Episode 4 of NatsuYuu Go in a nutshell
  • Matoba:join me Natsume pls
  • Natsume:*small angry face* no Matoba I swear to fucking god stop asking me you trash
  • Nyanko Sensei:*does that side glance thing at Matoba*
  • Matoba:bUT NATSUME-
  • Matoba:lol pls get rid of this youkai Natsume
  • Natsume:*looks into the camera like he's on The Office*

:: learning to fly - a fanmix for Natsume - :: - in which Natsume reflects on the past and learns how to find love and happiness within the worlds surrounding him.

o1:: one small life - kajiura yuki

o2:: fine on the outside - pricilla ahn
//…so i learned to be okay with just me…//

o3:: wake me up (when september ends) - green day
//…like my father’s come to pass, seven years has gone so fast…//

o4:: blackbird - the beatles
//…take these broken wings and learn to fly…//

o5:: dead hearts - stars
//…i could say it, but you won’t believe me…//

o6:: cradle of myriad stars - shiraishi tamami

o7:: sakura nagashi - utada hikaru
//…everybody finds love in the end…//

o8:: your wish - tatsuya kato

o9:: rokutousei no yoru - aimer
//…thank you for finding me even though i’m such a small constellation//

10:: eet - regina spektor
//…you can’t remember; you try to move your feet…//

11:: shake it out (acoustic) - florence + the machine
//…it’s always darkest before the dawn…//

12:: slip out (little more than before) - greg ayers
//…I’ll take it all and grin at the future…//

13:: walk - foo fighters
//…i think i’ve found my place…//

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Steven Universe/Natsuyuu crossover that nobody asked for. Natsume is the half gem kid of Reiko and someone?? (i dunno how to work his parents into this), the youkai are gems, who are trying to find Reiko after she fucked off to earth. Natsume still lives w/ the fujiwaras tho cause lbr the natsuyuu youkai are not suitable care-givers. Nyanko lives w/ them and the youkai visit sometimes.

Tanuma is p much connie, and Taki and her grandpa run Keep Beach City Weird. Natori and his shiki are the cool kids, and Matoba is either a diamond or Lars, I haven’t decided yet.