Natsume Yuujin Chou

Well here is another anime I can said that I when in thinking it would be bad but this time I’m going to say is… ummm.. It’s not soo much a bad show more so to me a very very sad story and it kinda hurts my heart watching it but I also believe this is that kind of show that needs to be watch even if it’s for one time only. Im not going to give the story away, I will keep it simple by saying what what makes this show is not the main character. Natsume Takashi is an unusual yet simple character that you would expect from him and often times he seem boring which is is a good thing if you ask me because what really make this show good is the characters he meets and how he reacts to the world around him. The pace is smooth and slow and it works, it doesn’t try to give you too much info at once but some people may get very bored watching which is the only problem with the show. Now my problem with it is that it comes off sad, i mean not soo sad but i just felt for all the characters all had a role in each episode and it makes me want to stop watching cause for how it makes me feel, only soo much i can watch. overall I think its a good watch and recommend you check it out.