natsu with wendy


Fairy Tail Chapter 527 Reaction 

Me: Mashima can we have a happy Zervis family?
Mashima: Good news and Bad news. Good news, I have this nice chapter cover. Bad news, I’m going to kick you in the dick for asking me stuff.

Me: *sighs* Fine. 


The new trailer is OUTTTTTTTTT


I choose you. And I’ll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.

Fairy Tail members and what kind of pictures they would have on their phone
  • Jellal (not a FT member but idfc): Doesn't have many pictures, but the few pics he does have they're blurry pics of Erza eating and a few nature shots.
  • Erza: Mostly pictures of food (cake). A few selfies w/ friend, and for some reason a LOT of pictures of wedding dresses??
  • Levy: Toooons of quotes from her favorite books. I feel like she'd be the type of person to save favorite fanart pieces too. She'd have pics of her, Gajeel, and Lily too!
  • Gajeel: Quotes about working out probably and song lyrics. Lots of pics of Levy (some nsfw) and Lily.
  • Lucy: Writing advice & screenshots of prompts to keep her inspired for writing. Lots of selfies, and pics of her friends.
  • Natsu: Embarrassing pics of his friends. He is a master at it. The most embarrassing pic will be their contact pic, and he has several friends blackmailed. Other than the cringe-worthy pics, and a few snaps of Happy, he is a MEME KING. He has a meme for every occasion.
  • Juvia: Selfies w/ her in cute clothes, and ideas for crafts (dolls, scarfs, etc) she can make to sell! Lots of pics of romantic vacations that she wants to go on with Gray! Many pics of her friends & many, many more pics of Gray.
  • Gray: Every. Single. Selfie. Juvia. Has. Sent. Him. Doesn't keep that many pics unless it's something he finds cool (like art). Has a few embarrassing pics of Natsu (but nearly as many as Natsu has of him).
  • Wendy: Filled with selfies of her and Chelia and Charlie. Likes to take pictures of clouds, flowers and trees when the wind is blowing. Lots of pink backgrounds and anime screenshots.
  • Cana: Different types of beers where you can find them.
  • Max: Brooms.