natt rozanska

Tattooed Pimples: On Pictures of Braille

I’ve been really getting into the Braille tag for a while now, mostly because its existence is confusing to me. Is there such a thing as Tactile Tumblr? Even if there is, people put up pictures of braille. Isn’t that like an MP3 of signing? Uh? 

All the same, it’s exposed me to some wonderful art/poetry, my favorite one being a simple cluster of dots that spell out “this doesn’t compare to the feel of your skin.” I say art/poetry with a slash because I’m not sure which category could claim it most.

I think the only thing I would ever have tattooed on my body would be something in braille, but then again, I wouldn’t, because why would anyone want to have a tattoo that looks like a series of weirdly organized pimples. 

the slope of your spine the arch of your back the curve of your hip

This was made by Natt Rozanska, Your Skin Under Mine