Why I ship: SasayanxNatsume

Ack. There are so many things to talk about here. I was so mad when I got to the end of the anime because godam they needed to resolve HaruxShizuku and let’s not forget the fact that they didn’t even mention SasayanxNatsume like you literally had to squint/tilt your head to the side to see it even though it’s so cute and obvious in the manga. Yeah. So I read the manga then and I think I might have freaked out enough to make everyone who was around me at that time slowly begin to question my sanity because I was screaming like a mad person and point at a computer screen… Anyways! 

This moment. Sasayan is just there for Natsume. He doesn’t ask her to tell him what happened, doesn’t expect anything in return. He just helps her. Because that’s just who he is.

This manga. Why does it do these things to me. This time round, Natsume (who is looking so dam surprised at this) is the one who’s returning the favour and providing a shoulder to lean on for Sasayan. So dam cute.

Then we get Sasyan’s confession. Ah Sasayan, falling in love from holding hands with a girl. And Natsume’s reactions are just so funny. I love these two. 

And then there’s this totally awkward period of time in between where Natsume is hyperaware of the fact that Sasayan likes her and shes clumsy and gets angry at him, and he just laughs it off because that’s who he is. And Sasayan is totally upfront and blunt about it and those two are such good friends and why aren’t you two in a relationship yet?

#how to get a girl to like you. Because even Sasayan can sense everyone being like GETTOGETHERALREADYYOUTWO and oh look he’s blushing isn’t that cute *fangirl squeals*

Yes! *fistpumps* Natsume finally acknowledges that Sasayan likes her. Although it takes a while, but the two of them are so cute and Sasayan respects her boundaries and everything.

Oh lookey here Natsume you wouldn’t happen to be implying anything would you? *hugs computer screen and cries tears of joy* Because yes now the two of you fully acknowledge your relationship and you can finally get together and I ship the two of you so much and you needed more manga/screen time. Oh and if anyone thinks of a ship name for these two, Tell me!

WIP tag

tagged by konekat, so mean.  X’D

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

Welp….  now you guys get to view aaaaalllll  the projects I started but haven’t finished.  X’D  RIP me…

Unnamed-My Little Monster-pairing NatsumeXSasayan-just a little thing that could be either platonic or romantic, with Sasaharu wondering why Natsume’s so comfortable with him even though he’s not spoken for and her self-proclaimed inability to be comfortable around dudes.

The Medley Trilogy-Original-original story-A story that’s literally been in my head for a few years now.  I’ve already done the first chapter, but I need to get the villain’s entire attitude down before I move on.  I can show you guys a sneak peek if you wanna see a bit of the beginning, though.

Melissa and Cynthia-Original-original story-I literally haven’t touched this in ages.  Needs major reworking if I’m ever gonna get on this one again.

Caught with Honey-Original-original story-I started this for NaNoWriMo and never finished.  I’d like to, but I need to get back on it.  A little girl finds a fairy who helps her with her summer adventures, but who is this new friend in reality and what do they get out of helping her?

Smile Sequel-Miraculous Ladybug-LadyNoir (sorta)-an idea I’ve been tossing around, where Hawkmoth finally gets what’s coming to him.

Literally tilted “Misunderstanding”-Miraculous Ladybug-Marichat-a story skeleton where Chat’s freaked out that his princess is so close to uncovering his identity!  Meanwhile, Marinette just can’t make up her  mind…

Nice Guys Finish Last-Miraculous Ladybug-Marichat-inspired by one of the creepier poems from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (of which my mother is a huge fan), this akuma is trying to help all the ‘nice guys’ get dates with their respective crushes.  This turns out to be a problem when Nathanael gets hit.  Chat can’t turn his back on his princess without her being targeted, and now she must figure out how to ditch both boys in order to become Ladybug in order to save the day.  But can she do it?

Literally titled CH 1-Miraculous Ladybug-Love Square-after accidentally seeing her partner detransform, Marinette is having a hard time reconciling the two in her head.  While she freaks out, Adrien is left to his own devices, confused as to why his Lady is shutting him out and hurt when he reaches his own conclusions.  And purple butterflies dance in the air…

Marichat Friendship (tenative title)-Miraculous Ladybug-Marichat (obviously X’D)-After a near miss, Marinette finds herself curious about the boy who dons the cat mask.  What is his motivation for being a hero and why is he so okay with being out of the limelight?  As she grows evermore curious, they begin to form a bond of friendship that is so strong.  But how strong is it, really?

Document called ‘Try one’ and ‘Try two’-Miraculous Ladybug-LadyNoir-Ladybug tries to ask Chat was his definition of love is.  The boy struggles for words to adequately express it.

My poetry book-Original-original-Working on a book of poetry that I hope to illustrate and publish at a later date.

Cupcake Wars-Miraculous Ladybug-Tom and Sabine

I started this when I was watching CW and wanted Tom and Sabine to participate.  X’D  Not sure if I’ll ever finish it, though…

So Close-Miraculous Ladybug-Marichat

It was a Marichat thing I drew for comfort, but then the hands and arms started bugging me so bad that I haven’t gotten back on that.  I may/may not finish it.  Who knows?

Without My Name-Original-original piece

Just kind of a storyboard idea for a thing I wrote a bit back.  No idea where it’s going, though.

Aaaand that’s it, I think.  *^_^*  If you want me to elaborate on any of these projects, just shoot me an ask and I’ll tell what I can.  *^_^*  I’m gonna tag @fluttershy-0144 and @thesilvertophat. X’D

Tonari no kaibutsu-kun chapter 35!!!!! AAAHHHHH (fangirling over natsume and sasayan)


natsume what you doin, assuming that sasayan is in love with you and then just like calling him out and saying you’d be bothered by it….. kind of bitchy. Moving on.

kay now they’re mad at each other and sasayan has a deep moment and talks about his problems and shit. ou gettin deep.

aw how nice :) sasayan saved natsume from an awkward greeting with mitsuyoshi. maybe there’s some hope for these two after all.

aw yiss they get to be friends again! hoorah happy ending for everyone!