look after (Y/B/N) please?” The Bella nodded and you ran off to hair and makeup.

“And please welcome back our guest commentator for tonight’s match… (Y/R/N)!!” Everyone went crazy for your return as you sat down at the table, Michael welcoming you as the bell rang and you watched Braun go against Roman, beating him easily, you commentating and answering questions all the way through.

The match finished and you went straight to get (Y/B/N), only to walk in to see a baby less Brie. “uuhh, Brie, where’s my child” you panicked. Your friend only looking even more worried as she heard you talk. “ I lost him” she whispered in fear “how?” you screamed, “I don’t know" she cried. In an instant you and Brie where running around the arena looking for him, panic setting in as more and more people said no when you had asked if they had seen (Y/B/N).

After about 20 minutes You ran into the one person you did not want to see, your husband Braun. “hey (Y/N).. where’s (Y/B/N)?” That was it, you lost it crying out “I lost our baby” with panic and fear laced in your words. “ what?!” Braun yelled, “oh my god” he muttered and walked off, you freaking out and barging into the last place you could think of, the men’s locker room.

“Yeah sure don’t knock” Dolph said sarcastically as you growled at him, scanning the room till you saw a small group of men in the corner, carefully walking over to them you frowned as they all cowed over your child. “Alright who took (Y/B/N/) from Brie” you sighed as Braun walked in and all the fingers pointed to Finn. “I hate you” you mumbled to your best guy friend as you scooped up your baby. Turning to Braun you smiled “found him!” Braun let out a smile and put an arm around your shoulder “lets go home and never bring (Y/B/N/) to work again.”