• Totally sums up Natsushiro & Nqrse friendship

Natsushiro : Come to my house fatty…ah nevermind you stinks so it’s fine…come to my house to play when you slim down

Nqrse : My stomachs hurts normally it’s not like funny things were said,when i’m laughing it’s suffocating my stomach hurts

Natsushiro : Sofa….i recently bought a sofa but when you sit on it, you will probably break it so come to play when you slim down 

Nqrse : Interesting…TSK

Natsushiro : My hands are too cold, i can’t type on the keyboard 

Nqrse : I’m a fatty so-

Natsushiro : You have a lot of fats so it’s okay right?

Nqrse : Hmhmhm okay okay already i really hate you 

Natsushiro : wwwwwwwww

Nqrse : I really can’t wwwwww normally

When Natsushiro left to take ice

Nqrse : why am i …… i made a lot of rap, did my best , i even did the mixing….why must i have this kind of sad memories? I wonder why? Me, i wrote so much…..something like taking ice…..i really hate it….*sigh*

Natsushiro in turn

Natsushiro : Somehow talking to Nqrse makes me feel like i have bad personality……i want to stop it

Nqrse : wwwww no wwwww

kain the AV(Adult Video) Actor

(Note: There was this rumor about the fact that kain was in a homovideo(BL Adult Video) and this is based around that. Just in case, it wasn’t Soraru who originally spread the rumours.)

Conversation No. 1:

まむ @wwmamuww: I’ve been waiting at the meeting place for around an hour and I’m becoming senile.

きなこ @cof_amalove_kn: @wwmamuww Who are you meeting up with?

まむ @wwmamuww: AV actor.

そらる @soraruru: @wwmamuww Is it kain-kun?

kain @kain2525: @soraruru This is weird.

そらる @soraruru: @kain2525 I always watch the AVs kain-san is in, I’m a fan!

kain @kain2525: @soraruru Thank you!! Please look forward to my newest work!!!

そらる @soraruru: @kain2525 Did it become bigger? (suggestive)

Conversation No. 2(The first part is the same as above):

まむ @wwmamuww: I’ve been waiting at the meeting place for around an hour and I’m becoming senile.

きなこ @cof_amalove_kn: @wwmamuww Who are you meeting up with?

まむ @wwmamuww: AV actor.

そらる @soraruru: Is it kain-kun?

まむ @wwmamuww: @soraruru How did you know.

そらる @soraruru: @wwmamuww I’ve become close when we’ve met recently in a concert. He’s fearless so he’s interesting.

まむ @wwmamuww: @soraruru I call him the walking dark history (walking black historia).

kain @kain2525: Would you follow me if I also make my name @Soraru-holic?

まむ @wwmamuww: @soraruru kain-kun eats up people who aren’t homosexual and doesn’t mind that so you should cut ties with him as early as possible!

そらる @soraruru: @wwmamuww It’s okay, I’m not following him!

まむ @wwmamuww: @soraruru That’s a relief, then! I’m glad!

kain @kain2525: @wwmamuww @soraruru

夏代孝明 @_natsushiro_: @kain2525 Play the recorder forever.

kain @kain2525: @_natsushiro_ Suggestive?

夏代孝明 @_natsushiro_: @kain2525 You appealing that you’re also good at that(sexual things) is just amazingwwwwwww So hard to get involved(in a conversation)wwwwwww

まむ @wwmamuww: @kain2525 @soraruru Caption: “Let’s just say that we didn’t see that.”

kain @kain2525: @_natsushiro_ Oi wait. What do you mean good. You can keep getting involved?

Conversation No. 3:

そらる @soraruru: kain-kun’s annoying… He’s also a AV actor so… I’ll block him…

そらる @soraruru: @SiNxxx526 Really that’s the worst. It’s things that human garbage does and it’s disgraceful. Now that I think about it, there was someone like that before, who was it? Do you remember?

kain @kain2525: @soraruru: Please stop. I really like Soraru-san!!! Please be friends with me! Do you want to be on it together?

そらる @soraruru: @kain2525 Really stop. I can’t do those things.

  • Natsushiro & Nqrse

Natsushiro: When Nqrse did something bad-asdfghjkl wwwww

Nqrse : Oi! What what?

Natsushiro : What should i do? I completely can’t speak Japanese, i’m shocked

Nqrse : wwwww what was that just now? It’s like those Korean artist that comes to Japan wwwww you

Natsushiro : Annyeonghaseyo

Nqrse : *cough*

Natsushiro : Hey i’m bad at it…..Nqrse you’re really good at it just now, do it one more time 

Nqrse : Good at what?

