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Gray and Juvia Episode list.

This is an episode list that shows what episodes Gray and Juvia are in together.  I made this for all the Gruvia lovers out there like me, that would like to go back and re-watch certain moments between Gray and Juvia and to see the overall development. I may have forgot a few little things here and there but overall this is most of it. So please no hating, this took me a while. Enjoy ◕‿◕

Gray and Juvia Episode List:

Episode 25: Gray and Juvia meet, They battle. Later on Gray saves Juvia.

Episode 33: Juvia and Gray at the Casino, Juvia protects Gray.

Episode 41: Juvia joins FairyTail, gray tells her congrats. 

Episode 48: Juvia and Gray on a float together during the festival. They put on a show together with their water and ice magic.

Episode 50: Juvia buys a love potion to use on Gray, it doesn't work. He ends up going insane and trying to compete with everyone. 

Episode 71: Juvia defends Gray and everyone is bashing him of his actions against FairyTail.

Episode 72: Gray and Juvia do their 1st Unison raid together.

Episode 75: Gray and Juvia participate in the FairyTail race. Juvia waits by a stream for gray but accidentally turns into water and flows down the stream, crying because she flows by Gray.

Episode 77: Gray shows Juvia how to eat a caramelized frank. 

Episode 78: Juvia and Gray in Edolas form.

Episode 97: Gray and Juvia are going to participate with others for a S class mission.

Episode 110: Juvia VS Meredy. Meredy sensory links Gray and Juvia together from their strong feelings. 

Episode 115: Gray protects Juvia from Ultear.

Episode 116: Gray tells Juvia to go after Meredy and Zeref. Gray believes in Juvia.

Episode 122: Gray carries Juvia on his back, protecting her from the dragon Acnologia.

Episode 124: Lyon falls in love with Juvia. Gray says this is going to get complicated.

Episode 129: Juvia follows Gray and Erza while on a mission to make sure nothing happens between them.

Episode 133: Juvia, Gray and Lyon get paired to go on a mission.

Episode 134: Juvia, Gray and Lyon looking for the missing piece of the clock. Lyon flirts with Juvia a lot and she gets creeped out. Gray gets mad.

Episode 141: Juvia cheers for Gray, while him and Natsu argue.

Episode 151: Juvia pushes away Sugarboy for trying to get close to Gray.

Episode 153: Juvia and Gray go with other members to train for the Magic Games on an Island. They all end up going to Celestial World. 

Episode 154: Still on the Island, juvia tries fro steal Gray away from others fro alone time. Meredy notices Juvia hasn’t made any romantic progress. Juvia, Gray and the others unlock their second Origin.

Episode 155: Juvia asks Gray out to dinner, and he agrees. But, Lyon intrudes in and take Juvia away. Lyon then makes a deal with Gray, whoever that wins the Magic Games gets to have Juvia in their Guild.

Episode 157: Juvia is in FairyTail B team and Gray is in FairyTail A team.

Epiosde 158: Juvia and Gray participate in the same game, Juvia tells Gray she has no intention of loosing to him and he tells her to hit him with everything she’s got. Juvia ends up falling in love with all the Gray statues around her. Juvia attacks Lyon when he gets close to Gray. Lyon and Gray see Juvia’s panties.

Episode 161: Juvia had an imagination of Gray and Lucy together. Gray tells Juvia its not true.

Episode 165: Lyon and Juvia talk to Gray about who wants who. Erza talks to Gray about Juvia’s feeling towards him.

Episode 171: Juvia goes into the “Naval Battle” at the magic games. Erza tells Gray that Juvia is worried how he sees her. Juvia uses a move called “Wings of Love” that she unlocked after releasing her second origin. The move was a declaration of her love to Gray. Gray Blushes and yells knock if off. Juvia knocks her opponents out of the water but also looks back to see Grays reaction to the move and accidentally falls out of the water.

Episode 176: Juvia cheers on Gray while he argues with Natsu.

Episode 177: Juvia replaces Natsu’s spot on FairyTail’s A team. Gray doesn’t mind, and Lyon blushes and is surprised.

Episode 188: Gray and Juvia fight together against Lyon and Chelia.

Episode 189: Gray and Juvia do a unison raid together to defeat Lyon and Chelia. Chelia says it is “Romantic”. When finished Juvia tells Gray she's gong to hold his hand forever. Juvia helps carry Gray because he is weak. FairyTail wins the Magic Games.

Episode 193: Juvia and Gray do a unison raid on a fire dragon. Juvia gets Gray all flustered.

Episode 196: Gray touches Juvia’s butt on accident. Gray pushes Juvia out of the way of a dragon and sacrifices his life for hers.

Episode 197: Juvia cries over Gray’s body. Gray comes back to life, saves Juvia again.

Episode 199: Juvia and Gray at the grand banquet. Juvia shows Gray her new self and he rejects her. She doesn’t stop trying and he calls her crazy.

Episode 201: Juvia can tell Gray is upset. She tells him to smile and he does.

Episode 202: Juvia and Gray are out together in town when they meet up with Frosch.

Episode 203: Juvia and Gray brought back a billiard table to the guild from a mission they went on together.

Episode 205: Gray and Juvia go on a mission in their swimsuits to cool down a town from heat waves. 

Episode 208: Juvia blushes and calls Gray courageous for striping.

Episode 214: Juvia is upset because she felt like she missed something important in Gray’s life. 

Episode 217: Juvia and Gray with the others, are working to defeat the celestial beast. Juvia gets turned into a consolation when trying to attack the beast. Gray screams her name.

Episode 218: Juvia and gray are reunited. Juvia hugs Grays arm and he smiles.

Episode 220: Juvia and Gray 413 days.

Episode 223: Gray and Lyon argue about when is Gray getting married to Juvia.

Episode 226: Juvia tries to find Gray when the Ichihya disease hit the town. She finds him and hugs him, but Gray hugs her back and was affected by the disease already.

Episode 234: Juvia made Gray, Gray buns and Juvia buns. Gray decides to eat a bun and blushes before eating it.

Episode 237: Gray and Juvia riding on a cheetah to the council member’s house. Juvia and Gray in the broken town together. 

Episode 239: Gray and Juvia on their way back to the guild. Juvia tells Gray she upset. Gray holds Juvia’s hand and says “Im here with you”. Gray promises Juvia that they will win like always. 

Episode 241: Juvia and Gray with the others fight off enemies at Tartaros Guild. juvia attacks an enemy behind grays back and says she won’t let anyone embrace Gray’s back.

Episode 242: Juvia and Gray with the other jump into Tartarous’s Guild.

Episode 243: Gray tries to fight Keyes. Keyes reminds him of Juvia because his body is made out of shadows.

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