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Yes but imagine a Harry Potter/Fairy Tail NaLu AU that has:

-Layla taking Lucy to get her wand, just the two of them (Jude was too busy with his job in at the ministry of magic).

-Lucy being shy on the train but opening up when a short blue haired fellow bookworm by the name of Levy Mcgarden offers the seat next to her that just so happens to be across a certain pink haired boy with motion sickness.

-Lucy and Levy instantly bonding over books and have so much fun bonding over books that they don’t even realize they’re at Hogwarts until Natsu suddenly jumps up and rushes off the train forgetting to bring his oddly colored blue cat, Happy.

-Lucy going to find Natsu before everyone is sorted to return Happy as the two of them form a bond as well. She finds out that Natsu is the Natsu Dragneel known as the only person who ever survived an encounter with Zeref, “the darkest wizard of all time”.

-Makarov is Hogwart’s headmaster

-Lucy being sorted into Ravenclaw because that is the house the hat chooses for Levy, but that hat strangely seems to think she could do well enough in each of the hogwarts houses, Natsu is of course is in Gryffindor.

-There are many ghost spirits that like to hang around Hogwarts but for some reason only Lucy can see the spirits of the zodiac.

-Lucy makes many friends from different houses and ages and their group comes to be known as Fairy Tail (Basically the tenrou team….Team Natsu, Levy, Gajeel, Cana, Juvia, Laxus, Thunder God Tribe, Strauss Siblings).

-Lucy receiving a letter that Layla was murdered by someone unknown and the mystery of the zodiac spirits get weirder as Natsu comforts her.

-Lucy and Natsu’s first year at Hogwarts reveals a mystery of Layla’s death and her connection with the zodiac spirits and Zeref’s past.

Gryffindor: Natsu, Erza, Gray, Mirajane, Cana, Gajeel,
Ravenclaw: Lucy, Levy, Freed
Slytherin: Laxus, Evergreen
Hufflepuff: Elfman, Lisanna, Juvia

Non FT members but still in the AU
Gryffindor: Lyon, Kagura, Sting, Rogue
Ravenclaw: Jellal, Yuka, Hibiki, Eve
Slytherin: Ultear, Jenny
Hufflepuff: Meredy, Sherry, Ren

Nalu Week - day three - Transformation

Lucy exhaled sharply, her cheeks a deep pink as she paced the width of her bedroom. Left to right, right to left, left to right, right to left. Turning to her open window, she gripped the ledge firmly with both hands and looked out at Magnolia. “No sign of him yet…” she muttered anxiously, her eyes searching for Natsu amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy street below. “Oh Plue… How am I going to tell him? Do you think he’ll over-react…? Or what if he faints or runs away or…” The blonde sighed, collapsing onto her bed, her head in her hands. “…I just hope he’s not disappointed.”

SLAM. that was the sound of the door downstairs shutting. Lucy knew it was Natsu before she’d even heard his heavy footsteps on the stairs. Sitting up in a frenzy of panic, Lucy sat fixed in horror. “Should I sit or stand? Which looks more natural? How should I start….” She mumbled frantically, her fists clenched tightly by her side, her eyes wide, her posture rigid and stiff. “Come on Lucy, you can do this. It’s Natsu. You love him, and he loves you… It’s just Natsu.” She kept telling herself as the footsteps on the stairs became more and more prominent. Her heart was racing, soaring, she could feel it hammering violently in her chest.

“Luce…?” Her brown eyes darted wildly towards the doorway, where Natsu was smiling with several bags of shopping. “I got everything you asked for” his smile broadened, only causing Lucy’s heart rate to pick up. “AYE! And I helped Lucy, I helped Nat-“

“HAPPY…” Lucy almost shrieked, she’d barely even spoken and things were already going terribly. She needed to get a better hold on her emotions. “Is something the matter Lucy?” The exceed replied cautiously, his voice a mixture of worry and confusion. “Would you mind, just um, giving me and Natsu a minute… Please” For a few seconds, Happy seemed to refute the idea, he was unsure of what was the matter with the celestial mage, and it concerned him. But sensing the importance of the situation (due to Lucy’s appearance and behaviour) he retreated from the room.

“Luce, what’s wrong with you? Have I done something wrong….? I swear it wasn’t my fault, that ice jerk had it coming. What’s Juvia been telling y-”

“No, Natsu, I don’t care about that. Please, just hear me out. And no matter what, promise me, you’ll be honest….”

Natsu’s eyes grew heavy as he realised the true weight of the conversation they were about to have. Gently, he took Lucy’s hands in his and focused all his attention to her. He was ready to listen to anything she had to say.

