natsumi san

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H-hey...Fuyuhiko-san? Pekoyama-san? I know you both are upset over her death, especially this is probably the first time in a while that you both have control over your minds since this happened, but I think Natsumi-san wouldn't want either of you to despair on her birthday, she'd want you to be happy that you are still here to remember her, to remember her birthday. Just a thought :)

Do you think I don’t know that?!

….Do you think I wouldn’t do it if it was that easy? *walks away*

Sorry…You are right but…It’s just…Hard to be happy when her absence is so obvious…

Yeah…I know how you feel. She was the kind of girl who always attracted all the attention so…The fact that she isn’t here anymore…It’s even more obvious on such an occasion…