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What about one where Lucy sees Natsu’s latest pictures from a “sexy photoshoot” he had to do for Weekly Sorcerer and afterwards she can’t stopping checking him out/fantasizing about him while out the guild. Later when he sneaks into her apartment she can’t take it anymore and just jumps him right there. They can already be dating or right on the edge of becoming a couple at the start of the story, your choice.

Lucy heard the familiar sound of mail being pushed through the slot of her door, excitedly pulling her out of bed to run and collect the pile. It was the release date for the newest edition of Sorcerer Weekly and she was excited to see if they had printed her letter about requesting more female mages for positions other than those that wanted a girl with good looks. Not that she didn’t go on one of those at least once a month (for a break from heavy fighting) but she liked to kick ass a lot more than showing off her chest. She dropped the other envelopes onto her table and made herself comfortable with a cup of tea and sat in her armchair, flipping through the magazine with absolute patience. She had worked with Jason before and knew just how much work went into each page so she was respectful and took the time to read them all. Lucy squealed when she came across a page he was kind enough to dedicate, though was a bit stifled at the sight of her old photoshoot pictures surrounding the article. Halfway through her mug and into the ‘Guilds of Fiore’ photo spread, landing on the exclusive section for Fairy Tail.

“I wonder who he chose this time,” She snickered, thinking about the last magazine which featured Gray and Juvia. It was a bit of an intimate photo shoot, Jason wanting to get Gray’s icy personality across to his female audience. Juvia has made a surprisingly good actor; a kabedon photo that had featured them both in underwear was one that Lucy would never have thought Juvia could stay solid for. Gray was a pile of embarrassment afterwards but Juvia was overjoyed to have had such close moments with her beloved.

Lucy choked as she flipped the page, glad she hadn’t been drinking at that moment or else the magazine would’ve been soaked. Natsu sat with his vest low on his arms, leaning back on a bed with red satin sheets, his chest thrust out, and his scarf discarded to his side. His eyes were buried with an unknown lust, lips lazy, and hair ruffled. In the next photo, he ditched his vest and thumbed the waistband of his pants, the front dipping low enough to show the pink hairs that curled into his v-line. It was angled from below to focus on his lower body, his eyes cast down and teeth catching his lip in a seductive hold. She blushed as she turned to the next layout, heat pooling low in her stomach at the sight of Natsu sitting in a throne, fire swarming around him as he sat with a serious look, pulling on his tie to loosen it. She was surprised to see him in such a formal outfit, especially with the title underneath calling him the ‘Heir to the Dragon Throne’. She chuckled for a moment, the other slayers would probably fight him for the title. Lucy let a whimper slip at the sight of him in black briefs, his thighs thick and spilling from the lower bands. He crossed his arms and had his scarf tied around his forehead; she always loved that look. Lucy licked her lips at the sight of his slight bulge, whether he was turned on or not, he always had a nice shape. She kind of wish Jason had asked her to join him, she would’ve liked to have Natsu pin her to those satin sheets.

The last few photos were simple shots of him showing off his muscles and in his regular clothes to show off his signature moves. Looking at the excitement on his face while he did a kickflip was probably more stimulating for her compared to the staged sexy looks he made.

The orange tinge in the sky and the rumble of her stomach were enough to pull her away from admiring the few photos for who knew how long, telling her to make her way to the guild that evening for dinner. She sighed lovingly, fueled on the energy of admiration for her partner, her mind swirling with heated thoughts of the dragon slayer.

Lucy wasn’t subtle as she mindlessly watched Natsu fight with Gray and Gajeel, her eyes wandering to his exposed abdomen and wild eyes as he fought. Mira caught her stare as Lucy was weirdly shoving her soup spoon into her mouth, whispering to Cana to pay attention to the celestial mage. Mirror images of him scantily clad on the bedspread flooded her mind as Natsu delivered a gut punch to the ice mage, her cheeks flushing at the view of his sweaty chest.

“Say, Lucy-chan, did you see Natsu in the Sorcerer Weekly spread?” Cana hummed, snickering as the blonde let the spoon slip from her lips and splatter in her dish. She squealed as the hot liquid jumped out at her, thankfully only spilling onto the table and not burning her thighs.

“U-Um, yeah? What about it?” She tried to play off her obvious blush, pouting as she noticed the girls that had gathered at the bar to giggle and gawk at her.

“It’s just that we got to see so much of him, you know?” Levy wondered aloud, the lot of them getting a kick out of her fiercely red cheeks.

“S-Shut up! Like I care…” She mumbled, it wasn’t like she hadn’t seen that much of him anyway, they shared quite the intimate friendship. They’d been in more than one awkwardly affectionate tussles that had almost led to something more. Lucy couldn’t help but let one or two soft moans past her lips when he pinned her to the bed, both of them tired with heaving chests. She would always try her best to look to be ready to kissed, usually always wearing chapstick and a low cut shirt, her hair tousled from their wrestling. He’d grin above her, his chest rumbling with a purr before pulling away with a laugh and stretching, always saying that Lucy could never beat him.

She was quick to escape the guild before Mira could have the girls surround her, sighing in the cool breeze that fanned her face. Frowning, she rose her hands above her head, ready to take a hot bath and fall asleep with her personal fantasies of Natsu. She might consider getting that bedspread herself if it looked as soft as it did under his hands.