“Well, you see, Natsu I’m….”


hungry…. Do we have any more ice cream?” The blonde questioned, although Natsu was in the other room, she knew he’d be able to hear every syllable she spoke. “Really? You want more? You do realise you’ve gone through three tubs in the last two days…”

“And who do we have to blame for that?” Lucy giggled, stroking the large bulge that took up most of her perspective. She was getting so big, she couldn’t even see her toes. “She’s got you for a father, so of course she gets through a lot of food.”

“She? How do you know she’s a she?”

“I just… Know. Okay? It feels right” Lucy replied, sticking her tongue out as Natsu grinned playfully, sliding his hands under Lucy’s arms and placing them gently on her stomach. “Wow Luce, you’re getting pretty big… I bet we’ll be meeting her any day now, isn’t that right little one?” Lucy laughed as Natsu spun her around, leaning down and pressing an ear to the bulge, as if waiting for a reply. “Natsu” Lucy mouthed, “Natsu, did you feel that, did you? She kicked. She kicked!! She heard you, she heard her daddy” Lucy rambled in awe, repeating herself until the words became nothing more than a sequence of muffled squeaks, and warm tears flooded her vision.

Carefully, Natsu led Lucy to the sofa, laying her down and placing her head in his lap. They talked excitedly for hours about baby names and being a family and how the last eight months had seemed to fly by.They’d both been so unsure, so anxious at the beginning. But as time had gone on, they’d both begun to visualise what having a family would really be like. They’d come to see that this is what they wanted, more than anything; to be a family.

After their conversations began to dwindle and Lucy became tired, as she did frequently these days, Natsu would stay with her until she fell to sleep. He didn’t dare leave. He’d vowed to never leave her again. He’d usually find some way to occupy himself, but more often than not, he was content just sitting there and admiring her beauty or playing with her hair.

“Not long now, little one” Natsu beamed, his warm eyes melting as they too, glistened with tears.


“Miss Heartfilia, Mr Dragneel… Congratulations, she’s a beautiful, healthy baby girl.”

“Hello my darling little Lyra” Lucy cooed, taking the fragile little thing in her arms. “It’s lovely to finally meet you” she smiled sweetly, as two large, beautiful brown eyes, as warm as melting chocolate peered up at her. “Oh Luce, look, she’s definitely her daddy’s little girl” Natsu smirked, placing his hand gently on her head, highlighting the unruly set of flaming pink locks which framed her porcelain features. “You’re so beautiful, Lyra, you’re so beautiful” Lucy hummed, her eyes wet with tears. Through the haze of emotion, the blonde glanced lovingly at her daughter, then turned to her fiancée, and as their eyes met, they felt, for the first time a sense of family which they had never known before. Fairytail had been their family, the people they’d trusted with their lives, their hearts, their futures… But now, there was a little soul who’s life, heart and future depended on them. She was their family.

I really hoped you liked it lovelies! ^.^ Just a thought: I was wondering if a really lovely/ wonderful person who enjoys doing fanart would like to draw something for this fic? I’d be absolutely ecstatic if someone did (I wish I could draw, but I’m preeeetty shocking).  If anyone does decide to, just post it and tag me, or submit it to me – obviously ALL credit would go to you and your wonderful art! On a separate note, I seriously loved writing this fic and I look forward to writing some more nalu fluff over the next few days!

When you know someone really well, you know all their faults, and if you accept those faults instead of simply ignoring them, and you support their strengths… It’s because you know they would do the same for you. That’s what love is: accepting someone for everything they are. Because all we really want is acceptance, I think.

Love means Lucy. It’s really that simple, I mean, they both start with L, that’s gotta mean something!

// romantic!Natsu and Lucy are a couple for the next 14 questions

It’s… Indescribable… Have you ever woken up on a quiet morning with the sun shining warmly on you? Or felt so much rage that you are numb to everything else around you? Have you ever held the tiniest flame in your palm and kept it safe, swearing you could hear it’s heartbeat? My magic is kinda like all of that, put together.

…That’s weirdly poetic Natsu…

I have my moments~

Ohohoho… Well Lucy really likes it when I bite-

N-Natsu! That kind of stuff is too personal to tell strangers!

Ah, sorry Lucy. But there’s no need to be embarrassed over something like that! And it’s not like anyone else gets to see you like that ‘sides me anyway…

// romantic!Natsu and Lucy are a couple for the next 12 questions

If we’re talking about physical strength, then Happy is technically the weakest. But that doesn’t stop him from contributing.

I don’t think you understand. There would be no Team Natsu without Lucy. She has her own special set of skills that make her strong, just like everybody else. But everybody has weaknesses too. And if you focused more on those strengths instead of her weaknesses, you’d see what I mean when I say Lucy is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met.