Happy 9th Anniversary, Fairy Tail!

(oh yeah, count natsu and lucy’s uncurled fingers plus happy’s tail = 9 <3)


Fairy Tail 9th Anniversary tumblr

2006, August 2 - ongoing

Thank you to all the amazing artists who participated in this project!

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Wallpaper version

Artists under the cut, please do not repost or edit in anyway. If I got any of your accounts wrong let me know immediately. 

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The Dragon Slayers as cinnamon rolls

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Natsu Dragneel, Sting Eucliffe

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Laxus Dreyar, Rogue Cheney

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: Wendy Marvell

Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Erik, Gajeel Redfox

When you realize that if they had succesfully carried out their plan to kill Zeref in the past with Eclipse before he ‘created’ E.N.D., there would be no tower of heaven + no slave children to construct it, Simon, Gray’s parents, Ur and anyone killed by Zeref’s demons would still be alive. Fairy Tail wouldn’t exist, many meetings wouldn’t have happened…the list can go on forever.

The only thing really sad about it is that Natsu would still be dead.