natsumi ichinose


[EPISODE] 138. Drive to the Heavens! The Dream Car Fueled with Love.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS

Kana: 天国まで走れ! 夢の車にかける愛
Romaji: Tengoku Made Hashire! Yume no Kuruma ni Kakeru Ai

Original Air Date: June 10, 1995

Director: Hiroki Shibata
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando

Plot: Ami assists a widowed mechanic in restoring an old car.


  • The cats were absent from this episode.


  • Mercury Star Power Make Up was seen for the last time.


  • Cloverway’s English dub (titled “Driven Dreamer”):

    The scenes with Natsumi’s car were reversed to show the steering wheel on the right side. However, Hawk’s Eye and Mamoru’s cars were left unedited since they were already westernized.

  • The original Korean dub:

    All episodes with the Amazon Trio were omitted.


  • Juuban Mansion
  • Ichinose Garage
  • The Dead Moon Circus
  • The Tsukino Residence