Speedpaint - Gladiator Natsu [Fairy Tail AU]
Final version | Time: 3h | App: Procreate | Pen: Wacom I.C.S 2 

Presenting the Gray Fullbuster Weatherman AU you didn’t know you needed!!! 

  • Gray is a weatherman for Magnolia Local News. 
  • He’s got a rivalry with the sportscaster, 
  • Natsu and the two of them often argue which segment is more important, sports or weather. 
  • Gajeel and Juvia are the co-anchors, though how Gajeel got the job no one really knows or understands. (He most likely scared off the other candidates.) 
  • Juvia’s fantastic and the whole third person thing doesn’t really come into play because she’s only delivering the news. 
  •  The show gets great ratings. 
  • Because stripping habit plus nightly news equals great ratings from sad housewives. 
  • Gray’s convinced it’s his weather related puns that are one of the biggest draws to their news cast. 
  • He and Juvia don’t have much interaction besides her sending it over to the weather.
  • She’s definitely noticed him though but is too shy to say anything. 
  • Until he gets voted “Magnolia’s Most Eligible Bachelor”
  • So she has to do an interview with him about it.
  • The day of the interview Juvia, who’s usually so composed and professional, can’t think of anything to say, and just kind of stammers through the interview. 
  •  But Gray, being the super slick entertainer that he is (slick cause ice. Get it?) manages to make the interview look flawless. 
  • Somehow by the end of the interview Gray manages to not only get Juvia’s number, but asks her out for coffee.
  • When they cut to commercial the whole studio is flabbergasted and Gajeel voices what they’re all thinking, saying, “Ummmm… WTF was that, Juvs?”