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  • Hatano Wataru x Nojima Hirofumi
  • Good Morning

NSFW! From the drama cd “Good Morning”. In a fit of jealousy, Hayashi drags Shinohara back to his place after having admitted to wanting to have sex with Shinohara. Shinohara is understandably apprehensive; Hayashi has been anything but accepting of his homosexual desires. Warning for a slur and no-means-yes-trope.

H: Um, I’ve said this already but… I wanna apologize for the other day.
S: Is it true you wanna have sex with me?
H: Why’d you have to bring that up all of a sudden. Is that all you homos think about?
S: Yeah, it is. Obvious, huh? I think about having sex with a man because the person I love is a man. But how happy can I be just imagining it? It breaks my heart that we can’t be more than friends - not now, not ever - [sobs]
[Hayashi kisses Shinohara and they fall onto bed]
H: You slept with that professor, didn’t you?
S: I didn’t…
H: I saw you earlier. You were out in the park, walking in the park and enjoying yourselves plenty.
[Hayashi rubs Shinohara’s nipples]
H: You really feel it here. They’re getting hard.
You really didn’t sleep with him? You smiled when he held you, didn’t you?
S: I don’t remember.
H: Really? Then what - I was so angry I thought I was gonna die.
S: Hayashi-san…
H: Damn it.
[Hayashi pulls Shinohara’s pants off and jerks him off]
S: Hayashi-san… stop…
[Hayashi fingers Shinohara]
S: …don’t…
[Shinohara climaxes]
H: Shinohara-san. Shinohara-san, please show me more.
[Slight time skip]
[Shinohara moans]
S: I… can’t…[climaxes]
H: Shinohara-san, you’re incredibly sexy. I could come just looking at you.
S: But… I just…
[Hayashi penetrates Shinohara]
S: Don’t… touch…
H: Sorry, I wanna come, too. Here, face me.
[Deep kiss]
H: Shinohara-san, we’ll do this together.
[Sex continues until scene fades]