That Someone

Have you ever got the feeling of love so strong so pure and true?
Feeling of love that make you crazy, doing things that you normally wouldn’t do, stupid things, impossible, and doesn’t make any point at all.
When people say don’t bother you at all. Hence you keep go after that someone.

Someone whom you believe in a different sort of way
Someone you fell in love even before you met and you can tell by the look of the eyes that she is the one,

Someone who knows your heart desires to the darkest and to the bottom so deep,
Someone who already knows your likes and dislikes, and accepts you as who you are,

Someone who comes like an angel,
Someone who gives you strength when you are week,
Someone whom you will come on to when you are sad, when you need comfortness,.

That someone is gonna tell you and whispers in your ear that everything is going to be alright,
Someone who become and has been your breath, a reason to live,

The interactions you two had and have,
It’s like that you’ve been together,
is already fell in love with in your previous life,
And you are connected in a strange of way that only the two of you can understand,

Someone you believe her name is written in The Stone of Destiny next to yours.

In this world of madness, short and apparent life, fake mimes of people, no one to trust,

I can only listen to my heart,
It has been missing you,
And it keeps calling your name,

That someone is you.