Natsushiro : Korean artist who came to Japan-

Nqrse : *Imitating* Ya! I don’t really know it myself but Natsushiro Takaaki ermmm Na-Natsushiro-san VERY GOOD desu yo ne, Natsushiro-san…his song the INTRO is very good, ONE VERSE(?) has a good feeling to it.The air around him is really…..Natsushiro-san’s the songs has awesome atmosphere to it….it’s good isn’t it?


Stars on Planet

So I haven’t posted photos of this yet, I’ve realised…

We were allowed to take photos of the stage after the performance. The stage was really beautiful. In this picture, the curtain thing at the back is turquoise, but it was actually changing in colour, and changed to suit the song and stuff. (The first photo)

The song list for the Night Performance on the 12th of July was:

  1. Hoshi ni Negai wo - Natsushiro Takaaki
  2. Hoshiai - Amatsuki
  3. Robinson - Itou Kashitaro
  4. Planetarium - Soraru
  5. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari - Itou Kashitaro
  6. Tentai Kansoku - Kettaro
  7. Starlight Parade - Amatsuki
  8. Hoshiyomi End Lover - 96Neko
  9. Planetarium - koma'n
  10. Starduster - Soraru
  11. EnRen - Natsushiro Takaaki
  12. Futariboshi - Amatsuki + Kashitaro
  13. Gekkou - 96Neko
  14. Hoshikuzu no Machi - Kettaro
  15. Hoshi ga Furu Yoru demo - koma'n
  16. Yakusoku no Starry Night (Concept Song) - Natsushiro Takaaki
  17. Encore: Hoshi no Uta - All Cast

(By the way the Planetarium Soraru and koma'n sang are different, Soraru’s being originally by BUMP OF CHICKEN, and koma'n originally being by Otsuka Ai.)

It was really amazing…….. I almost cried at the very beginning and at the end. I’ve got to say I especially liked 96Neko’s Gekkou and Soraru’s Starduster, however all of them were so good and I got so overwhelmed.

The second photo and on are from here. They were actually from the Kobe performance, which nero performed in!

w-what ? Ikemen Voice Paradise 7 releasing on 18 December !! so fast ! Exit Tunes surely doesn’t waste any time. www

song list from the crossfade :

  1. Mr. Deja-vu - un:c
  2. Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu. - un:c
  3. Ifuudoudou - luz
  4. Sainou Sampler - luz
  5. Shinzou Democracy - kain
  6. from Y to Y - kain
  7. Yi Er Fanclub - luz & kain
  8. Lost One no Goukoku - KOOL
  9. Shounen Shoujo Chameleon Symptom - KOOL
  10. World・Lampshade - Natsushiro Takaaki
  11. Kazemachi Hello World - Natsushiro Takaaki
  12. Miraisen - Coolbushi
  13. Shinjuku Solitude - Jinke
  14. Polaris - Rairu

+ the usual utaite “message” tracks

(uwaah, i didn’t know RAHWIA will be the one drawing ikebo7 ? I’m so happy ;v; )


Natsushiro Takaaki’s first major album under Subcul-rise Record “fill light“ 

Cover artwork is illustrated by Naka Fukamachi

release date: January 7th, 2015

Limited edition comes w/ a DVD (total of 27mins) featuring: 

  • "fill light message piano ver. MV” starring Natsushiro 
  • MV making video
  • recording making video


01. イグナイトミュージック (instrumental)(buzzG)

02. ニトロ(buzzG書き下ろし曲)

03. 恋愛裁判(作詞作曲 40mP)

04. [It’s not] World’s end(作詞作曲 ナノウ)

05. アスノヨゾラ哨戒班(作詞作曲 Orangestar)

06. 天体観測(original BUMP OF CHICKEN)

07. キミノオト(作詞作曲 Heavenz)

08. 心做し(作詞作曲 papiyon)

09. HEAVEN(作詞作曲 はりーP)

10. マーシャルの嬌声(作詞作曲 buzzG)

11. ワンマンライフ(TOKOTOKO書き下ろし曲)

12. 夕立のりぼん(作詞作曲 みきとP)

13. 雨音ノイズ(40mP書き下ろし曲)

14. さよなら Good:’Days(事務員G書き下ろし曲)

15. フィルライトメッセージ(夏代孝明書き下ろし曲)

Total of 15 tracks


  • Animate bonus: original charm , another jacket (w/natsushiro) 
  • Tower records bonus: can badge 
  • Tsutaya bonus: postcard (w/natsushiro)