natsumi kitagawa

Another Shuffle...

Seems like another AKB shuffle happened in today’s AKB concert….and here are the changes regarding SKE48.

First up, Yamada Nana, Watanabe Miyuki and Tanaka Natsumi will no longer be concurrent members of SKE48.
Furuhata Nao will no longer be a concurrent member of AKB48.
Kimoto Kanon will no longer be a concurrent member of HKT48.
Takayanagi Akane will no longer be a concurrent member of NMB48.
Matsui Rena will also no longer be a concurrent member of Nogizaka46.
Matsumura Kaori is promoted to Team KII.
Kitagawa Ryoha will now be a concurrent member in Team 4.

Now for my reaction, I’m totally fine about the concurrency of SKE members and of other48 group members in SKE being over. Honestly, I still dont see Nana, Milky or Tanaka as part of SKE. I still see them as NMB or HKT. As for Nao, Kanon and Churi, I dont follow their activities outside of SKE48 so I dont see them as other 48 groups either. (I bleed orange after all XD)

I’m sad about Rena’s concurrency in Nogizaka46 being over though, I really enjoyed her activities there…..Wait a minute, Weren’t she appearing on the 1st ep of NOGIBINGO!4?!? what will happen to that now? But a bigger part of me is happy as Rena is finally SKE48-ONLY. It’s everything I’ve always wanted. 

Kaotan getting promoted gives me mixed feelings. Happy for her as she finally got promoted to the team she wanted even before. But at the same time, she is the one leading the KKS all this time…..who will guide the KKS from now on?

Now for Ryoha, I don’t like this. It’s giving me a Jurina dejavu…. LEAVE RYOHA ALONE, AKB! Ryoha being the next gen ace of SKE48, is now a part of Team 4….I smell a conspiracy here. Like AKB trying to steal Ryoha from SKE little by little like how it did to Jurina. And I don’t like it one bit.