nattie pigs out

yorkville adventures with yvie & elly !!

went to pusateriiiiii, a really beautiful gourmet(?) supermarket. to be honest it’s just like … italian-brand everything, LOL. the clerks and sample workers are suupperr, duupper nice though. ;_; and they have the most ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL bakery/patisserie !!

I picked up a few groceries from there, it’s actually not that more expensive than, say, sobeys…

next was gelato, heheheh ^ p ^ it was really good !! it was the “GELATO: SIMPLY ITALIAN” just on cumberland street @ __ @

I got mango & pistachio !! omfg it was so good ; 3 ; especially the pistachio, it tasted just short of a ferrero rocher HHAHA

so I went back to dessert trends bistro… cough. this time with nux! and I took my camera.

this place is really really cute!! really european feel with big windows. they had fresh flowers as centerpieces! too bad it was raining outside….

split a coconut lamb curry for an entrée! SO GOOD…. I love curry uhuhuhu. it was jasmine rice served with brussel sprouts, pepper, egglant and lamb. I need to learn how to cook like this 8(…

I got the ‘white chocolate symphony’ this time for dessert!! @ _ @ look how beautiful it iissss.

tbh it was really similar to the 'berry box’ except it was white cake w/strawberry layers and a cream mousse on top instead of chocolate cake. still delicious, though. hehe– 

went to a super cute patisserie yesterday! it’s called dessert trends [bistro], on harbord in toronto, if anyone torontonians wanna check it out. \o/

I had a “berrybox”; chocolate cake with 4-5 layers inside a white chocolate cube-thing, topped with berry gelato and fresh strawberries. forgot to take a picture wubububu but I will next time!

they also had these amazing carved pumpkins on display:

japango! it’s a really tiny, high quality sushi restaraunt near the eatons centre. tried the chirashi there, and it was super super delicious. I’m a salmon nut, but their hamachi/yellowtail was delicious. v_v

also, their signature “japango roll” is well worth it. spicy and melt in your mouth! it’s seared scallop on top of salmon sashimi, I think. the sauce was reeeallyy good.

I think they have really high quality sea urchin here too but I don’t like it much v-v … I tried a piece the last time I went.

went to thai with some friends tonight ^ p ^/ salad king on yonge! the decor was super cute, though it felt a little like a cafeteria to me …. ? though we got a booth, so it kinda alleviated that. super busy, lots of chatter!

I got golden curry shrimp with medium spiciness. I never get anything different LOOLLL;;; one day I will order pad thai y_y

my friend’s chicken pad thai o/ SO BEAUTIFUL.. it was really good, though a bit mild? (HAHA me saying that is so ironic… /can’t handle spiciness at all/)

also ordered mini shrimp rolls as appetizers!! these were super good and super cute. ;-; they came with a sweet-n-sour dipping sauce that complimented them well.

ALL DONE! it was really good quality, surprising, and pretty cheap. (paid $13 after taxes) head over there if you guys have a thai fix. 8)

p.s. their bathroom door signs are super cute…


^ p ^ went back to wow sushi on charles st, and had a proper dinner !! goshhh I can’t even review this place highly enough!! really lovely waiters/service & even better food. the sushi chefs were also fantastic and friendly and gave recommendations, though me and my friends were pretty set on the chirashi. LOL.

my chirashiiii !! isn’t this beautiful ?! I was floored when I saw this, had an impulse to bow to the sushi chef, LOL…. all the pieces of the fish had other garnishes on them that made them super good, it was like a mini-dish for each different sort of meat!! there was tamago, ikura (rice), white tuna, seared salmon, red tuna, octopus, cucumber wrapped in beef sashimi, seared pork sashimi, seared tuna belly O q O )b

my friend’s black dragon makiii O v O )bbb beautiful plating!

got the ‘louis maki’ special roll too, which is spicy salmon and tempura shrimp topped with buttery mayonnaise and avocado ^ p ^/// it was SUPPPERRR delicious, with a super nice balance of flavors * q *///

it was so goooddd ;; __ ;; ughh, 5/5 stars for wow sushi! I’m so impressed with the service and the food quality, but it is a little pricy! I’ll definitely be bringing more people to this place. 

went to kenzo ramen on yonge street to relieve my snowstorm woes!! I forgot to take a picture of their ramen but … yeah have some takoyaki. oops. 

the takoyaki is pretty expensive ($9 for 6 pieces) but they’re pretty big, and really yummy!! I split a nagasaki champon seafood medley with a friend :> they also gave us a $5 off a $25 tab for the next time we come, so that was pretty rad. 8) their ramen is pretty well priced and they come in huge bowls !! I can only eat the smallest ones [shoyu/miso/shio] comfortably oeZ….

because dashi & wen wanted to see my food?! idk. LOL.

this plate is larger than my head though, so this is technically like.. 2-3 meals worth of food. @ _ @

spinach/mushroom risotto with spinach .. and mushroom… LOL also with pan-seared chicken breast (huge chunks ): nattie no cook gud) and topped with shredded parmesan and cheddar.

it’s pretty good despite its ugliness……….

the state of my kitchen now. :( MUST CLEAN.

also yes you can see my milizia chat tab open ///WEEP

BACON! this is a bit of backlog from CANADIAN THANKSGIVING~*~*~ which was clear over a month ago…. but yeah. homemade thanksgiving dinner!

thanksgiving dinner!! potato wedges, candied bacon, homemade gravy, stuffed turkey with cranberries, cucumber salad, garlic bread, normal salad, grilled salmon and  空心菜 ^ p ^ a collaborative effort with my friends ♡

we had pie afterwards with vanilla/caramel/praline ice cream and whipped cream– 8)

prepping to make the pie ^ p ^ )v


IN THE OVENNNN– a nice trick is to put pieces of foil over the crust and remove them half way so the crust doesn’t burn!

ta-da! it was delicious, fyi. 8)

went to the friendly thai on yonge with a friend yesterday night!! the curry there is SUPER GOOD, which may or may not be biased by the fact that I’ve been craving it for a few months. :I the service was friendly but not that fast because they were busy.

I have the green seafood coconut curry which was super super delicious. a good range of seafood, though I don’t think the scallops go that well with coconut curry. v_v too sweet for it? but otherwise it was really good, and the price was fairly reasonable. the drinks there are pretty well mixed too, though I didn’t like their house pitcher…

sorry for the bad pic, the place is lit with candles!