Natsume Yuujinchou ⁛ vol.#01-20 covers ••●Hakusensha (2005-2016)●••

there’s should be the one with Takashi’s grandma someday…


Rules: Pick your ten favourite characters then tag ten other blogs.

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1) Hideyoshi Nagachika (Tokyo Ghoul)

2) Lavi Bookman Jr (D.Gray-man)

3) Akemi Homura (Puella Magica Madoka)

4) Kamoda Mikisada (Birdmen)

5) Tanuma Kaname (Natsume Yuujin-chou)

6)  Shāng Bù Huàn (Thunderbolt Fantasy)

7) Shinonome Kon (Amastuki)

8) Yiruma (Eyeshield 21)  

9) Saitama (Onepunch Man)

10) Reigen (Psycho Mob 100)

Thank you for tagging me. I had a hard time choosing which were my favorite (especially for Birdmen! I love them all XD)

When they say favourite characters, I assumed it’s from manga/anime series, right? (Though, I couldn’t not mention Thunderbolt Fantasy. This show was really good!)

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@apollosukulele​ challenged me to list 9 fictional characters I relate to, so here goes.

1. Caliban Leandros (”Nighlife” series) - foul-mouthed, often moody, snarky and sarcastic af, and sometimes it takes a hella lot of self-control for me not to break someone/-thing. Also, low standards when it comes to food.

2. Yuri Plisetsky (”Yuuri On Ice!”) - can have a temper, is the violent friend. Also tend to have no shame in other places and be impulsive. Is blonde. Excessively happy people creep me out/are annoying.

3. Kyoya Ootori (”Ouran High School Host Club”) - enjoys friends’ shenanigans and will likely participate, but typically not with the same amount of silliness. Also wake me up when I wanna sleep and I will cut you. Wears glasses.

4. Takashi Natsume (”Natsume Yuujin Chou”) - Made no real effort to remember the past, goes out of way to try to keep everyone happy often at own expense. Walks cat on leash. Can be socially awkward/clueless.

5.  En Yufuin (Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!) - unmotivated to some degree or another in damn near anything. First one to ask questions like “Why are we doing this again?”

6. Yuu Nishinoya (Haikyuu) - kinda the rough and tumble wild child. Is short and has attitude. Names mundane sports moves stupid shit to make it sound cooler. Grades are shit and can be a dork. Smol but will fight you. 

7. Kohina (”Gugure! Kokkuri-san”) - dead inside and can be brutally honest. Likes junk food. Very few friends.

8. Hozuki (”Hozuki no Reitetsu”) - rather apathetic towards people but fucking loves animals. Would rather run things from the side than be placed in actual position of leadership and responsibility. Existence is tedious.

9. Haruhi Fijioka (”Ouran High School Host Club”) - Has literally been plucked off the sidewalk by friends in a car and dragged along with shenanigans. Majority of friends are fucking dorks but I still love them. Not afraid to lay down some bluntness and tough love when needed. A peasant. Has been mistaken for a male on more than one occasion.