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He would stare at the leaves as they change color, laugh and say, “She’s not coming this year, either?” and close his eyes.

Why is it that when one is truly happy, the other isn’t?
The youkais are happy while the grandfather waits for his granddaughter.
While on the other hand his granddaughter isn’t happy when he would fondly told her about youkais…

@natsumeweek Day 4 - Flowers/Nature

The Shirakiri flowers are beautiful because of their ephemeral nature

He’s such a handful, isn’t he? We can’t lose that valuable source of entertainment, can we? ….. I hope he gets better soon.

We know the flowers’ petals will fall someday, and yet we’re still entranced by them.

 ~ To the Ephemeral Ones ~


“Suddenly I wondered, when Aoi-san said there would be more tears later, whose tears did he mean? Will I too someday be able to care more about being with someone than the fear of saying goodbye to them?“

- Natsume Yuujinchou Roku \ Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 6 (EP 08)


Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (3/11): Nitai - Sama

[The “deal with youkai” trio]
You were far away, and yet you remembered me, you tried to connect with me again. You kept talking to me, even though you knew what I am. It made me happy. It made me want to help a friend who’d come to me with a problrm, too. Several days later, this time, Shibata came to visit me.

“This isn’t fat, it’s hair! Hair!” -Nyanko Sensei 💛


Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (8/13): A day that will someday come 

Suddenly I wondered,
when Aoi-san said there would be more tears later,
whose tears did he mean?
Will I too someday care more about being with someone,
than the fear of saying goodbye to them? 


Ever since I inherited the Book of Friends, I’ve returned the names of the youkai within it. First I bring up an image of them in my mind, and recite “That which shields me, reveal thy name.” To release their names, you need the saliva and breath of someone of the same bloodline as Reiko. When I return their names, I get really tired. They come without asking, and then they leave just the same.

“Children of man are such a pain.” Nyanko Sensei


Most Relatable Character (2/?): Requested by anon

“Fear of losing the bonds we make when time is a boundary.“
- Hope-descends

[ I love how he is behaves more freely towards youkais than humans, since humans are more fragile. It reminds me about how rude I could be sometimes with my family than my friends, because I know that my family would never ditch me (HAHA). ]