natsu and grey

Fairy tail 509 spoilers

My ship heart survive I can have more !! GIVE ME JERZA ANGST ! !! I’M READY TROLLSHIMA !!!

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Fairy Tail 521

When I see that Magnolia is back to normal:

When I see Luxus hold the only and great Master:

When I see Lucy, Natsu and Happy out of the apartment:

When I see Lucy smiling to her friend Brandish:

When I see Natsu proud smile for the arrival of Gildarts:

When I see Natsu run to the guild to reach his friend Grey:

When I see Zeref say the name of Jellal and Luxus:

When I see Gray get to the guild, in front of Zeref, seriously injured:

When I read that in the next chapter will be some news about the new Fairy Tail Movie:

When I think that in the next chapter there will be a possible fight, Natsu and Grey vs Zeref:

Imagine your OTP

Person A: Here, stuff some huge marshmallows in your mouth.

Person B: Okay.

*stuffs some marshmallows*

Person A: Now say “chubby bunny.”

Person B: sh-ari bwary…

Person A:

Person A: You’re so cute you little shit.


FAIRY TAIL : Chapiter 522 and 523(Spoilers)

Oh that’s not true ! Erza and Wendy against ….. Acnologia ?!

Obviously August has fled the fight against Gildalts to go to confront Acnologia, which means that Erza and Wendy are really in the shit.

Gray tries to use the “Ice Absolute” against Zeleph (who is very surprised) but Natsu stops it in time. 

I think this little figure is “Eileen”. Would she still be alive ?

Imagine your OTP

Person A: Come here baby.

Person B: No, I can’t. I have to do the laundry.

Person A: You can do me.

Person B:

Person B:

Person B: You’re making the situation worse.