“Oi, Luce,” Natsu grunted as he lugged himself through her window and plopped down on her bed. She sat in front of her mirror, setting down her hair dryer as she just finished using it. “You left without me.”

“Sorry about that,” She gave him a small smile, taking his hand that he held out for her. She shrieked, laughing as he pulled her against his chest, pulling them both down to fall onto her pillows. “The girls were pretty adamant about talking about your photo shoot.”

“I already forgot about that,” He groaned, tossing his vest to the floor and kicking off his pants, his scarf draped over her headboard. “Did I look good?”

“Surprisingly,” She laughed, “How did Jason ever get you to look so serious?”

“With a potion,” He snickered and draped an arm over her waist.

They laid quietly for a few moments after that, Lucy lazily drawing circles on his chest and Natsu shuddering under the light touch.

“You look nice in a suit.” She hummed, imagining what it might feel like to pull him by his tie and down to meet her lips.

“Eh, that thing was so damn stuffy,” He cringed at the memory.

“You seemed like you were having a lot more fun when he took photos of you fighting.”

“Of course! Letting my fire burn up the studio was the best part! Who gives a crap about me in my underwear?” He scoffed as Lucy giggled.

“Well,” She gathered her courage for a moment to pick herself up and throw a leg over his waist. Natsu’s eyebrow rose for a moment as she straddled him, her hands splayed out on his chest. “I do, just a little. Everyone got a peek at my partner. I kind of liked having you all to myself.”

“Oh yeah? I didn’t know you were the type to get jealous, Lucy.” He smirked, his hand rising up in her thigh. It rose goosebumps on her skin, her heart beating and lust for him resurfacing.

“Not usually,” She bowed against him, lips hovering over his as she smiled. “But I don’t want anyone else thinking about you the way I had been.” With a slow rock of her hips, Natsu purred as she kissed him, hands eager to tangle in his spiky pink locks.

“What were you thinking about?” He groaned as she riddled his neck with open mouth kisses, her body eager to get out all her pent-up feelings.

“Your chest,” She moaned, suckling down his thick pecs, fondling his tanned skin greedily. “It’s so sexy.”

“Fuck, Luce…” He panted as she licked down to his belly button.

“Down here,” She smirked and toyed with the pink hairs that streamed below it, teasing his v-line with her nails. “I want to see it before anyone else.”

“And your thighs,” She indulged in the sight of him writhing, light kisses along his inner side. “You have so many cute parts, Natsu,”

Lucy yelped, suddenly pulled away from in between Natsu and thrown onto her back. He growled and forced a deep kiss onto her, both melting into the excitement of their embrace.

“You have no idea,” He rasped into her throat. “How long I’ve wanted you, Luce.”

“Tell me, Natsu,” She grinned as his predatory gaze held her down.

“You walk around looking so fucking hot like I don’t notice your hips or your chest when you bend over. Beating up the jerks that dared to try and touch you was barely enough.”

She bit her lip as he grinned above her, eyes giving him permission to let loose what he had been holding back.

“I love you so much, Natsu.” She mewled as he sunk a deep bite into her sensitive nape.

“You’ve always been my girl, Luce.”

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Poor Erza in the new chapter. Its weird seeing her like that

Yeah but it makes a change seeing the usual powerhouses struggle. I’m seeing this as a good opportunity for Lucy to shine. She’s saved their asses plenty of times and she can do it again. I’d like for Lucy’s magic to show that it has special properties, that she can do things the others can’t. 

To be honest, I’m hoping Lucy’s going to have a special relevance. She’s supposed to be finding Aquarius so I feel like I can be optimistic and hope Lucy’s thunder won't be stolen by Erza. I like Erza as a character but Mashima’s favouritism for her is annoying (especially when it comes to fights). I know Lucy’s gentle by nature and a pacifist, she doesn’t like fighting, but that doesn’t mean she can’t shine and be relevant in other ways. 

It’s been a long time since Lucy’s had an all-out fight with no one else supporting her.  There’s also no Natsu ready to protect his waifu at the moment and the others are out of the picture for now. So go get ‘em Lucy! Show them how badass you can be.

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Fairy Tail and Disney Crossover: The Ships (part 1)

I had to do this. I couldn’t contain myself cause it’s just so perfect. And the GIFs I found for this, oh my god. I died. 

Gruvia: Ariel and Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Absolute perfection. 

This is so Gruvia. He’d totally refuse to leave her to handle it alone.

Can you just imagine Gruvia and a baby??? I’ll die of happiness if that happens. 

Jerza: Mulan and Shang (Mulan)

I had to.

 Anyone notice how similar this is to the scene from Oracion Seis?

Always a happy Ending 

NaLu: Aladdin and Jasmine (Aladdin)

Just happy scenes for these two.

The fireworks. Always.

GaLe: Belle and Adam (Beauty &Beast)

This one is so GaLe that I cried.

All this happiness is contagious. I feel a FT/Disney Crossover fanfic coming.

About when Natsu leaves Lucy

I feel as though a lot of people think that Natsu hasn’t apologized to Lucy for leaving her for a whole year. However I’d like to bring up that I think he did make it up to her by saying they’ll be together forever in chapter 545. Lucy probably has a fear of people leaving her since her mom and dad passed away while she was still very young so she wouldn’t want to lose someone so dear to her as Natsu. So I think by Natsu saying that to her in chapter 545 meant more to her than anything in the world.